Written by a married man

28 Aug 2013

As told my wife Kay had taken Mark as her lover in the last posting, he became a regular visitor to our home to shag my wife, things between us became more relaxed. Kay got over me being in the house at the same time as them she didn't know I found a way to watch them I don't think Mark had any idea either, I was getting off on watching them fuck, Kay amazed me how enthusiastic she became when fucking Mark

She always been a bit conservative in her approach to sex with me in the past, I started to realize a lot of the change was down to the fact Mark had a very large knob a good guess it be over seven inches long getting on for seven and half maybe even tad more he was blessed with a really wide girth which my wife struggle with at first she became used it. I always fucked her when Marl left she was always stretched and loose I noticed after a time if I fuck her a few days later she hadn't tightened up completely she was never as tight as she used to be but I put that down to Mark fucking twice a week every week and some week three times

As time when on with me spying on them I could see a change like when Kay was on top she would became really enthusiastic in fucking herself on his cock she rock herself quite fast with him buried in her as deep as she could get him the most watch was when she bounced on it she ride him like mad moving up down on more than half of his cock it was quite a sight as she got near a climax she go faster her tits bouncing on her chest the nipple like bullets he would hold her hand to give a bit of support as she started to cum she bit her lip some time grit her teeth her head go back she gasp for breath the veins in her neck would stand out she go as long as she could before flopping down over him she be shaking, he then take over bucking as hard as he could under her

An other one was doggy style she be on her hands and knees him behind her I think like that he could get a bit deeper going by the way she gasped some time he would let her fuck herself by pushing back Mark is some guy when it comes to fucking he very energetic

He would put both his hand on her hips and hold her he then start to fuck her the first strokes wold be long deliberate going in as deep as he could she gasp with each one he pick the pace from then on he fuck her so hard it move her up the bed, the thing I liked was seeing her tits swing they has no support jest hung under her some time they slap on her she always make a lot of noise like that as well

I was watching them at it for weeks, I noticed Mark slowly introduce little things like doggy style he work a finger up her bum at first she say no but he got there in the end he would finger fuck her ares as he shagged her and she seemed to like it

An other was blow jobs Kay never been one for given oral the best being she sucked me and I have to tell if I got near and she finish it by hand the last time was a bloody long time ago Mark started to get her to suck his cock it was much the same as I got she finished him by hand that was amazing in itself when he cum there was jet of spunk went up in the air feet before coming down over them and the bed there was two more spurts then it dribbled he has got a big load, he persisted with the oral she suck him longer she get a face full some times and get some in the mouth till once, he cum she wasn't faster enough he cum in her mouth I was surprised she didn't seem upset or really mind it that much

I was really surprised the next time she was sucking away playing with his balls as well he grunted and lifted a bit I expected her to pull off but no she stayed on it sucking away she got his full load in her mouth I didn't see her spit it out so she must of swallowed it, after that she often suck him off and swallow he even got her to lick his cock clean after fucking her Mark was moving things on sexually a lot a bit at a time

As I said the three of became more comfortable with each other as time past Mark was more a friend in a way we talk the three of us would joke and laugh together, I stay in the front room as the got interment together Kay was relaxed about it they still had no idea I was watching them

We had a BBQ with friends and family and Mark came it was fine people thought he worked with me there was only one thing Kay was in the kitchen I came in I looked at her and in her hair was spunk so they slipped away and she given him a blow job I said you better go look in the mirror she rushed to the bathroom

There affair been going on over nine months by then I was at work and Mark call me and said he got an afternoon off could he und and look after Kay I said be my guest when I got home they where still at it, I did know they where but I went into our bedroom I was going to say sorry I didn't think you still be here but as I went in Mark said HI he was on top of Kay fucking away I did say sorry he said that's okay shay if you want so I did Kay wasn't to happy at first but she stared to climax and was more involved with that to worry about me

When they finished he rolled off and said had a good day then as if it was quite normal for this to happen it made Kay laugh one more barrier was gone we had a chat it was a bit surreal them naked me the husband jest come home from work they finished fucking in front of me and we where chatting together

Mark had to go as he left he said your turn, Kay stayed as she was on the bed naked she knew I would want to fuck her it must of seemed a way of me approving of her fucking Mark

It was most likely one of the wets fucks I had to date Mark had only cum in her moments before I didn't last long before my seeds joined his

When it was over Kay asked if I was alright after seeing the doing it I said fine its a turn on, so it didn't upset you at all, no I like it enjoyed watching, she said Mark said you would are you sure it don't upset you I told her no I liked it

After that I would be with them Kay seemed a little hesitant the first time in the end she was fine and some time talk to as she got fucked and was comfortable me being there

It was obvious Mark knew we fucked after him Kay had told him some time ago, about two weeks later I am there with them and Mark said to Kay it a bit unfair James had to wait till we had our fun let him join us before she replied he said to get your close off and get on here with us I did in a flash he looked at my dick but didn't say a thing it must seem small compared to his I lay beside then as they fucked slowly I then touched her breast she didn't seem to mind Marl lifted up on his arms to give me room I sated to suck a nipple Kay murmured then groaned I heard Mark say I said you would like it things moved on from there I got more involved in there sex I was surprised being that close the force he fucked her with the bed shock and the first doggy style fuck with me there he was up her from behind he told me to get in front Kay took my cock in her mouth that excited Mark as he fucked her hard she almost head butted me when I cum she keep sucking me the first full blow job she ever given me

The next time it happened he told me get under her so we where in a sixty nine as she sucked me I watch his cock going in and out of my wife niches away from my face I sure he pushed down on her back her thighs parted more her pussy was on my mouth his balls slapped the top of my head I started licking her the problem was I licked him as well it was to much for me I shot my load with out warning I still licked them he got faster his ball didn't swing as much he drove in as deep as he could go he jerked once then twice more he trembled I heard him grunting I am sure he was still pushing down on her a moment later his cock stated to come out slowly the shaft was covered in slime his bell end was like a plug as it dropped our into my face it had a flood behind it it was no dribble a mass of cum followed it which landed on my lips mouth and my face a lot went in my mouth he was holding her there I heard him say lick her I did to do that I had to wallow it also let more into my mouth Kay gasped a few times he said keep going she cumming covered in spunk I got her off with my tongue that coursed even more to run out into my open mouth it didn't make me sick infect it was pleasant quite nice Mark had got me to have my first sloppy seconds and a lot more to follow but by bit Mark introduced new things it now over a year ad he is still fucking Kay and I have a feeling it go on a lot longer, a few months ago he hinted we need to introduce some one new some else that be on the cards soon I think