Written by Ellen

13 Jun 2017

some of you may have read my partners post.So now it's time to give my side,And maybe clear up a few thing about interracial sex.

Yes my partner liked the idea of being cuck,and yes we don't see colour as a issue we picked BMFC purely because of the safety it offered.And yes I did go with a guy for sex.

But once it had happened my partner went completely off the idea which suited me as I had fulfilled my fantasy of having sex with a complete stranger and him being part of it although not present as close as he could be.

But something strange began to happen to me.I actually began to find myself loving the fact I had given myself to a black guy,although the sex was not better or worse than I have had with white guys.I actually even began to imagine when my partner and I made love it was a black guy inside me and as much as I tried could not get it from my head.But never in a million years did I think I would act on it.Then recently we went to a family engagement party,I am a smoker so had to keep going outside.and it seemed every time I did the same black guy was outside,So we obviously began chatting,I did think he was fit but as we were with our respective partners did not think much of it,I think about the fourth visit we said the old line of people will begin talking,I don't know how but I think he realised I fancied him him and said come round here as I followed he took me in his arms and kissed me to which I responded obviously nothing could happen then but he said put your number in my phone which I did ,we went back into the party but it seemed every time I looked at him he was looking back.It was flirting with our eyes,

On the Sunday I was willing my phone to ring but nothing.On the Sunday night we went to our local as usual suddenly my phone rang with unknown number I answered and it was him so grabbing a cigarette I took it outside we chatted a little and he said I want to see you again I said me to but how I can only get away during the day.he replied no problem meet me tomorrow at such and such a place at 12 and I just agreed.On the Monday when I though about it I knew if I went it meant we was going to fuck but still found myself getting ready.I arrived at about 12.15 and even though I guessed the pub would be empty I give him a call and as I did not want to go in alone.I was shaking from head to toe,But was not dissapointed when he came out he was even more fit than I remembered I really fancied him,we went in and I was a bit surprised just how many blokes were in there.I noticed a few looking at me and guessed he had told them but was not phased at all.He bought me a glass of wine and we sat down.it was surreal it was like we both knew why we was there but even I was shocked when he calmly said times against us lets go to my flat.We left the pub and he took my hand as we walked to his flat.

As we entered we kissed and he lead me to his bedroom we both undressed and moved onto the bed I would love to say it was romantic but far from it.I just opened my legs for him to enter me,All I could think of was again it was a black cock inside me and for some reason that thought was bringing me to a orgasm suddenly I sensed he was about to cum and wrapped my legs around him to take his cum deep in me.And as he emptied himself into me I actually orgasmed.As we lay back to get our breaths I don't know what was going through my mind,but found myself going down to to take him in my mouth,All I could think of was I was doing this to a black guy.and it seemed even more naughty.He moved to enter me again which I willingly accepted,This time was even more satisfying than before I am not normally a screamer but could not stop myself until suddenly he thrust into me emptying himself into me again. twice was enough for us so after a little kissing we got dressed and went back to the pub for me to call a cab.I had no qualms about going back I was even a little turned on by the fact the guys in there knew exactly what we had done.my cab came and with a quick goodbye kiss I left.

Now although I would not rule out a white guy I live with one,I am definitely open veering to black guys.Not because the sex is better,But the skin colour for some reason makes it more daring and naughty if you like.

I know my partner will read this and by the title and using my real name will know exactly it's me,And all I can say is you got me into it and I won't be stopping.So you got your wish your cuck although not in the full sense of the word.And to black guys I am open to you.