Written by Peter

15 Dec 2012

An awful lot has happened since my post dated 17 Oct and to be honest I don't think I can re-tell everything in one post, but lets see. Continuing on from where I left off......

As I watched through the gap in the lounge/dining room doors, my wife was leading both James and Ben out of the Lounge and into the Hall and it looked as though she was leading them both by their cocks. I was still transfixed at this point and I can remember staring at Jo's ass as she swaggered in her heels and noticing the tops of her stockings,they were smeared in spunk and every other step she took a small amount of spunk dripped out of her pussy and onto the floor, she had taken a massive load. I thought about challenging them there and then; However, I very quickly realised I was in no fit state to do so, there was no doubting I was deeply shocked by what I had just seen, but my trousers were covered in cum as I had shot my load watching Ben and James fuck Jo. So if challenged I was really in no position to assert myself or deny that I wasn't really turned on by what I had seen. So as Jo and her two studs disappeared upstairs I quietly left through the garage and went to find a Hotel.

It didn't take me long to find a Premier Inn type Hotel and as I lay on the bed contemplating what I had just witnessed, I started to wish I had confronted Jo, Ben and James, as I was sure I needed to catch them all in the act. The reason for this being two fold, firstly by catching them in flagrante there could be no denying things and secondly I believed it would put me in a stronger position to argue my case, whatever that might be. I even thought about going back to the house there and then, but for some reason probably because I was tired, I decided not to and actually I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I was even more convinced that I needed to catch Jo 'in the act', but couldn't figure out exactly how to do it. Initially, I went to work but to be honest I couldnt really think straight so I went off sick and got back to the house early in the afternoon. When I walked in I had a quick look in the Lounge, everything was neat and tidy, the place had obviously been tidied and cleaned. When I went into our bedroom, it was the same, everything neat and tidy, too tidy actually. As I then went through Jo's clothes draws I didn't find anything untoward, that was until I got to her underwear draw......At first even this looked quite normal, but then I noticed a load of really sexy looking g-strings, in fact there were no 'normal' panties and the draw would have been quite empty if it hadn't been for the G strings and 3 or 4 ladies costume masks that just fit round the eyes, I had no idea what they were for. I also went through her bras I noticed that they all looked quite new and they all had very small cups, there was no way they could have covered all of Jo's sizeable tits. Finally, I came to the draw where Jo kept her stockings and tights, there were not many pairs of tights, but there were loads of seamed stockings and a number of really sexy looking suspenders belts and right at the bottom were two really Lacey waspies, with virtually no bra cups. As I looked around, I realised I must have been blind to what had been going on around me and on the quiet Jo had really vamped up her wardrobe. I then sat on the bed and tried to figure out exactly what had happened and as I was thinking I realised I was sitting on clean sheets, the bed had not been slept in! Perhaps Jo hadn't spent the night with Ben and James in our bedroom; but then I thought she has changed the sheets so I went and checked the linen basket, it was empty.

Eventually after sitting around in a bit of a daze wondering what to do I decided to empty my overnight bag and as I was downstairs I thought I'd put things straight into the washing machine in the Utility Room. It was then that I noticed the washing machine was full and needed emptying, which I then did pulling out a set of sheets and a couple of towels. All of a sudden things fell into place, there was now absolutely no doubt in my mind that Jo had spent the night with with both Ben and James and to hide any evidence of the fucking she had received she had cleared things up and washed the sheets etc. I was now 100% sure that I needed to catch Jo in the act, I just needed to figure out how I was going to do it.

Over the next few days I was really surprised at how cool Jo behaved, it was as though nothing had happened and life was just going on as before. As a result of this I kept a very close eye on what was happening, listening in to telephone conversations that Jo was having, monitoring her texts and watching her Internet browsing etc. I found nothing, absolutely nothing for a while I started to think that nothing was happening but then it occurred to me that there was too much nothing. I went onto our computer straight after Jo had been using it and there was no browsing history at all, it had all been deleted. I even managed to get a look at Jo's email a few times, again nothing at all out of the ordinary. Then by chance whilst chatting to some colleagues at work I found out about some key pad checking software that could be used to secretly store every key stoke made without the operator knowing. Cutting a long story short after I'd installed the key board software I found that Jo had been on a number of swinging sites and I also found that she had a hotmail account I knew nothing about, I even picked up her password. Nervously I logged on to the account, Bingo.....There were loads of emails from Ben, James and a few others including women that I didn't know. I also found out that Jo was going to a 'The Club' on Saturday Night and that she had been promised a special treat. I knew that Jo was going out on the Saturday but she had told me it was a Business Dinner with some influential Recruitment Agencies. I didn't say anything at all but I decided to follow Jo and see what she was up to.

