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Cheating on cam?

"Charlie on cam while husband away,members is this cheating?"

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Hi all George here & a question I want to ask you all after you’ve read story is would you class this as cheating?

I had to go to Rotterdam for a few days for work a couple of years ago & wanted to share this with you all as sometimes it plays on my mind,Charlie knows am sharing this with you & is happy to see the response in the comments.

When I normal go away we spend some time on FaceTime /cam together watching each other play with ourselves when the mood takes & it’s always worked well & we’ve always made it up together when I get back.

Let’s get to facts after I got back Charlie seemed a bit upset & not her usual self & I kept probing is everything ok & she kept just saying ye it’s fine but I knew it wasn’t as we had been married a long time I sort of knew it wasn’t.In bed that night we were just talking & she blurted out am really sorry but I’ve done something you might not like.i asked what & you had better tell me everything.Here goes Charlie says you know we said we would never play with other people without us being together well I sort of did but please let me tell you before you go mad.I think you better I said with so much going through my mind.

Charlie starts by saying I was feeling really horny & missing you & tried to contact you but FaceTime wouldn’t connect & i remembered you was probably flying so got my rabbit out & started playing with myself & while it was good I needed someone to talk to or look at & as I couldn’t get in touch with you I thought for some silly reason I wonder if Danny is free to FaceTime.So I sent Danny a message & asked if he was busy & fancied some FaceTime fun,He messaged back & said give me 10 minutes & am definitely up for it as would love to have fun with you two again.she then tells me she messaged him back saying can’t wait but didn’t tell him I wasn’t around & I asked her why & Charlie just said in case he said no & she was sorry for not telling him.i asked her what she was wearing & she told me this black short satin nightie what am wearing now,She then says Danny then FaceTimed her & she answered & they had a quick chat about how’s things etc & he then asked if he could say hello to me when she told him I was away with work & it was just the two of them which he replied would I be ok with it & she said yes & I don’t know why.I then asked how it got started & Charlie said we started to talk about the 1st time we all meet & how we talked about no touching but rules got broke & doing this felt like it when she started playing with herself in front of Danny & he was stroking his cock,she said she was playing with her tits & how hard her nipples had got thinking & watching him stroking his cock was turning her on & making her wet.He was telling her he would love to rub his cock round her wet pussy & wishes he was there & she said mmm me too,she got her rabbit in her hand & started rubbing it around her pussy saying she’s imagining his cock while watching him wank himself & switches it on too a slow setting before putting it in her a little.She tells me she’s soaking now & is close to cumming & even though am pissed off with her my own cock is getting hard which Charlie notices & reaches for it & starts to wank me slowly.she then said she mentions to Danny about 2nd meeting when both of us were either side of her & had both cocks teasing her & did he like rubbing against my cock & he told her he did as she pushed rabbit into herself more & Danny said he would be interested in taking it further if we meet again,like what Charlie said she asked while turning speed up on rabbit as she’s on verge of cumming,Danny tells her he’s sucked a couple of guys off before & if her & I was up for it he would be happy to do it just as Charlie then starts to cum she tells me as that sent her over edge.Was that the end then I asked she said no as Danny hadn’t cum yet & while still wanking me asked if I would like Danny to suck my cock while she rimmed me & maybe share my cock with him,I said I would & told her to get on top of me & ride me & tell me how she made Danny cum for her,she got on top of me & I slide into her & she then started telling me she told Danny she wanted to ride us both reverse cowboy & suck the other one off taken it in turns on each others cocks then when we had both come in her she wanted us to clean her up & Danny was up for that & that sent him over the edge & she said he came loads & that was end of FaceTime.i got her off me & put her on her back & just fucked her very angrily deep & hard with 1 leg over my shoulder telling her she was a slut which she agreed with & just kept saying fuck me hard & I said like Danny would & she said yes & started cumming & asking me not to stop ,this went on for a good 10 minutes & it was just fucking nothing else until I came in her.

I rolled off her & said am still not happy & you need to make it up to me & would you cheat for real & Charlie was begging me to forgive her & said no am really sorry & we only share together.

What do you think everyone is she a cheat or not?

Written by Redhead77

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