Written by Anonymous

9 Feb 2019

Just following up on my last story about my friend Helen and what happened after we drove out of the woods. You may recall that we were both naked in the car and I was so hoping there were no police cars about.

Helen led me in through the living room and straight into the bedroom. We dropped everything from the car on the floor. Let’s face it we weren’t going to hang stuff up when we were about to fuck each other. We pulled back the covers an lay on the bed facing each other and kissed.

It came as a surprise when Helen said, “ I’ve never had anal sex before, will do it for me?”

“Anything you want my darling, all you have to do is ask”, I replied.

She turned over and opened the bedside cabinet door and pulled out a tube of lube.

“I use then on my pussy when I’m a bit dry, will it do for my arse as well?”

“Yes, I it will”

She rearranged a pillow underneath her, to raise her bum and give me better access. She then handed me the lube, laid down on the pillow and told me to get on with it. I squeezed the lube into her crack and slowly inserted my index figure, moving it in and out. I took my finger out and squeezed more lube into the more visible hole. I managed to get 2 fingers in, but knew it was a little painful for Helen. I told her relax as it would make things much easier. I was careful when moving them in and out of her. I took my fingers out and squeezed in more lube, quite a lot this time and because the hole was slightly bigger, was easier.

I parted her legs more and positioned myself above her. I lubed my cock and very slowly moved in and out of her, until I felt her relax totally and pushing as far as I could. I built up the pace, whilst licking her neck and she was now starting to push upwards against my cock. She was very tight and it didn’t take me long to come inside her. She sensed I was about to pull out when she said, “ don’t you dare take it out yet, I want to enjoy every minute.”

A moment later, despite Helen using her muscles to keep me in, I slipped out. I got off the top of her and she rolled onto her back.

“I know it’s going to be a while before you can fuck me, so I want you to lick me hard until I come. I don’t want to stop coming.”

I licked and licked and licked and by the end of my licking she was in a state of almost continual orgasm. She couldn’t stop if she wanted. We lay beside each other for a while and fell asleep.

We were wakened by the phone at 11.00am. It was Helens husband asking how things were and if she’d enjoyed the ball. She told him she thoroughly enjoyed it and that I was the perfect gentleman and he should know she was in a safe pair of hands. As she was talking to him, I started to play with her pussy. I inserted a finger and obviously her G spot as she started bucking against me. She was on her back so I opened hers legs wide and got on top of her and just as she started to speak I slipped my cock right into her. It took her breath away. Hubby had obviously asked if she was ok, as she said yes I’m fine. I kept pushing in and out and she was on the verge of coming, when she said love you too bye. She switched the mobile off and swore at me before having a very out and long orgasm.

That was the one and only time I had sex with Helen, but would be more than happy to service her needs again if she ever needed a good fuck