8 Jan 2018

My gf and I both own our own businesses and decided to hold a joint Christmas lunch event for our staff...so roll on 8pm and we're all suitably fed and quite merry, we managed to send all the staff on their way, leaving us free for the rest of the evening. What better way than to spend it at a strip club! So we jumped in a cab and headed off.

Upon arrival it was all rather quiet but nonetheless there were a few gorgeous girls dancing etc. We were both getting very turned on what with the consumption of booze and the fact that C looked every bit as hot as the girls dancing.

Before long we were joined by a fit blonde dancer and C needed very little persuasion to join her for a dance, so off they went into the darkness.

I sat with my drink waiting for her return and 10 mins later C returned with the biggest smile on her face. She sat with me and I could see how turned on she was and in the dark it was very easy to get my fingers inside her knickers and a very wet pussy.

C explained how the dancer got C's tits out was sucking, french kissing her and then pulled her knickers to one side and ate her pussy. Then C did the same to her...I just wanted to have her there and then!

Before we left the same girl and another dancer came over to us and they sat either side of C, pulled her top down and they were both sucking her gorgeous tits.

Absolutely fucking brilliant way to end the Christmas party!