Written by Mel

17 Dec 2015

I will start at The beginning,I am Twenty Eight years old and have been with my boyfriend since we were Twelve years old, Everybody said we were to young but ten years ago we got engaged and moved in together, But over the last two years the people were proved right. He openly goes with other women.Its hard to describe but even though I knew this I stayed loyal,I would often at night home alone come on here and read the stories never dreaming I would have my own to write, I used to find myself getting a little excited about the interracial ones, And found myself masturbating to have a Black Guy fuck me,

Then and I don't know why I found myself when out looking at Black Guys in a different way, Up until now it was just a secret harmless pastime,But it was about to change,

On a very rare night out with a old friend of mine,We ended up in a Wine bar,and we were joined by two guys,My friend is very pretty with the perfect figure lol the type of girl you want to punch,The white guy was very good looking and it was obvious who he went for,That left me with the black guy and strangely I was terrified,But thank God he could talk for England,I soon calmed down and was suddenly hanging on to his every word, The bar had a small dance floor and we went over to dance and we went to dance.At twenty Eight I should know better,but I was like a teenager, I wanted him to kiss me,And as soon as he did I responded by pushing my tongue deep in his mouth,I think we both knew where this was heading,

We returned to the the table and my friend and I went to the ladies.She had seen us kissing and said what you doing, I just said I am going to fuck him,She knows of my problems indoors and said good it's about time.we had only been back at the table 5 mins when he said lets go to my place for a nightcap,I agreed but thought he meant the four of us, But obviously not As we left the bar he said it's only a ten minute walk or we can get a cab,I said lets walk,I don't suppose anyone was but it felt like everybody was looking at this white girl being held close by this black guy,We got to his flat and as soon as the door closed we were all over each other. He lead me into the bedroom and I stripped and sat on the bed watching him undress, As soon as he took down his pants and I saw his erect black cock I wanted it in my mouth, I do give oral but will normally find a excuse not to,But this was different I was actually enjoying giving it,

We kind of knew he could not hold back much longer so and moving me fully onto the bed I opened my legs and watched him guide himself into me, I had only ever been with my boyfriend before,And this was so different I really thought I was about to pass out with his every thrust,Until he gave one last thrust and cum deep inside me. A bit foolish as I take no protection but for some crazy reason I was praying he had hit the spot and impregnated me,As we lay in each other's arms I felt him stirring below and moved down to take him in my mouth again I nearly orgasmed as I felt him get hard in my mouth,and soon I felt him inside me,He kissed me as he thrust into me and again I let him shoot his seed into me,We fell asleep We awoke about 8.30 am,he made coffee and rejoined me in bed, we just lay for a while holding kissing each other,Until he pulled back the duvet and motioned me to suck him again,It's a bit confusing this as soon as I saw the hardness of his black cock that was exactly what I wanted to do, What was even more confusing was I wanted to feel him cum in my mouth, He went to pull me up but as soon as he realised what I wanted just laid back It was like a trigger and I soon felt a warm salty coating in my mouth which I swallowed, This turned him on so much I don't even think he lost his erection before he was inside me again fucking me harder thaI had ever been fucked I must have woke the people next door up, I obviously had to get The morning after pill so we kissed and said goodbye.At times when I think back to it,He must have thought what a whore,As there was no way of him knowing he was only my second guy and my first black guy,

I have decided to get out of this relationship, Although in all fairness it's been over for a while,Plus I have a lot of catching up to do lol, I am not saying I won't have sex with another white guy,But my first choice will be black guys,so he will have to join the end of a long queue lol