Written by crystal7

17 Apr 2015

whilst on holiday with my hubbie, we met some nice young men from canada, who we started having drinks with on several occasions.one in perticular was quite sexy and very interested in me lol.everytime i went to the toilet he would follow me and have a sneeky grope and sly kiss as i went in.my hubbie said why dont u invite him bck to our room? this perticular day we had all had alot to drink so i thought why not here goes lol. i asked him and he said are u sure i said ofcause yes its al sorted hubbie will fetch us all drinks.so i took him upstairs and undressed myself and then him, i then preseeded to get down on all fours and start and suck his big cock, without a condom, so i could taste his precum mmm.i then reached for a condom and we started to fck like rabbits.i heard the door open and saw my hubbie come in and go in to the bathroom, which hada glass window which looked into the room, where he could watch.first he fcked me missinary, then rolled me over and i was on all fours whilst he fcked me hard like a rabbit.i then heard the door go and my hubbie went out onto the balcony where he watched through that window.when we had finished the young man was very embarresed, and said was that ok? i said it sure was , i think he was just worried about hubbie, but my hubbie was more than happy, we fcked later ourselves like rabbits , it had made him very horney. however the only thing was , i had to take a morning after pill, as his condom must have come off durring our rampent sex lol