Written by Mandy

10 May 2013

My 55 year old partner, Mandy, is well built. 5 feet 5 inches tall, long well filled legs, a large beautiful round bum and firm, round tits. I had been watching porn on my computer about women who got fucked in sex cinemas and thought it would be fantastic if Mandy could get fucked in one. She has always shied away from any idea of having sex with another man. “I could never do a thing like that” she has always said. I’ve tried everything I could think of to get her fucked. I even conned her into going to a sex party once in the hope she would get worked up and give in, but nothing happened and we left without a sign of her being interested. But, she did not object to going, so I always hoped there may be a chance.

One thing I knew about Mandy was that she got randy when she had a few drinks inside her. Trouble is she also knew that and was always careful not to drink too much. One day I decided to try something new. I took her for a meal in London’s Soho area where there are loads of sex cinemas. There was one cinema I particularly wanted to take her to if I could persuade her to go. I had been in there three times and every time there was either one or two women who got fucked. I picked a restaurant very near this cinema and she had her usual glass of wine. I specially ordered a large gin and ordered a large wine for her. She said she could not drink all of that, but I thought it doesn’t matter with what I had in mind. Sure enough when we had finished our meal she had left quite a lot of wine in the glass and she said before we left that she was going to the toilet. When she left I poured most of my gin in her glass and when she came back I said to her I wanted to drink a large toast to us. I told her she should take a large gulp of wine for the toast and to my utter delight she did just that. As the wine went down she let out a yell and said “What have you put in that”. I went on and on that she was crazy and I hadn’t done anything. She tried a little bit and said there was definitely something in the wine. But by now the booze was beginning to take some effect on her and I actually managed to jokingly get her to empty the glass which she did completely. I then started talking sexy to her and she responded saying she could do with a good seeing to alright.

Fantastic I thought, so we left with her a bit unsteady on her feet and when we got to the cinema I told her we should go in and she could rest. She didn’t seem to notice the pictures outside and so we went in to this quite dark cinema and sat at the back and I started to kiss her so she wouldn’t notice the film too much. She was really quite randy. I stopped kissing her and said to her “My god look at what we have walked into”. She watched the film and started to laugh. I started to mess around making out it was very funny what had happened and managed to pull her skirt up enough to show quite a bit of leg.

There was a bloke sitting in front of us who looked the noise we were making. She didn’t seem to notice this but I beckoned to him to come and sit next to her and to fuck her. He got up and went to the end of his row, came to our row and walked along and sat next to Mandy. She was showing quite a bit of leg by now as every now and then I gave a bit more of a tug on her skirt. I started to kiss her and then started to fumble her tits. She was so worked up she didn’t stop me. I waived my hand to the bloke to start touching her leg. He did. He slid his hand down on the seat next to her and slowly moved it over towards her. Then he stopped as his hand touched her leg. I don’t know if she thought it was me or if she thought it was him but she did not do anything and we just carried on kissing. He started to rub his hand up and down her leg and still she did nothing. I got one of her tits out and started to suck on it which always gets her going so this bloke then moves his hand over the top of her legs and up towards her cunt. To my amazement she quickly opened her legs wide and he started to rub her cunt through her knickers. Soon she began to groan and move about quite a bit. I saw him slide his finger inside her knickers and he was rubbing her now very wet cunt. Then he slipped his fingers inside her and started to finger fuck her. She stopped kissing me and looked at him while he fucked her with his fingers. He got the message and slowly moved closer to her until there were nearly kissing. Then he started to kiss her and she responded by opening her mouth wide as he slide his tongue deep inside her at the same time fondling her tits. She flung her arms around him and soon she had her hand on his tiff cock rubbing it through his trousers. After she did this he unzipped his trousers and it shot out stiff as a poker and very large. He then put his hand on the back of her head and she started to suck his cock like mad. She did this for several minutes with me watching in amazement and with a huge hard on. I gestured to him to give her a fucking and he didn’t waste any time. He lifted her head up, pulled her up, stood up behind her, bent her right over, pulled her skirt right up, pulled her knickers down to her ankles, got behind her with his stiff long cock and started to search around for her cunt. Soon he found it and slowly you could see him going in towards her as his cock went inside her cunt slowly and deeper and deeper until his body was right up tight against her huge arse. Then he started to fuck her and fuck her. He was fucking her so hard, ramming his cock in as far and as hard as he could, that both cheeks of her arse and the tops of her legs were wobbling with each thrust. He fucked her and fucked her and fucked her and each time he rammed his cock right up to the hilt inside her she let out a yelp. He knew how to get her going and so he kept on ramming cock as deep inside her as he could and as hard as he could and she was soon having multiple orgasms. Then she did something I have never seen her do. She was saying to him “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder. Fuck me with that huge cock of yours.” And he did. This seemed to get him worked up because he was ramming his thick, stiff cock very, very deep and very, very hard into her as fast as he could. Her legs and arse cheeks were wobbling like mad. Soon it was obvious he was going to explode and sure enough he gave her one huge, massive ram of his cock into her and held it very, very tight deep inside her with his body pressed so tight up to her arse that her cheeks were spread right out. He was obviously shooting his spunk into her cunt because he kept on jerking harder into her as each lot shot out. He must have shot a mug full because he kept on jerking his body against her arse. He shot and shot his spunk for what seemed like ages until suddenly he just pulled back and slumped on top on bent over body.

They both stayed like that for awhile and then slowly he started to pull his now limp cock out of her cunt. Once it was out, loads and loads of spunk poured out of her cunt down her legs. She pulled herself up and turned round to him and gave him the biggest French kiss I have ever seen her give. After a long while she stopped and whispered in his ear something. When she had finished she pulled back and looked at him and he nodded. She turned round to me and sad “I’ll be back shortly”. He went off and she went behind him. I watched him as he went to the toilets and she followed. After a short time I decided to follow and see what they were up to. I went into the men’s toilet and one cubicle door was closed but there was some movement coming from inside it. I went into the other toilet, stood on the seat and looked over into the next cubicle and there she was with her skirt up over her head, bent over the toilet and he was fucking her for all he was worth. Again he was ramming his cock very hard and very deep into her which he knew she loved.


e fucked her for quite awhile and then after some time he obviously shot even more spunk inside her cunt. When they had finished I heard her say to him “I want you to fuck me again soon”. She gave him her mobile phone number and said “Phone me tomorrow and we can make some arrangements”.

As far as I know he is fucking her most days now. I don’t care as long as she is getting fucked it gives me a kick. Who knows, she may want another bloke now.