Written by Dave

24 Mar 2011

Last year we finally got our house back to ourselves when our youngest moved out. Chloe decided to make the most of it, dressing up in sexy, revealing clothes, pretending to be a hooker, offering to suck my cock for a tenner, playing sex games in the house, flashing her pussy at me, wondering about the house naked. If I was watching TV she would do a slow strip in front of me, usually finishing off, laid on the floor masturbating while I stood over her wanking until I shot my spunk on her body and she brought herself off with fingers or toys. We were doing what we used to do before the kids were born.

We were having great fun and some great sex but we were largely repeating things we'd been doing twenty years earlier and the novelty of being free to fuck where and when we wanted in the house began to wear off after a while. It was early on a Saturday evening, we'd both showered, Chloe had started shaving her pussy a few months previously, after I'd asked her to and I was watching her dress for an evening of sex. At forty one she has a fit body, flat stomach, long shapely legs, she thinks her 36dd tits are to big, but they are firm, don't sag and perfect as far as I'm concerned. She put on hold up stockings and a tiny string and reached for her bra. I asked her to leave it off, so she put on the thin see through blouse she'd bought that afternoon, her tits and hard nipples visible and a very short mini kilt, which just covered the stocking tops. She put on a pair of high heeled fuck me shoes and stood looking at herself in the mirror, commenting that she looked like a slut or a whore, before going downstairs. I finished getting dressed, thinking about her parting remark.

I went downstairs, Chloe was sitting drinking a large glass of wine. I decided to just go for it and and said “Instead of staying in lets go out” She looked at me and said she'd have to go and get changed. “No you won't. I want you to go out as you are” I waited for her reaction. She was reluctant, what if we met someone we know, I'm not wearing a bra, you can see my tits, look at the skirt, it's not even 12 inches long. I suggested Bristol or Birmingham both easy to get to on the M5, it would be horny, all the blokes will be looking, we'll go somewhere well away from here. No one will know you, we'll drive there, I haven't had anything to drink, find a restaurant or bar, you can flash your stockings, or be really naughty and sit with your legs open, then home for a fuck. She got up and I heard her going upstairs, never mind but worth a try I thought, a bit disappointed. A minute or so later she returned, still dressed the same except she now had her bra on and a short jacket. “Come on then, lets go you dirty sod” she said with a huge grin.

We drove in to the city and parked and I asked where she fancied going. She named a city centre hotel which was sure to be busy, rather than a quiet restaurant, which also meant a half mile walk. I locked the car and turned she had walked away and was looking in a shop window. The back of the skirt had ridden up higher sat in the car, the pale skin above her stocking tops visible. I noticed a couple of young guys looking at her and when she bent forward to look more closely at something in the window, the skirt rode higher, revealing the curve of her buttocks and her naked bum. I moved alongside her and told her she was being watched and they could see her bum. “I know. I've been watching them in the reflection” she replied, clinging tightly to my arm as we headed for the hotel. Men young and old were turning to look at her as we passed, the further we walked the more relaxed and confident she became, stopping twice to look in store windows watching people looking at her in the reflection in the glass. The second time she crouched down and opened her legs as a group of lads passed. When she stood, she told me her pussy was getting wet and she'd be needing a good seeing to later.

We reached the hotel and for a moment I thought we were going to be stopped, she looked like she was on the game, but the doorman just looked, admiring her legs as we passed and we went into the bar. The bar was busy and we found a table in a corner where Chloe waited while I fetched our drinks. She sat sipping her drink chatting to me, aware of the attention she was getting, crossing her legs, making a token gesture to tug the skirt down a bit to cover her stockings. She pointed out a group of men who were glancing over at her, obviously talking about her. I dared her to uncross her legs and flash her barely covered pussy. She did, swivelling round so they could see better, sitting with her legs several inches apart. One of them walked towards us, dropped his keys and bent to pick them up, looking at her pussy from about 4 feet, she parted her legs further revealing the string pulled tight in her gash, her pussy lips spread either side. He got a good eyeful before getting up and rejoining his mates. After about 15 minutes she got up and told me she was going to the ladies. She walked to the door, provocatively wiggling her bum, passing the men at the bar, squeezing passed, deliberately rubbing her tits against the back of one of them. He turned and groped her arse as she moved on and out the door.

She was gone no more than a couple of minutes before I saw her standing by the door, then heading back towards the guys at the bar. This time she stopped, with her back to me, chatting and laughing with them, her hands moving to her front as she unbuttoned her jacket and held it open. I couldn't see clearly, people passing between me and them, but it looked like one of the men put his hand up the front of her skirt and she was letting him touch her pussy. I noticed her moving her legs further apart, and her hips moving back and fore more or less confirming that he was fingering her cunt. I lost sight of her then, as they all moved surrounding her, hiding what was going on. I had to adjust my trousers my cock was so hard, imagining what was happening, knowing I should intervene but not wanting to.

She must have spent at least five minutes with them before she came back over to me, looking very pleased with herself. She stood, reached in her jacket pocket and said “You didn't want me to wear my bra so here it is” dropping it on the table “And here's the string” she said dropping it next to her bra. She let the jacket fall open as she sat beside me, her tits clearly visible, nipples erect, poking through the material. This time she slowly and deliberately crossed her legs, parting them, exposing her naked shaved pussy to the six men at the bar, before turning to me. My cock seemed to get even harder, dragging my eyes away from her cunt as she spoke. “You know those guys by the bar I've just been speaking with” I glanced over at them, they were all looking at us, as if waiting for something to happen. “Yes, besides letting them finger your cunt, what were you talking about?” She looked over at them, from the corner of my eye I saw one nodding, encouraging her to continue. She lent closer to me, her mouth close to my ear, “They've invited us to one of their rooms to a party. Can we go?” I knew full well why they wanted her to go with them, but asked anyway, “Did they say why?” “I told them you're my husband but I don't think they believed me and offered me money if I'll let them all fuck me” I sat thinking, “Do you want to do it?” She nodded her head, “Yes. I almost came just now. Harry had his fingers inside me, I really need a cock now. It'll be like the game we play, only for real. More than once you've said you'd like to see me being fucked by another man. This is your chance” “One man, not six.” I pointed out. “Six times better then” she laughed. She waited for a reply. “OK, do it. Just one thing, don't take the money” and I waved them over.

“You really her husband. Do we give you the cash?” one asked. Chloe interrupted “Look, I'm not on the game. We don't want any money. This is Dave and yes, he is my husband, we're just looking for a bit of fun. You five go on ahead and I'll follow with Dave and Harry in a minute” she told them. Then turning back to me asked “Are you ready then? I wasn't going to miss this and got up following her and Harry to the lift. I had great difficulty hiding my erection as we left the bar and waited for the lift, hardly able to hide my excitement at being able to share Chloe and see her being fucked for the first time. I'll tell you about it in part 2 if you want.