Written by Peter

17 Oct 2012

I think it's best to start my account of events with a bit of background information. My name is Peter i'm 49 years old, 5' 11", slim and now bald. I've been married to Jo for 24 years, she's now 47, 5' 7", size 12 with shoulder length brown hair and a 36D,24,38 figure. I think Jo has a great figure and although she keeps herself very fit she thinks her boobs are too big ( a view I have never shared!). Even though we have raised two kids together we have both held down very responsible jobs, I'm an Engineering Manager and Jo is the HR Director for a printing company.

Personally, we have had a great marriage and I thought everything was fine until a few weeks ago, which is when my story really starts. On the evening in question both me and Jo were out at separate works do's; I was going straight from work to a leaving drinks event and Jo was out all day at a Group HR conference and then out in the evening at the conference dinner. Anyway, I left my drinks do fairly early as it just fizzled out and there wasn't anyone left who I was really friendly with, so I went home and watched TV. At about 1 am I had fallen asleep in front of the TV but was woken by Jo coming through the front door. I shouted out that I was in the Lounge, normally Jo would have come into the Lounge, but she just shouted back that she thought I would have gone to bed as it was so late and then said she was going upstairs to change could I lock up the house. As I walked into the Hall I saw her seamed stocking clad legs disappear up the stairs and thought to myself she's obviously dressed up a bit for the dinner as I went and locked the doors. When I got into our room I could see Jo's dark blue cocktail dress on the bed and her stilettos were by the side of the wardrobe, it was also obvious from the noise Jo was was in the en-suite presumably getting undressed. So I picked up her dress and hung it up and then her stilettos ; nothing really odd there but as I picked up her shoes I felt a dampness on my hand. On closer inspection I couldn't believe what I was looking at, it looked just like cum and when I looked a little closer and smelt the stuff it was cum. I was absolutely flabbergasted and after a few seconds I then looked at her dress, that looked fine. Looking around I tried to find the seamed stockings I knew she was wearing but they weren't there. Then it occurred to me she must still have them on so I decided to wait util she had come out of the en-suite.

After a couple more minutes Jo came out wearing a night dress and went straight to bed. When I went in to brush my teeth I had a quick look around but I couldn't see anything, then I remembered the box we use for dirty clothes. I lifted up the lid and expected to see Jo's stockings and underwear but strangely all that was there was a very sexy looking 8 strap suspender belt that I'd not seen before and a matching bra with cups that could never have covered her 36D tits. There were no stockings or any panties!!! When I climbed into bed Jo looked fast asleep, I just lay there wondering what to do.

The next morning when we both got up to go to work I was in a bit of a daze, mainly because of what was going through my head. Jo even asked if I was feeling alright, saying I looked hung over and asking if I'd had too much to drink last night. I told her I had, it was the easiest option. As I was having a shave in the en-suite Jo poked her head round the door and said She was running late and had to go, this made me turn round and I cut myself. Pretty soon there was blood pouring out of my chin so I got a massive handfuls of tissues and started to clean myself up. After I'd stemmed the flow of blood I threw the blood soaked tissues in the bin, just as I did I saw what looked like a bit of stocking material underneath the tissues, cotton wool and dental floss that was already in there. I then emptied the bin and sure enough all scrunched up were Jo's stockings; after separating them I could see that the tops of the stockings were all laddered and they were covered in damp sticky patches. I sniffed them, there was no doubt it was cum and lots of it.

I then got ready and went off to work, it was obvious Jo had been fucking someone, but who and why I had absolutely no idea. Over the next few weeks I kept as close an eye on things as I could without it being obvious to Jo that I was checking up on her. I looked at her email, her texts, any voicemail etc, but found nothing. That said I did find it difficult to look at her work Blackberry mainly because it was password protected and I couldn't really ask for the password. But, on the odd occasion I got my hands on it before the screen had locked out I couldn't find anything. To be honest I started to think it must have been a one off, but in my heart of hearts I sort of knew it wasn't for a number of reasons really. Jo had taken to wearing slightly more sexy clothing, nothing outrageous, her skirts were slightly shorter, she was wearing heeled stilettos more and she generally showed off her ample cleavage more. But the main thing was that she didn't seem to be as interested in sex as she had been, and when we did it felt very much as though it was a chore for her and I wasn't really satisfying her.

Then about a week ago I was a works party with Jo and we were talking to Ben, one of the other Directors a smallish guy with grey hair who must have been in his late 50's or early sixties and James one of the Managers who was a very smart and suave looking bloke who I would guess was in his early 40's. For some reason the subject got onto travelling away on Company Business and I mentioned that in weeks time I had to go away for a few days to visit one of our sites. After a short pause, James chipped in by saying that he thought there was a Senior Managers Conference and Dinner on the first night I would be away and he grinned at Jo when he said it. Jo seemed to know all about this and quickly agreed with James and as she did she grinned back at him with a rather mischievous look. Very odd I thought and later I convinced myself she was upto something with James, after all he was smart, handsome and a bit younger.

