Written by Baz

6 Oct 2015

If you have read our last two posts you'll know we have had some sex with each others wife's, but in the same room. As we all liked to be watched, and watch other people. It seems to be up to us to suggest our next meeting, it would be easy to just swap but that is not what we want in separate rooms, I told her that our next meeting would result in her being fucked, she agreed and new I would be doing the same to her.We searched the internet and found a club in the Midlands, it advertised as a swingers club, we read that it was for all types, they had couples only evenings and no pressure would be put on anybody.you didn't have to undress and you could do your own thing , we spoke to our friends and we arranged to go, the couples night was on a Saturday which suited us and we arrived at lunchtime, booked into the hotel We met in the bar at eight and had a few and set off, we arrived about ten and entered the club, it seemed very normal with a bar and dance floor,we got a drink and sat in a booth in the corner, people got up and danced, in the other corner some were watching a blue film and some heavy groping was going on. I went to look around and upstairs there was a room with a hot tub a couple of beds in different rooms, I went back and said we were better off where we were, I stood up and took his wife to where the film was showing we sat next to another couple, she was sucking him as he fingered her from the back we watched you know what's going to happen tonight, yes and I can't wait. Another couple sat next to us and watched the film, I told her to open her dress she had no bra on and just white knickers on, I was disappointed she had no stockings on,I put my hand down the top of her knickers and she opened her legs, the couple next to us were watching my hand moving in her knickers, you know their watching, yes I'm so excited with all these people around, she looked past me and the girl was wanking the man as he watched us, I put my hand on the girl next to me and slid her skirt up no resistance, black stockings and pink knickers my fingers moved her knickers over and I managed two fingers in her, her husband watched as she moved in her seat, and came over her hand, she moved my hand away and they got up and left. She closed the top of her dress and we went to the dance floor, we looked over at the others and they were wanking each other while another couple watched, my wife's dress was around her waist and we could see his fingers in her. I looked around and could other couples in the room stories will partially clothed and openly fucking, we went back to the booth and sat next to them the other couple we're still watching, I opened her dress and knelt in front of her and slid inside and started pumping away, my friend took note and did the same, it was like heaven fucking another woman and watching my wife, I put my hand on her stocking tops and could feel her moving back and forth, we both came watching them, we waited for a while and they finished. The girls went to the loo, the couple that we're watching asked if we we're regulars, I told them it was our first time here, and it was theirs, he said they were a bit shy. He handed me a business card and said if we were coming back we could meet. We got back to our room and spoke about the evening, she said it was a great experience watching people and loved it when I put my hand on her leg while she was being fucked. I asked her if she had seen the couple watching them she had and said it turned her on them being so close, I explained what he had said. Would you fancy meeting them just the two of us it would be exciting with people we don't know knowing what might happen. She agreed, we got home the next day and I rang them a few days later, we said what hotel we stayed at and we agreed to meet them in the bar, let you know what happened