Written by John

16 May 2012

Have read many stories here, but never written one, so bare with me please.

I am John, 38 and i have been married to Trish for 10 years, Trish is 34, 5'10" blue eyes, jet black hair, size 12 with 34d breasts.

We are both involved around our village, one Saturday last summer, we were tidying up after a local football match, sweeping out and locking the changing rooms, everyone had done and gone except three guys from the away team in their changing room, i had twice been in to ask them to hurry as we wanted to get away, it was a beautiful afternoon, and we were both dressed suitably, shorts and tee shirts, Trish had a pair of denim shorts and a white tee shirt, no bra.

Anyway i digress, as i said i had asked them twice, suddenly Trish appeared at the door and shouted "for fucks sake will you hurry up we want to go home" this time it prompted a response, "will be quicker if you come and help us love" well we just looked at each other, the brazen cheek of him, we were stumped for a reply, so more out of cheek, or fun i think i inclined my head and said to Trish "go on then" "what" she said, "go and help them" she just looked at me mouth open, and then.........she was gone!!! straight into the changing room and straight into the shower, pretty soon her white tee shirt was wet and see thru, this seemed to please the three young lads and they started playing with her jugs, whilst Trish found a cock to feel, i was stunned, but realised i was getting hard at this site the guys had peeled Trish's tee shirt off and were pulling at her nipples, she now had a cock in each hand, i also noticed her shorts were undone and a hand was inside them, her knees had sagged slightly a sure sign a finger or two was inside her, in a trice they had peeled off her shorts as well, and they led her out into the changing area, and sat her on a bench, and one of them stuck his cock in her mouth, she responded by sucking on it greedily, before long he pulled out and came on her face,

then they laid her down and another got between her legs and started to fuck my wife, it wasn't long beforre she was squealing and shouting "fuck me" dirty bitch he came inside her and pulled out, quickly replaced by another, i was amazed, no gobsmacked at this wanton woman i had married, all too soon it was over, all three had fucked her, and as they left they laughed and said "you can go home now mate" i looked back to Trish laying there with cum oozing out of her pussy and thought well it would be rude not to so i had a go too, then we retrieved her clothes, which thankfully dried pretty quick in the sun, locked up and went home.