Written by a married man

29 Aug 2013

As I told you things progressed slowly Mark is a clever bloke in his approach Kay my wife lost her conservative side bit by bit, a good part of that was I think was dew to fact she been in a relationship with him for almost a year and was emotionally attached to him she never admit it, she really trusted him so as he suggested things or intruded some things she was inclined to except it more easily with out question so we really had an eternal triangle husband and wife and lover

This all happened over a long period of time and Mark was cunning and clever they he got Kay to except things, there was change in our marital relationship as well I think for the better Kay seemed more happy and relaxed with life she was copping well with what was vertically is two husbands I don't think she looked on it as one was the bread winier and the other was for sex on that front Mark filled a gap for Kay that may of been there for years, she was in every way still my wife and went out of her way to show that, even the kids said how happy we seem together fortunately they both flown the nest and settled down so we really see them

My sex like had picked up from the once maybe every could of weeks I could almost have it when I liked, Kay I am quite sure never climaxed form me, pretended a lot and quite often rather than let me have it she would suck me off that had started to come a lot more conman way for her to please me most likely quicker and easier for her to satisfy me

Mark had bought her a sex toy a rabbit it was her idea I watch her use it then she give me a blow job that way she always cum I found it very exciting I am also sure it got a lot more use than she admitted to when she was alone it was quite a bit bigger than me

She started to dress more sexy that was down to Mark and myself suggesting that tights went in favor of stockings being bra less she wasn't to sure about she got a 38 bust and over time and having kids she says they need support now, so its only evenings maybe if Mark comes over she got new closes a lot more sexy ones once more that evenings

She can talk and be a lot more open about sex she says things I never thought I would hear her say its like the three of us in bed together I never dreamed she even consider that ever and she seem to really enjoy having the two of us with her a changed woman

Mark do tend to keep things close to his chest, I do find things out about him like his home life not a happy one its about sexless with his wife, been that way for years his played this game a long time I am sure this situation is perfect for him he don't live to close but not to far away to get here his got Kay as a girlfriend with no worries she married to me so his safe he knows what his doing alright his got my wife round the way he wants her no his got both of us really he knows I don't want to upset things

Kay is getting more cock now and she ever had in her life and loves it in fact she may need it,I am guessing his size may have a lot to do with that she told me she never experienced climaxes like it before or sensations or feelings like that when he fucks her

I can now see better how Mark works the three of us have been in this relationship well over a year now, as I said he hinted at Kay needing some one else to come in he got me involved in the sex in a minor roil I still did a lot of watching he had got me going down on her after sex funny how much I enjoyed it licking and swallowing his cum the next step would be given him a blow job no hint of that at that time the only thing he got me doing was getting me to put him in my wife so I had to touch his cock to do that putting him in and holding his big cock I did fine really exciting and very arousing

Mark was chatting to me one day and said about threesomes, the way it came over he was talking about us and how so much better it for the woman have to guys and said you can see that with Kay she must of said to him she liked it she admired the same to me

I agreed she seemed to a lot,in the conversation I remember he said one of the most exciting thing any husband can do is witness his wife with two men it wasn't quite as straight forward as that but meaning was the same what he was doing was start to prepare me, Mark never rushed any thing it was over a few weeks I found myself telling him I wished Kay do it I love to see that

What I didn't know or we didn't know was Mark has friends people he knows he came over as a bloke that had found us a guy that needed some thing on the site

Time past one day Mark said he had a problem he had to entertain a client he normally have his wife with him but in this case it was out the question could or would Kay join him to help out it was all above bored, we agreed so the evening came and off they went and they did meet some one for dinner an Asian guy call Hasin who was charming and paid a lot of attention to Kay she told me all this I asked what sort of business did they talk about she said I don't know a week later the same thing she came home with bunch of roses Hasin given them to her and she was saying what a nice guy he was

