11 Sep 2016


Im a chef and last year decided to take a job in london cut a long story short the job didnt last to long. And i became jobless with some help from contacts i have built throughout the years. I decided to become a personal chef my first job was through a freind. 2 days for a women named janet janet was 45 and married petite bright blue eyes blonde and a lovely arse she was staying in london on Buisness. to not bore you with all the details it was my last night working for janet and we shared a bottle of wine after the flirty drunken talk she became very horny and kissed me and the reached down to grab my ever growing cock she quickly unbutoned my jeans and removed my boxers down to my thighs and gobbled every last inch she then quickly stood up an took me by the hand up stairs, we didnt quite make it upstairs halfway up she went on all fours pushing her lovely arse in the are towards me, fully naked at this point i quickly slammed my cock in her soaking wet shaved pussy and started pounding away. I came within minutes i removed my throbbing cock, wich she then turned around and licked it clean we went to her bedroom after that and fell asleep naked in bef with my first ever client. I woke upto her smiling saying she was making the breakfast today and she placed her pussy straight over my open mouth wich i licked till she came into my mouth. She made her excuses got dressed and told me she would be in touch. I still do work for her till this day an next year will be heading to work on a yacht with her for a couple of weeks. This got me thinking what if every client was like this im 6ft an im told im very good looking. So after this i made a advert that i would cook for lonely single marrried women or couples and the reward me for this after since this i have had 3 sums with couples single mothers widows divorces all sorts. I have moved back to birmingham for abit now where im thinkin of starting up again. Anyway thought i would share it as i like reading some

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