Written by Office Wallah

8 Oct 2010

This must have been our office party for Christmas '96 or '97. We booked a Greek restaurant in West London for the evening. We all met in a nearby pub and by the time we went to the restaurant we were all very merry with the Christmas spirit. Partners were invited so I took my wife and we were seated opposite T. and her husband. I had known and worked with T. for 2 years with nothing but the usual professional contact and courtesy. We worked in the same large office but seldom had to work together on any company projects. The meal booked was a Greek meze, which consists of a range of Greek food constantly being brought to the table. Between courses there was a lot of banter, pulling of crackers, firing of part poppers and a great deal of laughter. The tables were not that wide and I realised that me knees were knocking into T's under the table. She smiled and the evening was going well. Our head of department was at the head of the table so to listen to his stories I was sitting forward on my seat and looking to my right. T had to lean forward as well and I felt her hand move onto my leg under the table. I looked at her sharply and she just smiled and winked. My wife was chatting away to her neighbour as T moved her hand up to my groin and began rubbing my cock through my trousers. A few minutes later T got up and went off to the loo, and when she returned I thought I shall try my luck with her. Once again I leant forward to listen to Rick, our head of dept., but this time with my hands under the table. My wife was still engrossed talking away, so I put my hand on T's bare knee. Instead of moving forward she slumped back in her seat and then to my surprise she slid down the seat as though she was pissed. I moved my hand up her thigh and under her dress. I discovered a shaved pussy, no knickers, and a lot of wetness. By now I was panicking. What could we do. She kept looking at me across the table. I kept fingering her pussy and everybody was having a great time, telling stories, laughing and throwing food and drink down their throats.

Having fingered T for something like half an hour, I said I have to pee and walked up the stairs to the toilets. I was thinking of having a wank to calm myself down but as I got to the top of the stairs I heard the door open at the bottom of the stairs and saw T coming up the stairs. She literally dragged me into the disabled toilet, undid my trousers and pulled out my cock and went down on me in no time. I told her we had to be quick so she stop up and pulled her dress up for me and I entered her standing up against the toilet door. I shot my load very quickly, 30 minutes foreplay seems to do that for me, and we rearranged our clothing and wandered back down. We weren't even missed.

The following Monday I went back to work and got a message from T, it read "You owe me something". I quickly found a reason to go to her desk and while checking some paperwork I whispered "What do I owe you". and she said "An orgasm". And I thought "Here we go".