29 Oct 2018

This came about after reading Julians account of his wife’s ‘Elegant Striptease’, which gave me an idea. Now I know this is not your average swinging story, but it hopefully will inspire others to do the same.

Now we have been swinging for a few years now and have built up a close group of girlfriends to confide in. I am also a keen stripper and have been performing since my hubby took me along to an amateur night.

So the idea from Julian’s story gave me an idea to raise money for charity and combining my love of stripping. A good friend of ours recently had treatment for the big C, and after discussing it with my girlfriends we decided to do something to raise money for the cause, now we have all seen the WI calendar girls, and we thought of something along those lines. One of our little group is also on a committee that organises charity events on a grand scale involving auctions of things money can’t buy and other expensive items. So it was suggested we auction our dresses we were wearing on the night, taking them off on stage for the right amount of donations.

Our friend contacted the organiser’s of the next event and we gathered the girls together to plan the evening. We were to dress in our best frocks with the sexyist underwear we had and we were to ask others not in our swinging set to join in. Soon we had 20 ladies agreeing to ‘strip on stage’ for charity.

The big night came along and with tickets at £100 each we knew we were going to get the right sort of clientele who would part with large sums of cash to see the ladies strip.

We had 2 of the younger ladies dressed in maids’ costumes, supplied by the auction houseready with silky dressing gowns to hand out to the ladies who volunteered and we had an auctioneer who could encourage the bidding.

I being the bravest volunteered to go first, standing on stage in the lights with a crowd waiting for me to undress is something I love. The auctioneer described the dress they were to bid for and said that the winning bidder could come and get the dress off the stage when I had taken it off. The mixed audience were all cheering as the auction got underway. Bidding was slow to start with the first bid of only £50, but it soon warmed up as I strutted my stuff up and down the stage flashing my legs and the hint of more. By the time the hammer went down I had reached £525. So now the moment of truth, I turned my back to the audience and slowly slipped the zip down to my waist. Slowly letting the dress fall over my shoulders and letting it drop to the floor revealing my matching black undies complete with suspender belt and stockings. This was greeted with cheers and applause (little did they know I was loving every minute of it) I turned around to give them a full frontal view of my semi transparent undies showing my hard nipples and neatly shaved pussy before one of the maid’s offered me the dressing gown.

I left the stage and beckoned the second lady on, one of my close friends who followed my routine raising another £500, lady after lady strut their stuff auctioning their dresses until we came to the last one. She was a quiet lady and she baulked saying she could not through with it.

Sad really because we had raised a considerable sum for charity. The auctioneer came back stage to see what was the problem and left to tell the audience that number 19 had got stage fright, and was there anyone else who would like to take her place.

To everyone’s surprise 3 ladies from the audience came forward, introduced themselves and promptly auctioned off their dresses, the first 2 came back stage leaving number 3 to be auctioned. Now as we watched from the side we noticed she was wearing a backless halter dress, so no bra! The auction went well reaching £750 before the hammer went down, I prompted the maids to be ready with the dressing gown. The lady turned her back to the audience undid the halter and let the dress fall to the floor. There she stood in just a black thong and black hold up stockings, then she did no more than turn around to show the world her breasts. She brushed aside the dressing gown and proceeded to display herself off. The audience went wild, one gentleman in the audience, who we later found out to be her husband, shouted out £1000 for the thong. The auctioneer seeing a good thing asked for any more bids and before you know it £2500 was reached as the hammer went down along with the thong.

This was my cue, I gathered my close friends and we all agreed to auction off our bra’s and pants. I beckoned over the auctioneer and told him to carry on. But before we could start someone shouted out £1000 for the 2 maid’s outfits. They were obviously up for it and stepped forward to raise the bidding. At £2000 the dresses came off to reveal matching black underwear and stockings and both dresses went to a couple on the front row. Later when asked why both they replied they liked to be dressed the same for parties. I took his name and number and will be inviting them to my next sex party.

So who was to go first out of my select group of swinging friends, as we discussed who wanted to naked first, one of the other ladies brushed past us and announced her starting bid was £1000 to donate her bra and panties. The room erupted and the bidding soon went over £2500 before the hammer came down and we had a naked lady on stage. She was followed by others and soon all of us were naked except for hold ups or suspenders and stockings. The only ones left on the the stage with any underwear on were the 2 maid’s, but they soon must thought why the hell not and were soon naked as well.

All in all a great night and we raised thousands of pounds for charity and I would encourage others who read this site to do the same it’s an easy way to raise cash for charity and have some fun as well. We have made lots of new friends, and our next sex party will be swelled by more like minded couples.