Moving forwards to the Saturday, I told Jo that I was going to watch the Rugby in the afternoon and then go out with some friends to a pub in the evening. Jo started getting ready for her so called Dinner quite early and after the Rugby had finished she still hadn't finished in the Bathroom so I shouted that I was going out. The reply back was telling me to have a good night and don't worry if she was late. After I left I actually parked the caraway down the road but somewhere that I could still see anyone leaving or arriving. At about 9 o'clock I noticed a Taxi pulling up and very quickly saw Jo walk out with a calf length coat on and a largish handbag. I followed the Taxi from a distance and it pulled up at a WineBar in town and I then saw both Jo and Ben getting out of the Taxi and going into the Bar. After about half an hour three Taxis arrived and Jo and a number of other Men and Women appeared and straightaway climbed into the Taxi's. I followed the last Taxi from a way off and it went onto a Local Business Park and pulled up outside an un-marked building with very few windows. I also noticed that a number of couples were turning up and going into the Building. After Jo and her party had gone in I went up to the door, as I stepped inside I was confronted a large but very polite man who asked me what I wanted telling me it was couples only tonight. Very quickly I figured out I was at a Swinging Club, I asked if I could join and go in. The polite but very firm answer was no I couldn't but I was given a card and told if I wanted to join then I needed to contact the number on the card, on Monday. I left, very dejected but determined to contact the club on Monday.

Later that night Jo arrived home at about 2 o'clock, i was already in bed. She came straight into the bed room and then went into the ensuite, strangely after about two minutes I heard the shower running and ten minutes later Jo came out in a Dressing Gown. She asked me if I'd had a good night and then without waiting for an answer she said she was tired and turned out the light and got into bed. The next morning I was due to play golf with a couple of my friends in the morning, so I got up early and disappeared out to the golf course. I played a crap round of golf as I couldn't really focus on things, but when I got back Jo seemed to be full of the joys of life. Shortly after i returned Jo mentioned that she really needed to go to the Gym as She felt a little overweight and asked if I minded. I immediately said no problem, thinking to myself that I could check to see if she had been on the computer whilst I'd been away.

As soon as Jo left I checked the key pad software and found nothing but then thought I'd check her email accounts in any case. Her usual email was fairly blank and when I checked her secret account I only found one new and unread email, but I noticed it was from Ben. All it said was "Great night last night, look at the link for the recording...B" and under it was a link to a Dropbox account. I copied the link to a stick and then went onto my LapTop in our bedroom. When I accessed the Link I could see that there was a 1.2Gb movie file called 'Saturday' so I started to download the file. As the file was downloading my mind was all over the place, as we're my emotions and the really weird thing was I wanted to see Jo performing and the raging hard on I had only confirmed this. After a minute or so the file had downloaded and I double clicked the icon as I lay on the bed.

At first everything was black although I could hear talking, then the screenlit up and a long leather clad stool stool/ sofa came into view. Then as the camera panned out I saw a man dressed only in a white towel walk towards the stool and lie on it. Also in the backgound I could see a number of men and women walk upto the leather stool and stand behind it. I couldn't tell who the men and women were because only their waists downwards were in view, but I could see a number of ladies clad in stockings and the men all seemed to just be wearing towels round their waists. When the camera focussed back on the man on the stool I couldn't really tell who he was because he was wearing a small black eye mask, but He wasn't that tall and had grey hair, I was fairly sure it was Ben. Then the guy pulled up one of his legs which caused half of the towel to fall away revealing a limp veiny un cut cock that was just hanging on the guys thigh. I was now sure it was Ben, mainly because despite his cock being limp it must still have been around 8 inches long and there cant be that many men that are that well hung. Then I overheard someone in what I assumed to be the crowd saying " Go on Jo you know what to do". Almost immediately a woman walked into the camera shot initially I could only see her back but as she walked closer to the bloke you could see she was wearing a very slinky see through black dressing gown and underneath she had a small black waspie on which was holding up her black seamed stockings and no panties. When the woman got to the stool she sat down next to the man and pulled aside her gown and then lifted up her left tit and fed it to the man. I also noticed one of the other women bend down and grab the blokes cock and start to wank it. At this point The woman turned to the camera and smiled, even though she was wearing a small eye mask I knew it was Jo, I even recognised the mask.

As Jo turned back the other Woman pointed the blokes cock at her face. Jo just bent down a little more and started to kiss and suck the massive cockhead whilst the other woman wanked the shaft. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and although I was shocked the turn on got the better of me and I found myself with my cock out wanking whilst I watched a movie of my wife sucking cock.

