Written by Lancsman2

21 Jan 2015

This happened at Christmas with Maxine who I had noticed in the pub and said hello a few times

Well being divorced and all my friends in relationships Christmas is not the best of times except for the Christmas kisses and odd gropes etc, I had gone down to the pub and noticed Maxine was there with a couple of friends, enjoying a pint or three I got a tap on the shoulder and there was Maxine who said are you not going to buy a girl a drink, well of course I was, one large white wine and we got chatting she told me her friends had gone home to their husbands and she fancied another drink, well we had several !! turns out her husband had done a runner with one of her friends so she was on her own, I guess she is around 5ft 3” fairly slim with nice sized tits and a good cleavage which my nose was in at one point ) and nice legs. I had paid her a few compliments about the way she was dressed and looked but figured I may get a snog on the way home

Walking her home she was cold so I offered her my coat and put my arm around her don’t know how but my hand slipped to her bum and was not brushed off so I got thinking I may get more than a snog.

When I got her home she invited me in for a coffee to warm me up , she put the coffee on and said she was cold and was going to change and could I finish off the coffee and she wanted a Brandy too to warm up , well she came back into the kitchen in one of those Kimono wraps I nearly dropped the coffee cup and I am sure my eyes popped out of my head , her comment was, you like then ? ohh yes indeed I do

We finished our coffee and brandy on the sofa so I thought I would try my luck and go for a kiss, well she nearly snogged my face off her tongue was down the back of my throat and pulling me towards her when we broke apart all she said was “Fuck me” “Fuck me “ I was out of my clothes as fast as I could and when I took her kimono off she had fantastic tits not saggy at all and a nice little landing strip I wanted to lick her pussy but she just said we can do that later just fuck me , so never being one to be asked twice I was soon driving my cock balls deep into her , her pussy was wet through and ( even after having 2 kids) was as tight as anything I lasted for about 15 minutes where she had 2 orgasms before I could not hold back any longer and shot my load insider her which gave her another orgasm , she told me to sit on the sofa while she sat on the arm chair with a leg over each arm fingering herself and scooping out my spunk and her pussy juices then putting them into her mouth licking them clean

We made it upstairs where we fucked in every position you can think off even up her arse at some point , in the morning she told me she had not had a fuck for over 4 months , let me tell you she got plenty of my cock for the rest of the Christmas period, just waiting for her to come back from Skiing as text me saying she is looking forward to draining my balls as soon as she is hope

Don’t know who her husband ran off with but he must be an idiot , Maxine is one of the best fucks I have had and is as dirty as you want mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

More to follow