Written by Sarah

6 May 2019

My name is Sarah and I’m 50 years old and I’d like to tell you all about an incident that happened at work that led to me cheating on my husband for the first time.

I’m 5ft 8 and a curvy size 14 with 36d boobs. I have a nice figure so I’m told. I have shoulder length dark brown straight hair that I tie in a ponytail when I’m at work. My husband Alan and I have a good sex life and lately I found that he’d been watching porn when he left his iPad at home when he went to work.

The sites he’d been looking at were cuckold sites where a wife is fucked and she makes her husband watch and then another site he’d looked at was where a husband licks his wife’s pussy clean after another man had fucked her. I was surprised to find that he’d been looking at these sites but I found it immensely arousing and watched a couple of the videos where a young stud fucks a wife from behind while the husband watches from underneath and then licks her clean after he fills her with his sperm.

I got so wet watching this and immediately went upstairs for some fun with my vibrator. Since then I have instigated several 69s with Alan and asked him to slide my vibrator into me while I suck his dick, which lead to me saying how good it felt to be sucking his cock while my pussy was being fucked and Alan obviously loved this new dirty talk and responded by asking me to imagine that the vibrator was another cock. I responded with an ‘oh yes please’ and he asked if I would really like that and I said yes......Alan almost immediately filled my mouth with his sperm which I held in my mouth and turned around and deep french kissed him and made him swallow it all. I asked him if he enjoyed this and he said he loved it so the following day when we went to bed I teased him whilst in a 69 and said just imagine if there was a man stood behind me with his spunking cock up me......Alan came again.

So the seed had been well and truly planted so to speak, I was getting more and more horny and was thinking about this so much that I was constantly horny. But having never strayed in 20 years, I was a little nervous about taking this any further. Then an unexpected turn at work has given me the confidence to maybe push this a little further.

So, I work for a well known quality department store in the clothing department and something happened last week that shocked me, but my reaction to this situation stunned me even more. It was Saturday am so the store was really quiet and I was tidying a few rails near the changing rooms when a young man popped into one of the cubicals to try on a couple of shirts and a pair of trousers. A few minutes after he called me to ask if I could get him a longer leg size so I went off to get and came back a few moments later and knocked on his cubicle door to pass them to him, he opened the door and was stood there in just a pair of white boxers.

I looked at his broad chest, big arms and then my eyes dropped to the bulge in his boxers and my eyes lingered on his cock. I eventually looked up at him and he was smiling and said ‘like what you see’ ? I replied immediately with a yes, and he took hold of his boxers and pushed them down and released his now semi hard cock. He grabbed my hand and pulled me into the cubical and locked the door and then put my hand on his now rock hard cock. I immediately started wanking him and then dropped to my knees and sucked his fat cock..

After a couple of minutes, he pulled me up, turned me around and raised my arms above my head and placed my hands on the cubical wall. He then reached around and squeezed my boobs and then lifted my skirt and pulled my knickers to one side and slid his finger into my now sopping pussy. I ground when he pulled them out but squealed when he slammed his hard dick into me and started fucking me really hard slamming into me. Two minutes later he was spunking up me and then pulled out. He got dressed, kissed me and walked out of the cubical.

I composed myself and also left the cubical....nobody was around and nobody else knows about this.

So do I tell my husband what happened, I’m desperate for more strange cock now.

Love Sarah