Written by Ron

18 May 2015

I never thought I would ever post a story on here but I could not help wanting to share this with everyone I have been reading swinging heaven stories for years and enjoying them and wondering how many are true and always wonder how these things happen never thinking I would have something to write about.

Well a couple of weeks ago the wife and I had a day off from work and were out in the town when the weather changed and started raining and windy we decided to go and see a movie out of the rain we could not make up our mind I suggested mad max she said it is a mans film not for her I convinced her that was the only one I would go and see so she agreed it is the first time we have ever been to a Cinema in the afternoon and when we went in there wasnt anybody in there we were all alone and had the pick of all the seats it was like our own private theater.

We sat near the front and to the side it felt strange being the only ones there I put my arm around her and gave her a kiss and she pulled away and said anybody could walk in I told her so what I am only kissing you she said I know what you are like once you start we both started to laugh the lights started to go down and the trailers of the other films were getting shown and I kept having a bit fun steeling a quick feel of her tits while I was kissing her and it was making me horny being there in the middle of a cinema doing this to my wife, she kept turning round to see if anyone had come in but it was empty.

By the time the film was about to start I had opened a couple of buttons of her blouse and was squeezing her tits while I kissed her the film started and we started to watch the film then she just put her head on my shoulder and said she didn't like it I pulled her towards me and just kept feeling her tits and said ok but its better than outside in the rain and she just sighed but never stopped me feeling her tits I looked round to check we were still alone and found that a few other single guys had appeared and were scattered about I didnt want to let her know we were not alone and just kept my arm around her holding her close but not removing my hand from her tits and it felt strange and thrilling at the same time I managed to pop more buttons and her white bra seemed to be standing out like mad and made me feel great doing this with others around us.

I took my hand away from her tits and her blouse was wide open showing both her tits in her bra she pulled her blouse closed and started to fasten it I told her no leave it and put my hand on her crouch and gave it a squeeze her hand grabbed mine and was about to look round so I started to kiss her and kept rubbing her crouch she relaxed a bit and I seemed to be enjoying my rubbing her and could see her nipples had hardened and were poking out her bra she looked so sexy with her top all exposed showing her tits I had opened her jeans and had my hand inside rubbing her and could feel her getting wet she had her eyes closed and when I looked down I could see the start of her hairy bush my heart nearly stopped when I looked round and one off the guys had shifted and was sitting along the same row as us watching what I was doing.

I nearly pulled my hand away but it didnt seem to bother me that he could see my wifes top was open he could see her tits well not her tits but her tits in her bra I wanted to pull her tits out right there and then and let him see her but was scared what she would do I had my finger in her now and she was just letting me do what i wanted and seemed to be just enjoying it and forgetting where we were her breathing was getting faster so in for a pound I squeezed her tits and managed to pull it out of her bra there she was now tit exposed for a stranger in the cinema I was in heaven my cock was bursting I unzipped my trousers and pur her hand on my cock she started to wank me I lent over and sucked her tit and pulled out the other one so both her tits were out in the open and was sucking her nipples one after the other and making sure he could see them by holding them up for him.

I would have stripped her there and then I was nearly cumming so I pushed her jeans down so her pussy was on show she started to push her crouch forward I rubbed her clit till she was about to cum and pulled her jeans more the guy along from us had moved closer and i knew he cold now see her very clearly and wanted to show her off to him i took my hand away so he could see her bare pussy better and started to play with her tits and I started to cum all over her That seemed to break the moment and she sat up and thats when she looked along and seen the guy looking at her all covered in cum she sat for a minute not moving with her tits still on show and I sort of made out I had not noticed him and pulled her blouse closed she was in a bit of a fluster and wanted to get up and go.

I pute my arm around her and said it ok I dont think he could see us much in the dark she looked at me a said you had me nearly naked and he is only a few seats away I then only noticed that her jeans were still unfastened and not fully pulled up I told her How horny I had been and never noticed anybody sitting there and he must have sneaked in and saw I had her tits out she said and you dont mind him looking at me then I told her i was that horny i didnt care who could see her I dont know who was testing who ok she said let him look I didnt know what to do keep playing with her or let her get dressed I just sat there and when she didnt move i sort off pulled her top a bit and she let it fall open that was it I pulled it wide and unclipped her bra so both her tits were on view again I looked down at her and she just sat there looking straight ahead Thats it here goes I started to pull at her jeans and for a second her legs closed I pulled again and she just let me pull them down past her knees and Pulled at her leg she let it fall open I started to finger her like mad and rub her clit I want him to se her cum and was so engrossed that never even noticed that he was now sitting next to her and had his cock out and had his hand on her tit squeezing it she let out a sigh and shuddered with this stranger feeling my wife I felt excited and ashamed at the same time he came all over her then just got up and left.

We got our selfs tidied up and looking presentable again before the lights came on and when we turned round and walked out about 6 guys were all standing watching and wanting to get a good look at the wife her face was red and wanted to rush out when we got in to the car she looked at me and started to cry and asked if I thought she was a tramp and didnt mean it to go so far and felt dirty letting a stranger feel her like that I told her That she should not feel like that and that I was the one to blame and had started it all and I am sorry but i told her I should not have felt so horny when she let me show her off, we are still trying to understand how this all happened but dreams do come true some times.