Written by Baz

29 Sep 2015

We have read all the cinema posts, are any of them real. We were married in the late 70,s and often went to west end to so called sex cinemas, we never saw endless men wanking or woman naked with men coming all over them. Perhaps we went to the wrong places, I can only guess these were members only places. And by the description of most of them we wouldn't want to step foot in them, we went to see sexy films of that time but only at our local cinemas, we would always wank each other off. She said although these places sounded grotty the had a certain excitement about them, to bad they have all gone. What thought it must be the advent of the internet, why travel, pay and not always get what you want. When you can watch at home on the tv, we tried some acting out some Saturday night's we would dress as if we were going to the cinema, we set up the tv with the porno we like, turn the lights off sit together on the sofa, we sat with a few drinks and watch. We would only do things we would do in the cinema pretending there were people about(stupid we know but it was fun). We would kiss and I would undo her blouse and get into her bra feel her nipples while she rubbed me through my trousers,I pushed her skirt up past her stockings to her knickers, and would finger her through side, I said I think someone is watching her legs opened a little more, she now wanking me, as I looked down at her legs apart her knickers on show, and what was on the screen I came over her hand. We enjoyed this but it wore thin and we agreed it was no substitute for the real thing. We had our close friends around on Friday night for a meal,usually a late and drunken night, with no work the weekend. It got later and the drink had taken over, they said they had been to the cinema recently. Did he get in your knickers my wife asked, he could have but it was to busy even for us. So you like the cinema scene, yes for years we've been going for some groping. You never said, but it doesn't always work like it did in the past. My wife told them we were the same and agreed, she told them of our Saturday night set up, but said it was wearing out. Why don't we come round, ok my wife said. We agreed that we would keep to our own sofa,s and explained we only did the same as at the pictures. Sounds exciting they both looked like they couldn't wait. After they left my wife said I bet you're looking forward to seeing her touched up, I bet looking forward the same. Saturday came we had arranged the lounge so both sofas faced the tv, I had found some DVD more on the soft side than heavy. It was a nice evening so we set the garden furniture up. They arrived armed with wine, she looked stunning in a light colored wrap around dress, my wife had a button through on, one she often wore to the cinema. We went in the garden and got stuck into the wine, I think we were all a little nervous, but once again the drink took over. It was getting cold so we went in, my wife sat on my left and his on his right, the film started and soon we were all kissing,I undid some buttons on the top of her dress and pulled down the bra strap, her breast fell into my hand, I glanced over and the wrap over dress was completely open, and her white bra down she had black stockings on and matching white knickers, he was well in front of me his fingers were in the side of h knickers pumping away, I thought I was I would come but held back, my wife lifted up and I pulled her dress to the waist and straight down the top of her knickers. She could hear the sounds from the other sofa knowing they were both wanking, I undid my trousers and she went down on me, the sight from the others was to much and I came in her mouth, we heard two more groans and they had finished. The tv screen was blank. We tidied up and all looked a bit embarrassed, we had some more wine, and agreed we had all gone further than we would in the cinema. They suggested we all go to a cinema together, we agreed. They left and I went back to the lounge and managed to bring my wife off, she was the only one that hadn't come. We're waiting to hear from them. Are you.