That evening I also decided that I would move my business appointment the next week, but not tell Jo and see what happened. Everything seemed to settle down over the following days, myself and Jo went out a few times, she also worked late a few times but she didn't come home that late, about 8 ish so I didn't think anything untoward was happening. That said I did notice that she had started wearing sexy under wear to work, which she hadn't done before.

Anyway on the night in question I decided to follow Jo from work and see what happened. At around 5.30pm She appeared from the Office Block and made her way to the car park, got in her car and drove out. I followed some distance behind so she didn't see me, after about 10 minutes I was pretty sure she was going back to our house. I was right and thought to myself she's probably going to change for the evening, so I parked about 200 yds down the road and watched. After about an hour and a half my mobile rang, it was Jo. We then had a usual sort of call asking how we both were, how our day had gone, what we were doing etc. Everything seemed quite normal and Jo mentioned she was just waiting for a Taxi to take her out to the Restaurant that had been booked for the Manager's Dinner. About 5 minutes later a Taxi did pull up outside our house and as it did I saw Jo walk down the drive and get in.

I then followed the Taxi down into Town and watched as it dropped Jo off at a very up market Steak House that I knew her Company has used on a number of occasions. I just sat in the car and waited although I did get out and walk past the Restaurant from the other side of the road. Everything seemed normal, there was a table of about 16 having Dinner and Jo was one of 3 women, nothing untoward there. After about 3 and a half hours they all got up to leave and I noticed a couple of Taxi's pull up outside the Restaurant. Then I saw Jo, Ben and James get in one of the cabs. I know what's going to happen now I thought; they'll drop Ben off and then Jo and James will be off somewhere together. As I followed the Taxi for a while it suddenly struck me that it was going back to our house. Perhaps it was just about to drop Jo off and perhaps I was wrong in my assumptions? I then saw the Taxi pull up outside our house and sure enough Jo got out, but so did James and Ben. At this point my heart was going ten to the dozen as I tried to figure out what was happening.

I then decided to sneak up to our house and try to either look through the windows or sneak in. When I got there I went upto the lounge window, the curtains were drawn but there was a small gap. As I looked in I could see Ben and James sat on the sofa and an easy chair, but I couldn't see Jo. I carried on looking for about 5 minutes and then saw Jo walk in with a bottle of wine and three glasses. Perhaps they were just going to have a nightcap? As I carried on looking I was conscious of the fact that even though the house was set back from the road a fair distance anyone walking past could see me snooping through the window. So, I decided to go into the house through the garage side door and see if I could sneak into the Dining room which joined onto the Lounge through some badly fitting doors. Just as I was walking into the hall from the garage I saw Ben right in front of me walking away to the downstairs loo. He never turned round, God that was close I thought as I crept into the Dining Room. When I walked upto the Lounge/Dining Room doors I could easily see through a small gap into the Lounge and hear everything that was being said.

James was sat with his arm around Jo and I heard him say something like " So let me get this right, you want to have some naughty fun with both me and Ben?" Jo then said "yes and I want you to..." and she then leant over and whispered in James' ear. All of a sudden James faced changed as though he'd been shocked and then he said " You dirty bitch do you really mean that?" To which Jo said " I certainly do, it'll be great fun don't you think?. James replied " Sounds great by me but what about Peter?" Jo then said " well he'd go loopy if he knew half of what I get upto, but he's away tonight so it'll be our little secret, what do you think?". Sounds great but do you think Ben's up for it? asked James. "Oh very much, I think you'll find Ben is quite an unsung hero". Ben then walked into the room and sat next to Jo, he then held her cheek with one hand as he kissed her full on the lips and then slipped his hand straight up her skirt as she started to rub the inside of his thigh.

Then it all started. Jo stood up and removed her top to reveal her big tits that were only just being supported by a black lacey bra. Her nipples looked huge, I'd never seen her this turned on before. She then lent oveer her shoulder and looking at James said, "Be a dear will you and un- zip my skirt for me". James didn't need to be asked twice, he just unzipped her skirt and as it fell to the floor Jo just walked out of it to reveal a pair of silky seamed stockings that were being held up by a black lacey 8 strap suspender belt. As she turned I also noticed that she had no panties on and had shaved her pussy - she must have done that today. James walked up behind Jo and kissed the back of her neck, I then saw his fingers appearing from behind as they rubbed her pussy lips. Jo then bent forward and looking back said to James, you keep doing that while I show you something special. Jo then started to undo Ben's trousers and I could see him shuffle about whilst they were removed but I couldn't see anything. James then said" Jesus Christ" and his eyes were wide open as Ben stood up. I then got the shock of my life and realised why James had cried out. Ben might only be about 5'9" and of slight build but sticking out in front of him was the biggest cock I have ever seen. It wasn't fully hard and yet it must have been about 10 inches long and that thick, Jo could not get her hand round it's girth and the fact that it was fully shaved made it look even bigger. Jo looked up at James and said "Big isn't he?" James just nodded as Ben stood with his hands on his hips whilst Jo started to wank his massive cock. She then bent down a little more, I knew what she was about to do but my heart still skipped a beat and a lump appeared in my throat as I watched my wife sucking on Ben's huge cock. At first I didn't think she would get all of the cock head in her mouth, but she did and as she relaxed the shaft went down her throat. I hardly ever got a blow job but I now watched as she performed like a pro, there was saliva and pre-cum dripping out of her mouth and at the same time James was ramming his fingers in and out of her pussy.

