Written by bustyandbigboy

20 Oct 2013

A few years ago, it was that time of year for my works Christmas Party. Usually they are a good laugh, but nothing special.. but this one turned out to be especially fun and naughty!

I am a 6 foot attractive blonde with blue eyes,a curvy body and 38F firm boobs, and that night I had made a particular effort to look good....a black short skirt, high heels and a low sparkly top which was low and showed off my assets, but still left just a bit to the imagination :-)

A few hours in, and I had been dancing with my colleagues and consumed a fair few glasses of champagne, but every time I looked across the dance floor, there was a guy watching my every move. I had seen him around work and he definitely wasn't from my office, but he was nice looking and well dressed.

I headed to the bar to get a refill and was stood waiting when someone whispered in my ear "Is your pussy as hot and wet as my cock is hard?"....I turned round and it was the guy who had been watching me. I was shocked but quite calmly pointed out that this was sexual harassment in the workplace! His reply was that he hoped so! He continued to whisper dirty things into my ear about what he wanted to do to me and how he wanted to feed his hard cock into my pussy and fuck me hard until I begged him to fill it with his warm thick cream

I am a bit of a dirty girl, and my husband loves hearing about my naughtiness and this was going to be no exception...When someone talks dirty to me, I can feel my nipples grow hard and sensitive and my pussy begins to throb and I can feel my wetness starting seep gently into my panties

The bar was really crowded and as he was whispering dirtiness into my ear he reached round and slid his hand up under my skirt and started to rub and squeeze my arse so I reached out with my right hand to touch the bulge in his trousers...I began to stroke it gently but firmly through his trousers and I could feel how hard it was and I realised that actually this may become once of the best Christmas parties so far. While I was stroking his hard cock, he reached around and gently started to rub my pussy through the thin moist fabric of my panties - well that was it, I let out a gentle moan, I couldn't help it and then he whispered in my ear that he needed me now and that we should go somewhere more private where he could fuck me.

Surreptitiously, we moved away from the bar trying not to be too obvious and headed downstairs towards the lower floor which seemed quieter. We came across the open hatch of the overflow cloakroom, which was completely deserted as by now the party was in full swing. I lifted my leg over and slipped across the counter into the room behind and he quickly followed me. We disappeared behind the rows of coats and found an area hidden at the back where he lay a fur coat the floor for me then pushed my down onto it, gently but firmly.

One thing you should know about me is that I love to suck cock, and I have been told that I am extremely good at it, so I decided to show him what I could do. I reached up and freed his large hard cock from his trouser and ran my tongue all the way from the bottom to the top of his shaft, stopping to swirl it gently round the tip whilst gently playing with his balls. Then took as much as I could into my mouth and began to suck firmly and circle my tongue around his hardness, whilst gently but firmly wanking his shaft. He reached down and gently moved my panties aside with his thumb telling me that he loved it that my pussy was so wet and that he loved it bald and that he was going to enjoy making it even wetter...then he gently slipped 2 fingers into my sopping but tight pussy and moved them in and out rhythmically. His thumb found my clit and began to circle it firmly, I could feel my juices starting to flow over his fingers and onto the fur coat below, but I couldn't moan as my mouth was full of cock.

I could feel an orgasm building as he was mercilessly stimulating my clit and fucking me with his fingers...Looking up at him with my mouth full of cock...it was so naughty and it just pushed me over the edge. I felt myself erupting on his fingers and my pussy gripping them tightly as a wave of orgasm hit me! As I came he gently pushed his cock even further into my mouth so I couldn't make any noise..

He told me we needed to slow things down a bit so he told me to turn over as he wanted to see my bum in the air. So I got up on all fours and showed him my plump bottom. He reached around and gentled play with my clit and then without any hesitation or warning, he pushed his whole hard length into my tight, bald pussy. The feeling of his hard shaft sliding into me was amazing and my greedy pussy swallowed every last centimetre. He grabbed my bum cheeks and began pounding into me hard and fast. My pussy was completely overwhelmed and the sensation was building and building...I love a good hard fuck and so within minutes I knew I would come again...As my pussy spasmed he stopped fucking me and left his cock all the way in my so I could grip it as I came

By this point my pussy was so wet and sensitive, I was in a bit of a mess.....but all I wanted was to have my pussy full of his cum, so I told him that he had to fuck me hard and that I wanted to feel him erupt and fill me with his thick hot cum....he just said, "fuck yes" and continued to pound me hard while I pushed back against his cock in the same rhythm. I felt his cock jerk and then he let out a low moan and my pussy was filled with his thick jizz...I looked down between my legs and I could see it oozing out of my pussy, onto his balls and onto the fur coat below...It was an amazing sight, one I never get tired of seeing and it felt so naughty!

I used my already wet panties to mop up the jizz as best as I could. He told me how amazing a time he had had and that it was his best business event ever - I would have to agree too! With that, I disappeared to the ladies to sort myself out...I spent the rest of the night on the dance floor, knickerless with a cum filled pussy, trying not to drip everywhere.

I have seen him a couple of times, just in a work capacity as he works in our American office so isn't in the UK that often, and on those few occasions, he has winked at me and I just smile....