Eventually Jo was getting around 4 inches of Ben's cock down her mouth and as the camera zoomed in I could also see that the other Woman had let go of the shaft and Jo was now fingering the blokes ass hole whilst feeding off his cock. I also noticed that every time she went to catch a breath a massive load of pre-cum and spit just spewed out of her mouth and all over Ben's engorged cock.Then the camera panned out and I could now see Ben lying right back, one of the women present had put her leg over his head and he was licking her pussy and when the camera panned out further I could see one of the men present now had his face between Jo's ass cheeks and was either fingering her ass or pussy, I couldn't tell. I then heard a cry "yes , yes, yes" and the camera zoomed to Bens face and then Jo. Jo then pulled her head away and almost immediately the cock just twitched and then a massive spurt of cum spewed out all over her face, neck and tits. This immediately brought a cheer from all those watching and after a couple more spurts a great flow of spunk just came out of Bens cock head and dripped down the shaft and onto Jo's hand. Jo then sat up and facing the camera she pushed the guy between her legs away and showing off her shaved pussy she massaged Ben's spunk into her slit.

Just as Jo looked as though she had finished rubbing her pussy Ben stood up, initially I thought things were about to finish but then a Black Guy wearing just a towel walked into view. He looked as though he was in his Mid 40's but it was difficult to tell as he was wearing an eye mask like Ben; however, he was still quite slim and his chest was completely hairless. as he stood by Jo Ben said " You know I promised you a treat, well here it is!". Almost immediately, the Black guy took off his towel at first I couldn't see anything but the audience gasped and as he turned I could see why. He was completely shaven and absolutely huge, I knew that Ben was big but this guy's cock probably had another 2 inches and a fair bit more girth and although it was un cut the foreskin was already pulled back revealing a huge glistening cock head. Ben then leant over to Jo and said " This is George, he's joined as a New Bull and he's going to fuck your cervix". Almost immediately George pushed Jo onto her back on the stool and then he climbed on top of her and buried his head into her pussy whilst she grabbed his huge cock and started to suck its head. This went on for a few minutes and then George got up and pulled Jo's legs up and apart. I could just see George's cock and at first, because it was still hanging down a little I didn't think it was fully hard, but then I realised that just the sheer weight of his cock probably meant it wouldn't stand up. George then looked over his shoulders and said "Who's going to put me in?", I then saw one of the girls walk up and grab George's cock and immediately start to rub it up and down Jo's pussy lips. After a few seconds it was obvious that George had found her hole and as the camera zoomed in I watched the cock head being swallowed as my wife's pussy opened and stretched to take George's huge manhood. At first he was quite slow as he forced his meat into Jo and after he'd got half in he withdrew and then slowly started to enter her again, Jo by this time was massaging her pussy as she took more and more. eventually it looked as though she couldn't take any more even though there was about 2.5 inches left to go. I then heard George say "thats my cock up against your cervix are you ok, do you want me to push through?",Jo didn't say anything but I heard a murmer to the affirmative. George said " Thats a good slut, here it is" and then just pushed hard down, at first nothing happened then everything seemed to give way, Jo let out a little cry and then you could see he was balls deep into her. To this day I haven't got a clue how she took all of his cock. Once he was fully in George left his cock deep in Jo for a while before pulling out, when he thrust again it was as though he was just testing the resistance and once he found he could go balls deep again he slowly built up speed. It didn't take long before he was really pounding Jo who now had her legs spread wide apart and her heels up in the air and when the camera zoomed in I could see her pussy stretched tight by George's thick black cock and a small but steady stream of pussy juice and pre cum running down over her ass hole.

I found this such a thrilling turn on, I was wanking my own cock for Britain as i was fixated on my wife being fucked senseless by a black bull stud with a huge cock.

returning to what i saw on the screen.....George now had his arms under Jo's thighs and I could see her suspender staps tight into her ass cheeks as he kept on fucking like a machine that never stops. But eventually he started to grunt and his thighs seemed to tightenen, then one of the crowd said "Not in her we want to see it". George then pushed in one more time and started to withdraw, as his cock emerged the camera zoomed in and as I saw his cock head appear from Jo's gaping pussy a river of spunk just flowed out. In an instant I thought he's just ome inside her but then his cock head twitched and erupted in front of Jo's pussy and a huge load of cum was deposited all over her pussy.

I couldn't take any more of this and I shot my load all over my hand as I watched George rub his cock into Jo's spunk covered pussy. Then I heard a voice behind me saying " What the fuck are you doing?", when I turned round Jo was stood in the door way with her hands on her hips staring at me with my hand on my spunk covered cock!!

If you want to know what happened after this post me.