Written by m4u_1

6 Apr 2012

Every Sunday night me and my partner Lisa go to lovers lane in chiswick.here is another one of our little dogging excursions .this Sunday night we drove over there as it got dark . When we got there we drove up and down a few times to let people know we was there .then perked our car and had a smoke .and spoke about the possibilities of what could happen any minute now .then sure enought an Addison lee taxi parked up next to us . Immediately Lisa has already got her top off and big tits out.and then is pulling my cock out and starts sucking and licking my already fat hard on . I the flash my interior light and he comes out and over and is now watching her suck the cock off me .he comes round to her side of the car and is watching her arse bob up and down .then he gets his cock out .so I tell Lisa what he is doing and to sit down and watch him wank .she does and I say do you want to give him a suck and she said yes he's cock is ok . So I open her window .she reaches out for his cock he reaches in for her tits then she starts to suck him offf as she is sucking him off another dogger comes quietly over and is watching her suck the admission lee fella off then he to starts wanking . I can also see that his cock is quite big .and know she likes a big one .so she let's the fella come in her mouth and swallows his every drop the straight away reaches for the other fella now she has his cock in her mouth sucking away for 40 minutes .for some reason we have to stop and leave the spot so as we are driving away I ask her what do you want to do thinking she was going to say let's go home but she only said no lets go back .my cock nearly exploded at her eagerness .so we went back and the both were still standing there next minute Lisa is sucking them both off and wanking me and getting her tits squeezed.she then makes them both come this time and swallows again.omg lovely we then leave.as we are on our way back home Lisa omg look at my chin .it was swollen from her sucking away all that time and banging her chin on car door but didn't notice at time coz she was in the cock zone . She really does love a big cock . So do come along if you have a big cock.. Till next time bye xxx