Written by alex

20 Oct 2013

There was not a day that past without me sniffing and wanking into those little sexy panties that Brian and Christine had left on my pillow wet and smelly after there love making ,I felt like a old perv but I could not stop and was hard at the thought of them knowing I was using Christine's panties for personal pleasure .

Now I new from past experience that sexy little Christine was a tease but was devoted to Brian ,but had worked out that this was her ? or there way of getting a thrill at the expense of me not that I minded sex was a little thin on the ground at home and wanking was my main stay so to get a little help from a really nice sexy little girl like Christine was ok .

My phone buzzed , a tex from Christine my heart skipped did she have some way of knowing what I was doing ,I was on my back , cock in hand once again using Christine panties to help me along ,I had lost count the amount of times now I had imagined what I was doing to her while filling the gusset of her undies with my cum ,her tex read when can I get my knickers back ,just then I came rubbing the material over my cock .

At this point I was not sure whether this was a joint idea or one or the other was egging the other on ,I was not even sure who was doing the texn was this Christine or Brian on Christine's phone ,I decided with heart thumping to tex back ,I will have to give them a wash first they are a bit messed up ,back came a reply ,with our cum or have you been adding yours ? I tex back mine too .

No answer came back for ten mins I was getting worried I had grossed her out ,then came a tex no don't wash them I want to put them on for Brian ,I was not very sure about this concept of there sex life but the thought of Christine walking around with my cum next to her pussie was giving me a hard on like I had not had for a long time .

That night i cooked up a plan and said i was going for a beer, my plan was to pass by Brian and Christine's house and put them through the letter box ,i new they were both out Brian at work and Christine too so i would be saved any embarrassing red face ,before i left a took them to the loo and gave the panties one final use popped them into a freezer bag and sealed it .

As i approached there door my heart was thumping there door was right on the street so i could pop it in and make my escape just incace one of them were in this could rune a good relationship if this was wrong but i had to do it the urge was almost uncontrollable ,with shaking hand i slipped the parcel in and made my escape .

I was on my third pint around 9.30 when my phone buzzed ,i took it out it read thank you we love your gift you must have enjoyed them they are in a real mess ,i new this as i had unloaded into and over them at least twelve times ,the tex read on , i have just showered and shaved my bits and i am going to put them on for Brian for when he comes in from work ,this will turn him on and i no he will want to fuck me so much in them he has spoken about it so much .

This was a nightmare and the most erotic dream i have ever had rolled into one ,she tex back when i had just left the pub ,do you want to watch a very dirty little girl get her brains fucked out ,i shook as i texed yes but when ,back came the reply , now on your way home , i no you are in the pub just been talking to your wife in the shop ,you can come Brian will be home by then why don't you tex him and ask him if you can come and watch .

Stopping briefly to think ,this girl was playing a sexy game and i wanted to play along but was unsure about texn Brian ,what if he was unaware of this plan she had cooked up ,and my wife was expecting me home soon ,how could i do this my mind was a turmoil but my cock was ruling my head ,i text Christine ,you ask Brian, back came a reply no I want you too , don't worry he no's about it its something we both want please tex him ,I had came to the conclusion this was turning her on as much as it was me .

My hand shook as i first text my wife ,hi hunny going past brains to pick up that pump for the fish tank ,ok she replied going to bed see you when i see you, now for brain what do i say how do i approach the subject that i want to watch him and his wife fucking in a pair of panties i have been using for the past week as a masturbation aid ,simple is best i thought ,i tex hi Brian i have returned the undies do you want help with anything ,back came the reply ,yes that would be good see you in 30 mins .