Written by wadskil

13 Dec 2010

When I took my first teaching job in China in the late nineties I can’t say I was looking forward to an interesting sex life, which is not much of a prospect for a horny young man in his late twenties. I had always thought Chinese women were cute rather than sexy and with a kind of reserve that made them seem distant. It was also difficult to guess anyone’s age. My boss at the school was a lovely woman called Jade. When I first met her I assumed she was about twenty eight. She was, in fact, forty five, married with a teenage son. Yet she had the fit and well-formed body of a much younger woman.

She was also unusually tall for a Chinese woman. Her long hair was kept in a soft perm, tumbling down around her pretty face. She had a broad, cheeky smile. The spectacles, as worn by most Chinese women, didn’t spoil her looks. She had nice pointed upturned breasts and very long legs. Unlike most Chinese women she had a beautiful heart-shaped arse.

Physically then she looked great but you wouldn’t call her sexy because she didn’t seem to be aware of herself as a physical creature. There was also a Victorian primness about her. When I told her about a friend who wrote porn for women she simply looked away in disgust.

As she was my boss we naturally spent a lot of time together. If there was a dinner function we usually went together. On one occasion she wore a black knitted dress that emphasised her figure and nice black court shoes that showed the perfect shape of her calves. When I told her she looked great she warned me not to say such things to a married woman.

Yet over time we began to flirt. I discovered that Chinese women are masters at this, within limits, and I assumed it was all playful. Of course, I pushed the boundaries more and more. Her husband was a drunk, I discovered, and she told me one day that his snoring kept her awake. When I told her that if she stayed with me I’d keep her awake for different reasons she laughed heartily, which surprised me. I often wondered about her in a sexual way but my fantasies soon became grounded. She was probably confused and inhibited, which meant actual sex with her would probably be unsatisfying.

A fellow English teacher I met in a bar once told me that everything about Chinese women was deceptive. People may not be intimate on the street, but behind closed doors it was a different story. He also told me that when a Chinese woman decides on her man she really goes for it, whether or not she’s married. I didn’t believe him at first but his words kept returning to me as I got closer to Jade.

One afternoon me and Jade were marking student papers in my apartment. As I made tea in the kitchen I made a few flirty comments. She giggled and said, “Are you trying to seduce me?”

“That’s one way of putting it,” I said.

She laughed again and said, “Is there another way?”

“If you are asking me if I’d like to take you to bed then the answer is yes I would.”

“What’s that word in English? Ah yes, harassment. Are you harassing me?”

“Only if I do something you don’t want,” I said.

She then came over all girly, waving her hands about and saying, “Oh you’re harassing me!”

I took a step forward and put my arms around her. Her body felt wonderfully firm. “Am I harassing you now?”

She gave no answer so I took her arms and placed them on my shoulders. She stared into my eyes, panting slightly. Finally she said, “We shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Just let me kiss you,” I said.

I gave her a proper full-on kiss. She gave a little moan and relaxed in my arms. We stood there for a minute or two, tonguing each other’s mouths. As we did this I slipped my hands behind her and smoothed my palms over her perfect arse. I gripped tightly and ground her crotch against me. She gave a little whimper.

Of course, by this time my cock was stiff enough to drive through a wall but I still didn’t assume we were actually going to do anything. I decided to chance it and see how far she would let me go. When I ran my fingers along the waistband of her trousers (such a pity she wasn’t wearing a skirt) I expected her to pull my hand away, but she didn’t. Her arms remained around my shoulders as she enjoyed the deep kissing. I quickly undid the button and awkwardly slid my hand inside. I came into contact with three layers: trousers, tights and the waistband of her big knickers. As I fumbled, the zip of her trousers came down. I felt smooth flesh and then surprisingly soft hair. Then at last my fingers slid across a very wet slit. I brushed over her clitoris and crouched slightly to slide my middle finger inside her.

Her cunt felt deliciously tight and wet. Though it wasn’t the best situation in which to be fingering a woman I did my best, groping as deeply as I could. Her response was to part her thighs and squeeze the shaft of my cock through my trousers. Holding her in position by her arse I whispered, “Let’s fuck, Jade.”

I regretted letting the words slip out at once. But her eyes closed in pleasure and she whispered, “Ah, yes. You make me want to fuck…”

I needed no more encouragement. I withdrew my hand and led her to the bedroom. On the way she didn’t even look at me. Inside the bedroom, however, she practically jumped on me, grinding her crotch violently against me, yanking at my belt buckle. When she had released my cock she pulled away, sat on the edge of the bed and took as much of it in her mouth as she could. It was both shocking and exciting. I looked down at this normally reserved woman, amazed at the change. She moaned as she pumped the shaft, her lips and tongue moving rapidly around the bell end. I reached down and yanked up her sweater. Her pointed breasts bulged through the rough material of her bra. I squeezed them roughly, making her moan and suck even more enthusiastically. Horny as I was I could have come easily but it wasn’t a blowjob I wanted just then. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and pushed her back on to the bed. In one movement I dragged the trousers, tights and knickers off her long legs. As I did this she removed her sweater and bra. In less than a minute she had gone from a flirty, friendly woman to a writhing sexual creature.

Naked, her body was amazing. Her pointed breasts were as firm as a teenager’s and hung nicely on her chest. The bodies of Chinese women are often hairless apart from the crotch. Jade was no different. There at the bottom of her belly was a lovely thatch of straight, soft, black hair through which a deep red split was clearly visible. As I turned round she went for my cock again. I placed my hands on her thighs and spread them, loving the way the hair faded at the crack of her arse. It was the first time I’d seen a Chinese woman’s cunt and I intended to enjoy it. I gently pulled apart the lips to reveal the luscious red interior, the inner lips fanning out perfectly. I buried my face in it, licking and sucking the entire surface, taking her little clitoris between my lips.

Asian women, it is said, do not smell of anything. This is generally true. But their cunts do carry a faint womanly aroma which is exciting because it’s faint. You suck and sniff like a rabid dog to get the flavour of her. Which is what I did now, whilst Jade licked my balls and sucked and licked my bell-end.

Suddenly she stopped sucking and I heard a sharp intake of breath. Sensing that she was about to come I focussed the tip of my tongue on her clitoris. As it stiffened her thighs quivered and she let out a long yowling moan. It was the sound of a woman who hadn’t come in a long time, either through tongue or cock.

“Stop,” she said as her pleasure began to subside.

I turned around on the bed and positioned myself between her legs. I moistened the tip of my cock between her cunt lips and gently nudged it inside her. Though she was very wet her cunt fit my cock perfectly. As we began to move together I leaned down to suck her dark nipples. We fucked with ease and intense pleasure, like we had been doing it for years. She reached underneath and stroked my balls, drew back her legs to allow me to get into the depths of her. My hands were all over her breasts, arse and long legs. The look on her face spurred me on. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a woman enjoy sex so much. I held back for as long as possible but I soon began to come. I began to fuck hard and fast, cupping her lovely arse, loving the way her cunt gave up more juice with each thrust.

“Not inside…” she whispered.

I knew what she meant. When the moment finally arrived I pulled out, took my cock in my hands and wanked. The spunk shot out in thick, powerful spurts, streaking across her breasts and belly. Finally, I flopped down on top of her. She immediately pushed me away.

“I have to go back to the office now.”

She got dressed as though I was invisible, ran her hands through her hair and left. Five minutes later she called me from the office, asking me to help her mark some papers. From her stern, reserved behaviour you would never guess that just ten minutes earlier the same woman had been fucking like an animal with me. I assumed from this that the sex was a one-off, that I had somehow caught her in the right moment and that it would never be repeated. I was wrong.