Written by davelee

2 Dec 2009

The party had been for Hags and baddies

Chelle had dressed as Cruella De Fuck My Arse Off!

Or Cruella De Ville in reality!

She had had her eye on Steve all night and had been involved in a situation with him when they were discovered at a previous party with Steve finger fucking Michelle!

Events available if required?

So were at the end of the party with me, Chelle, Steve, all dancing in the front room of Steves house after everybody else had either left or gone to bed.

Chelle had a black & white mini dress and ripped stockings on in an opposite black and white effect. One white stocking one black one woitha short buttoned up at the front black and white dress.

As we were the last ones Steve had put on slow smooching music and Steve & Chelle were dancing slowly together.

i had motioned to Steve and on a queue we moved together behind Michelle and ripped off her laddered stockigs and knickers at the same time.

Chelle was snogging with Steve so was not bothered as she fancied him like crazy.

They both continued to smooch in the front room as I watched and Chelle removed Steves shirt, pants and underpants until he was in the nude.

They continued to dance and kiss and maul as Chelle reached down and grabbed hold of Steves cock which was nice and hard and began to rub it against her pussy lips as they danced and kissed.

I sat and watched from thje floor as Steves cock nudged against my wifes outer pussy lips as she rubbed his cock against her cunt, he manouvered himself so his prick slipped inside her as they slow danced together and he manouvered Michelle towards the settee aas I watched and he layed her down.

Chelles cunt opened up like a flower and steve pushed his large bell end against her labia as Chelle gasped as his cock slipped inside her.

Steve began to fuck Michelle, slowly at first then getting into a fast ryth as Chelle began to shout she was coming and ground her pussy and clit against his cock as Steve began to soot and convulse as I watched his cock twitch and shoot lots of hot sperm inside my wife.

Chelle began to come and her pussy shot jets of girly juice against Steves chest as she came.

Steve removed his cock and I replaced it wit ine for about 2 mins aas I fuscked Michelle hard as Steve played with her clit and arse as she continued to shoot jets of girly sprem over us.

We quickly calmed down and realised there was only us left, \steve suggested we wwent to bed together which we did and if you would like to know what went on when we went to bed lket us know?