Written by stan

13 Aug 2015

We're been married for many years, like most marriages the spark had gone for both of us. She went out more than I did with girlfriends, I know where she was because most times I dropped her off and picked her and friends up. I watched porno but found it after a while very much the same, we went for a drink one lunch time and she was telling me about the night out with the girls, I've heard all the stories many times before, but one of the girls told her how she and her husband had spiced their sex life up. All of a sudden I was interested, tell me more. The lady she is taking about quite attractive, middle aged and about 5/8". They had tried dogging but couldn't go through with it, swingers clubs, but once again not their scene,, he had a fetish for wife watching, and loved to see his wife dancing with other men. And if someone could see up her dress, this made him very Randy and that was when sex was at its best. They decided she would answer an advertisement in the paper, this way she would feel safe and he could watch from a distance, she met a couple of different men in country pubs but didn't fancy either. I'll try one more, she set off and as soon as they met he knew this was it. They sat chatting like they had known each other for years, he sat where he could see them she would occasionally cross her legs so he could see her knickers( theyhad arranged this prior). he left and waited for her return, she was about 40 minutes she came and sat together, well did you touch, no just kissed and made another arrangement,. My wife seemed to by excited relating this, and so was I she said that she told him about the kissing and she wanked him while his fingers inside her Knickers. She's telling me about their next meeting on Tuesday, I came gallons, perhaps if it goes well we could try, let her try first, let you know soon.