Written by boomeram

3 Oct 2012

This is a quick re-account of an incident that happened last Friday.

My name is Liz and I've been married to Bri for 30 years and we have two kids both in their 20s. I am a nurse. Still got a good figure, quite petite but great knockers according to my old man, he thinks I look like. Over the years we have been very naughty with each other, but never included anyone else, despite Bri's badgering.

Brian has managed to get me to flash my tits, go out with no knickers on, read stories on the SH website while he licks me, but has never persuaded me to take another cock.

"Keep it as a fantasy, Bri" I said that way nobody gets hurt, and that’s how it stayed till last week.

My son and his mates were off to Butlins on a stag weekend, and the lads were all dressing up as Landgirls, well my son and his mate Dean really made an effort but looked more like Les Dawson and his sidekick.

Brian was in our neighbour’s garden lopping some heavy branches from a tree that overhangs our garden, and the chainsaw was making a racket.

The boys were almost ready and looked quite comical, my daughter decided that her brother’s make-up was just not right and she took him up to her room, to sort out his poor efforts.

Meanwhile I closed the window in the kitchen, and shut the dining room door because; Bri's chainsaw was driving me mad.

Dean was prancing around, saying what’s think then Liz, do you think I’ll pull. I joked that I am sure some farmer will have his way with you.

I told him to give me a twirl and I’ll take a snap on my mobile phone, he did and I snapped a couple of pics.

Dean then came over to the chair and said "what am I going to do with this Liz.”

"What" next thing I knew he had his frock up, and was holding his fat cock in his hand.

Dean, you dirty bugger put it away, I whispered.

"You put it away for me, go on grab it, you sexy bitch".

"Dean!", my

ears were listening for my son and daughter upstairs. and my husband with a chainsaw in his hand.

"Suck it" he said, amazingly I replied "Make me", next thing I knew he was pulling my head to his fat shiny circumcised bell-end, and boy did I suck, the chain saw stopped , and so did my hear, but dean kept fucking my mouth, Thank god Bri started the chain saw again.

I started to suck him greedily, wanking him with my mouth, fondle and weigh his big heavy shaved balls, then I started to lick his slit, making the big cocked fucker moan.

You fucking want it don’t you, this isn’t a one off,slut, You will be ringing me, wanting my cock up your pussy, show me your pussy. I was so fucking wet and so fucking tempted.

"You dirty fucking cocksucker, you like young cock don’t you, you big titted slut" god did I want that boys cock.

The floor boards creaked upstairs and my two kids started thudding down the stairs.

Dean shot his load in my mouth and I swallowed every sticky drop, mmm Dean pulled out and put his lovely fat cock away in seconds of my kids appearing.

"Cum on Dan, we've got beers to drink", and within a few minutes they were packing bags into their car.

My daughter got her Dad in, and he said are you ok Liz, you look all white and drained, he’s only going away for a few days.

I'm done with me lumberjacking, us three can all go out for something to eat. In truth all I wanted was his cock up me, but it had to wait until Sunday morning before that happened.

I am toying with the idea of sending Dean a text, or maybe I’ll just leave it alone or maybe tell Bri what happened and see what he thinks.