Written by peter

1 Feb 2015

In bed one night we confessed to how I had fucked other women and she how she'd been screwed by other men some with bigger cocks than others. I had a goodhard on listening to her experiences.

Anyway I was wanking off whilst she was rubbing her clit. She told me she preferred being fucked by the men with the bigger cocks, enjoyed the extra thickness and deeper penetration that they gave her.

She told that one day she had been to her hairdressers and was waiting at the bus stop when a car pulled up and the driver offered her a lift. She recognised him as someone who worked in the same office block was her, but not for the same company. He was attractive and she accepted the offer. On the way home they chatted about this and that and she told me she quite fancied him.

When they finally arrived at our house she thanked him and asked if he would like a coffee and he said he would. Apparantely I was going to play football straight from work so wouldn't be home until late. She said it was 6 o'clock.

Once inside she led him into the lounge and she went to the kitchen to make the coffee. As she stood at the sink he came up behind her and kissed her neck and placed his hands on her breasts. She didn't stop him as she really fancied him. She turned to face him and kissed him passionately, his tongue rolling around hers, his hands on her breasts as she moved her hand down to touch his cock and found it to be already erect and surprisingly nice and big. She wondered if he was going to shag her there and then.

She led him upstairs into our bedroom and he quickly undressed her and she lay naked on the bed as he undressed. He told her that he'd fancied her for sometime as he'd seen going to and from work. She said that when he dropped his trousers and under pants his cock stood up long and very thick. The biggest cock she had seen and she wondered what it was going to be like when she took inside her wet cunt. He lay alongside her and rolled his tongue around her nipples making then stiffen. She in turn held his big stiff cock, her fingers failing to touch as she stroked. He groaned and told her what a beautiful body she had and how he wanted to fuck her. He moved her into the 69 position, her glistening cunt over his face and her mouth gagging on his huge knob. Xshe could feel his tongue caressing her clit and his fingers inside her very aroused wet cunt. She told me she couldn't wait to feel his huge cock fucking her hard, filling her pussy deep. She told him she wanted him to fuck her, not wear a condom as she was on the pill and wanted his spunk inside her cunt. He moved onto her back and she opened her legs wide for him and raised her knees and he knelt over her, she felt his huge knob nudging against the opening of very wet cunt, felt it enter and begin to stretch her wanton cunt. Then slowly ease up inside making her groan with the pleasure of it. She told him she had had lots of cock but his was the biggest. He began to thrust in and out making her gasp loudly with each thrust, his huge cock driving her wild. Then he withdrew and told her to kneel over as he wanted to shag her doggie style. He knelt being her and she felt his huge cock push its way right up inside her cunt, stretching her even more then when he was on top. She said she cried out as he screwed her even harder making her climax more than she'd ever climaxed. He told her what a great fuck she was and that he was coming. She told him not to stop and he rammed his prick deep inside her as he pumped his load of spunk into her. She told me it felt incredible as she felt his huge cock throbbing inside her as he unloaded his spunk inside her.

Slowly he withdrew and they lay in each others arms for awhile and he took her hand and placed it on his cock which had stiffened again and he moved on top of her again and gave her another good shagging. He brought her to another big climax, making her cry passionately.

Again they lay quietly and he asked her if he could fuck her again, take her back to his place to give her another screw. She told him she would look forward to that. With me playing football she had plenty of opportunity.

I wanked myself silly as she told about it.