Written by Colin

25 Aug 2017

I am in my sixties and retired, and my wife died of the dreaded C about 5 years ago. I've never really thought about getting another woman as she was the love of my life and it was a huge loss when she died. I keep myself busy and have been in a choir for about 4 years. We are mostly old, with the occasional younger person joining and then leaving, I think when they realise how old we all are.

About a year ago a lady joined, middle aged, shoulder length blonde hair, and I've always thought quite a nice figure. I have dreamed of her a few times and she has been the subject of my thoughts at intimate times with myself. I still need that release occasionally as we always had a very active sex life until my wife died.

I joined here about two years ago and sometimes chat in the chat rooms but have found it impossible to meet anyone, but I do enjoy reading these stories. I never thought I would ever be in a position to write my own.

I'll call the lady Sue, as it's short and easy to write. If I put her real name which is quite unusual then somebody may recognise her/us. She was always very chatty and cheery and we often chatted to each other during the tea break. To be honest I made a bee line for her every time as I enjoyed listening to her. Oh ok, I enjoyed looking at her body which was curvy and her nipples were always sticking out. She had a nice round bum and was a little shorter than me. And such a pretty face.

One evening she seemed a little quiet as we chatted and she told me that she had had a row with her husband although didn't want to tell me what it was about. She asked about my relationship with my wife and I told her how we were best friends and did everything together. And also had a very good sex life which I missed. She then told me that was what she had rowed with her husband about. He was more interested in his golf than he was in her and they didn't really have a sex life. He played both days every weekend, and sometimes went to play in the evenings as well. He was always too tired for any intimacy and she missed the closeness.

I jokingly said well if there's anything I can do......expecting a rebuke, but she said that she may have to take me up on my offer. I left it at that and we went back to rehearsal.

The following week she sought me out at tea break and I noticed she was dressed in slightly more sexy clothes. A tight jumper, with no bra, and those nipples were very proud. A shortish denim skirt, and low heels and she was wearing perfume which was not usual. She said her husband was away for the week in Scotland playing golf and would I like to have a drink after choir as she was alone at home. Kids already grown up and gone. Of course I said YES. I hope I didn't sound too enthusiastic.

She said she wanted a drink and could we drop her car off at home and then go to the pub in mine. When we got to the pub she had a large glass of wine and I had a lime with soda. Hers went down very quickly and she went to the bar to get us another. We were sat very close and a couple of times her hand went onto my leg. I did the same to hers and she said that's nice. She said do you think people are looking at us thinking we are lovers and I said would you mind if they did. She said no, in fact it made her feel nice to think that she had a lover. She looked into my eyes and then leaned forward to kiss me. Her soft lips on mine had me smitten in an instant and I felt a passion that hadn't been there for years. She quickly drank the wine and then asked if I could take her home.

I tried to concentrate on the road which was difficult as her hand was on my leg all the way with mine on top of hers.

We parked, opened the front door and before it had closed we were kissing passionately. I could feel myself stirring and pulled her closer to feel her body against mine. She took my hand and pulled me upstairs to her bedroom where she pushed me back onto the bed and laid on top of me. She was grinding herself into me and could feel my hard cock against her. She sat up on me and took her top off and I managed to get those wonderful nipples into my mouth and sucked and bit them whilst she held my head against her. I could feel her heat on my groin as she writhed on me.

i stopped and we both stood up and undressed quickly. Only then did I realise that she wasn't wearing underwear, only hold up stockings. We both laid on the bed and kissed as our hands explored each other. Her shaved pussy was soaking wet as was the end of my cock as she rubbed it roughly. I found her clit and it was large and hard and I rubbed it hard as she ground it against my hand.

She told me to get on top of her and as I did she guided my cock into her in one movement. She gasped and then moved her hips so that she could feel it slide in and out. Within one minute she was cumming hard as she groaned out loudly and I felt a warmth spread over my cock and down my balls. She pulled me hard into her and then just continued moving against me as she again climaxed within another two minutes, again that warmth spreading over me.

She pushed me off and onto my back as she climbed on top of me and pushed down on my cock. She pushed herself hard backwards and forwards as she used me to have yet another orgasm. This time I felt her warm fluid spread over my cock and down between my legs.

She stopped to catch her breath and I rolled her off and onto her back and just fucked her hard until I came. She was gasping as I came in her, in a way that was so intense it made me dizzy, and then we lay still and quiet for what seemed an age.

I think I may have fallen asleep for a few seconds (minutes?) and she lay quietly underneath me.

We kissed and held each other for ages and she apologised and said that she had never acted like that before and felt ashamed that she had been so slutty. Of course I told her that was every man's dream and I was pleased that she had chosen me to fulfill her desires.

We dressed and I asked her what this actually meant and she said that she would like to have sex about once a month if I'd like to. I had to think about that one, well for about half a second.

So now we meet at hers about once a month when her husband is playing golf. And she said she is more content with her life with him without the constant pressure of her needing sex. I do have feelings for her but my wife is still the love of my life.