After a few minutes Ben's cock was fully hard and Jo turned to James and said "why don't you get undressed while I start fucking this big cock?". James didn't say anything he just started to get undressed as Jo put a large cushion on the floor right by the lounge/dining room door; she was now just the other side of the doors and less than three foot away from me! At first she sat on the cushion and as Ben got between her legs to mount her she reached down for his cock. I couldn't see anything now but the look on Jo's face said it all as I watched Ben's ass move up and down, slowly at first but then he built up speed as Jo encouraged him to fuck her harder, then the first orgasm hit her. Ben then got up and still between Jo's legs he sat down so her legs were on top of his. He then pushed his legs outwards which forced Jo's legs apart; I could see her gapping pussy as it waited for more cock. Then Jo grabbed hold of Ben's cock and fed it into her pussy whilst he put his hands on the floor behind him. Then the fucking started, Ben just swung his ass back and forth which made his cock piston in and out of Jo. I could see everything and in next to no time her stretched pussy was taking all of Ben; he looked just like a fucking machine as his cock relentlessly bludgeoned Jo's pussy.

By this time James was standing over Jo's head with a sizeable cock in his hands; that said it was nowhere near as big as Ben's monster. Jo just grabbed James' cock and started feeding off it as Ben kept pounding her pussy with his huge cock. From where I was standing I could even smell the sweat and sex and every few seconds when Jo pulled James' cock out to breath, saliva and precum ran out of her mouth and onto her tits.

Jo was obviously loving the two cocks and after she recovered from her second orgasm she stood up and looking down at Ben in her heels and stockings said "you know what I want now". I didn't know what was going to happen but as I stared at her red raw pussy I could see a slime dripping down the inside of her thighs and onto her stockings. It was almost as if Jo knew I was looking because she put her hand between her legs and appeared to scoop up the slime and then massage it back into her pussy. Ben hadn't said anything but he had got up and sat on the cushion. He then laid back, with his huge cock lying across his thighs. I'd never been this close to another guys cock let alone one this big; it glistened with pre-cum and pussy juice and I could clearly see a couple of really thick veins that ran ran down the shaft. There was no denying that it looked really menacing and ready to be used. Almost on cue Jo then straddled and squatted down on Ben, I then saw her hand appear between her legs as she picked up Ben's cock and start to feed it into her pussy while he started to massage her big tits and suck her long nipples. Then I got a big shock, one I wasn't expecting, James squatted over Jo and I then saw her hand move up as she obviously fed his cock into her ass and as he lent further forwards I could see both cocks buried in my wife. One in her pussy and one in her ass, I never knew she had been fucked in the ass but she must have been because she took James quite easily.

The fucking then started again but this time Ben and James seems to take it in turn as they both pounded Jo, who was obviously loving being DP'd. They kept hammering away at her as Jo kept encouraging them both, then James cried "I'm coming". Jo then hissed" In my mouth" and James then pulled his cock out of her ass, but he wasn't quick enough. Just as his cock head appeared out of Jo's ass I saw it twitch and his balls tighten a little then this massive load of cum spewed out all over Jo's ass and back. Jo just reached behind her, grabbed James' cock and milked the shaft until he had emptied his load all over her ass and back.

At this time Ben was still pounding his huge cock into Jo and I was amazed he hadn't cum, but he didn't last long before he started grunting and his sagging balls started to tighten. Jo then cried out and Ben thrust his cock deep, it was obvious he was seeding her and it was also obvious Jo could feel herself being filled up. Eventually Jo let Ben's cock out of her pussy and I could now see his cock covered in cum and pussy juice as it lay on his thigh; then, a great load of cum poured out of Jo's pussy and onto Ben's cock. Not at all phased by this Jo got up and started to lick Ben's cock clean and as she did this James buried his face in her ass and started licking her clean.

I couldn't believe what I had just seen. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever have imagined my wife behaving like a total slut and to make matters worse I then heard her say to James " Are you coming up to bed with me and Ben? I want to be DP'd at least once more tonight."!! I then watched Jo leading Ben out of the Lounge by his cock and James following.

I waited until they had all gone upstairs before I sneaked out and went to find a hotel. If you want to know what happened next post me.