We having a session Mark was riding Kay I heard him wispier some thing to her I court the name Hasin when he gone I asked what he whispered a bit cagey she said nothing, a couple of weeks later Mark phoned me saying would I like to go out with him so we go the pub he said jest a drink and chat all fine them in came this Hasin he was introduced to me very friend guy Kay got a lot of attention as well as we talked Mark said to him you have to come round Kay's and James one evening and Kay agreed straight away

Moving on it was arranged, I didn't need a second guess as to what was planed I am sure Kay didn't know exactly or didn't let on if she did, they both arrived I will not go into all what was said it was a plight build up, Mark was sure about me he knew I be a good little husband the attention was on Kay, they made sure she sat between them on the sofa

The only thing I will say is Kay was dressed for the part more like it was jest Mark going to be there, Mark started kissing her as if it was jest me there Hasin watched till Mark's hand started to go up her thigh, his hand joined his Mark was having a right snog he made it last a long time Hasin started to play with one tit Kay had her legs open both hands up her skirt it was very obvious she was getting turned on I was shocked when they stopped kissing and she started kissing Hasin he still had his hand up her skirt Mark took his away and undone her blouse no bra both breasts where exposed the way Hasin's arm was moving he was fingering her Mark started to suck a tit it was a little to much for her she moaned. after the snog she had one on each nipple Hasin had his hand up her skirt

they where doing the right thing her head went back she gasped a few times her body tensed she climaxed Mark suggested going upstairs

In our bedroom my wife undressed for them and lay on the bed as they took there closes off I had seem Mark naked hundreds of time but Hasin being Ashen is quite dark skinned

bloody hell when he dropped his trousers and pants his cock was huge bigger than Mark's

Christ it looked as if it be longer and wider when erect and it was a lot darker then the rest of him almost black he got balls to match he stood there holding it rubbing it got bigger by the second I have to say my wife had a surprised look on her face seeing it grow like that

They joined her on the bed I was ignored,they both set about my wife with gusto kissing sucking licking she looked like she was in heaven it was sight to behold one on either side she had a cock in each hand Hasin was now hard and what a monster

He went down on her Mark knelt by her head feeding her his cock I had the back view of Hasin now from the back he looked like a bull in a field with them nuts this went on some time like that Kay couldn't suck Mark very well with what Hasin was doing to her

It was Hasin going to mount first, he sat up moved up to her picking her legs up on the way, from when I was it looked like he was lining his cock up he pushed with his hips she cried out fuck he keep pushing she went OH GOD NO I heard Mark say relax she wriggled like she want to get away, Hasin got a grip of her thighs and gave a thrust that made her scream out and shouted NO NO, NO MORE,I sure Mark held her shoulders Hasin gave another thrust she screamed then went quiet Mark said to Hasin you got in there he said she bloody tight to witch Mark said fuck her mate and he did she screamed and twisted under him at first she struggled with him it didn't take that long I see she got used to it and started to enjoy what he was doing to her Hasin fucked her hard and fast she climaxed a few times with that,he said to Mark take over before I cum they swapped over Mark did the same really hard and fast she went made orgasmic she cum so much they swapped a few time fucking her for over half an hour between them none stop neither of them did it slowly it was hard and fast all the time both where sweating as well as Kay Hasin was first to put his load up her Mark rushed to do the same

When it was over Kay looked knackered, they had made her a size queen for good Hasin

said to my wife you been blacked now there be no going back you loved it she nodded

They both rested before starting again they didn't consider Kay that much it was more them and what they wanted they used her but she seemed not to mind they fucked her in lots of positions and way between them Kay was fucked for almost three hours almost none stop Mark cum twice Hasin is a repeater he managed three what a mess the bed was soaked in cum Kay had it spread all over her lower body her cunt distorted gaping and stretched

As they left Hasin patted my back saying you got a good woman there she going to need a lot more we be back you have you fun how and laughed I didn't do any thing I cum in my pants Kay was to sorer and tired next morning she was sore and stiff her back ached but happy I asked if it happen again she smiled saying what you think one more bridge was crossed this one was a big one for sure she changed for ever from there on and a lot for me Mark had moved things on there was no going back now