Written by Grunter

17 Apr 2016

My life with my wife Jilly has dramatically changed. She is 10 years younger and I am ex military.

We have been together five years and for the first four I was the dominant one. Jilly played the slave and served me and others as directed.

Then we wondered what it would be like to experiment the other way. That is with me as the cuck and Jilly free to have and fuck any one she desires.

This has grown over a year and we believe we have found our true relationship. We have each become more comfortable. We can slip in and out of role if the other desires.

We started of very easy and slowly with her just flirting with men in front of me, ones she had picked out. This was hard to start with as she was used to get directed by me.

Then Jilly brought someone home and they fucked while I watched. I never took part. Once he left I thought she would be mine again but she stayed in the role and shut the bedroom door and went to sleep.

She has become very confident and a very exciting woman. She experiments, researches and finds new things to try all the time.

Once Jilly has made me put on my cock cage and a pair of panties. She forced me to lick her pussy and suck her dildo after she fucked herself with it. And as an act of pure torture she put the caged head of my cock in her pussy. I could feel its warmth but nothing else.

To cap the night, she fucked my ass with her strap on but still did not let me cum. I had to sit there with my balls aching. I would have done damn near anything to cum.

Jilly does now have a regular boyfriend. She continues to fuck him when she likes. She goes out with him and stays over at his place. When she does this I am caged and locked.

For Xmas I asked Jilly to some professional pictures taken. She found a guy and I requested to be kept in the dark as I didn’t want to ruin the Xmas present thing.

I was under the impression that everything was normal. Until I met her after the pictures were taken. I kissed her afterwards, I was caged in the car, and it was an amazing kiss. Then she asked me how his cum tasted?

At Christmas I saw the photos. He got in some the photos as well with her. Jilly allowed him to put the head of his cock in but that was it. They never fucked.

He told her he was in an open relationship but he haven’t actually played with anyone properly yet. Jilly did suck his cock and swallow his cum. FYI, this is the first black cock she has held and played with. Jilly hasn’t fucked him yet but it may happen. She just tells me to mind my own business when I ask.

As I said at the start, we are taking a break from the cuckold thing. Sometimes we like to pretend we are normal. I know that probably sounds crazy to you hard core folks but at the end of the day, we are just a slutty woman with a not normal husband.