Written by Liz

6 Aug 2018

I see my husband has suggested I reveal to you naughty minded readers some of the events that I enjoyed with Bob, the guy who enjoyed something different to popcorn in his private cinema. I loved the way he made me feel that night so it was not a difficult choice to return for some more fun with him.

The day I recall with most pleasure was when Bob joined hubby and I at the pub in early spring just after the beast from the east had passed us by. We had not ventured out for almost a week due to the cold so when Bob rang, we thought it a nice change from the telly. There were only a few people in there and we had a meal as the only patrons in the dining room. Over a last glass of wine Bob asked if he could possibly borrow me for the evening. I looked at Jim who said it was entirely up to me and he had no objections. I felt a little sensation in my body as I knew what it would entail, Bob had been complementing me all evening and I was happy with the attention of them both. So I said as long as he gave me notice then it was fine with me too. His eyes lit up, the fear of rejection might have sparked this but he immediately relaxed and said he would look after me. I knew what that meant as it was written over both their faces.

We left the pub and returned home. Jim was very amorous that night, giving me a good seeing to twice that night in his joy of me being taken again by a new lover. At breakfast he was as chirpy as a newly wed, fawning over my body and making sexy comments, ramping me up. Secretly I loved it, knowing he was getting off on me having some dirty fun with another guy. He left for work and around ten in the morning Bob rang me. He said he was really looking forward to being with me but needed to know if I was happy with it as he wanted to ask a favour. I told him to spit it out and he said that he had told a friend who was going to visit about their fun together when in the cinema and wondered if she might make his friend's night by serving drinks while they watched a film. I saw no harm in that but then he said he would love me to do it either naked or in stockings and suspenders. I half expected something like this, call it feminine intuition but I knew there was a catch of sorts.

It did not take me long to decide. This could be fun and I might get two cocks. My dilemma was, did I tell my husband or keep it as a surprise for when I got back home. I decided that it would be a fun surprise for him if it was a bit different so told Bob not to say anything to Jim, he agreed.

He asked if I had any sexy suspenders and I said I had a nice choice of colours. He asked for black(knew he would). He sent a picture of his friend and I was happy he was not some ugly brute, but rather smartly dressed and very presentable so I had an idea now who Carl was. A tall blond man with interesting eyes, pale green but mesmerising in the photo. The meeting was only two days away, Carl was flying in from Denmark and going to Bob's place after getting a contract signed for him to return to the middle east two days later. Bob said he was glad to be away from that rat race for contracts and he felt far more settled now back in familiar temperatures despite it being so bloody cold still.

Fast forward to the day of the meeting. Bob asked me to make it a surprise. Carl was arriving around five that afternoon and he wondered if I might join him for lunch and remain at his house for the rest of the day. He wanted me to give him a surprise by going into the cinema around five minutes after the film had begun, Bob was going to send a text at the appropriate time and I was to enter with some drinks on a tray. Sounded easy enough. I arrived, delivered by Jim at 12.30 and then left for home. I had a small suitcase with a few clothes in for Bob to choose from. He loved watching me undressing and dressing in his bedroom. in the end he opted for me to be in just my black stockings and suspenders and four inch red heels. My pussy was shaved, leaving a narrow strip of hair just above my cunt. He inspected it closely several times. So at the time of his arrival, when Carl came to the house, I was upstairs reading a book and had a bottle of prossecco at my disposal as well as some snacks. I wasn't really hungry but ate anyway, thankful I had thought to pack my toothbrush and paste as well as my make up. I was going to get changed into my 'uniform' shortly beforehand.

I sat comfortably at ease, thinking how this could be a really interesting night of lust. Jim had given me the green light to stay over if I wanted to and there was no nightie packed but then I knew that would not be necessary. I don't own one anyway!!

I had finished my book and had a snooze when the bedroom door opened. Bob came in and whispered that they were going out for a drink and would be back in an hour in case I wanted to stretch my legs. He gave me a kiss and smoothed his hands over my boobs, and said he was very excited, Carl had no idea, just thought he might be wanking to some porn when they got back, unaware that a real life woman was available.

The waiting was pretty boring but also got more suspenseful as the minutes ticked away. My nipples were hard and aching to be touched, pussy wet, panties damp in the crutch, feelings getting anxiously excited until I heard the door downstairs opening and the two voices sharing a joke. Carl's voice a little deeper and slower than Bob's. I stood up and removed my dress and stripped out of my clothes, sad that they were not going to see the lingerie I had partly expected to wear. I had showered in their absence and pampered myself in readiness. Got the suspender belt out and clipped it on. New stockings, slipped into shoes and checked myself in the mirror. Not bad and aching to get started. After what seemed a lifetime I heard them go to the cinema room, a converted double garage. The phone buzzed, Bob wanted me. I descended the stairs and went into the kitchen, catching my naked form in the reflection of the windows. I felt great.

The walk to the door was nervous. I pushed it ajar. The lights were a little brighter than I expected but two faces left the screen and looked directly at me as I carried the tray in. Carl grinned and Bob said 'Thankyou Liz' I passed Carl his wine and then Bob's. 'Why don't you join us' said Bob, moving to the next seat, leaving a space in the middle for me. I put the tray down and sat between them. Carl said 'Lovely lady, very nice' Bob said that this was the lady he had been telling him about. 'Not too much, I hope' I said and I felt hands on my naked body and I was ready to be fucked right then. But that was still to come. Carl knelt in front of me and bob stood up and removed trousers and pants. That lovely cock was hard again and coming for my lips. I took it naturally and felt my cunt being invaded by a warm tongue, the sensations beautiful, my breasts being uncovered, were kneaded by Bob's two hands, tweaking the nipples and gently rubbing them with thumb and middle finger. This was a gentle heaven, I felt great, greedy for both men to perform and fuck me as much as they wanted. I was sort of in a limbo land, floating on their actions and responding. I saw Carl stand up and strip off his trousers and pants too, a long shaft, but a bit thinner than I thought I would see. never mind, both were adequate for me and I wanted them both in me.

Both guys were soon naked and I was in ecstasy as they both put their cocks against my pussy lips and just gently slipped inside just a few inches, enough to feel the warmth and strength of them but not fully in me. they were teasing and getting me on the edge. I called them both teasing bastards but they kept doing it. Me on the floor and them each side of me, half turning me left and right, probing and teasing and making me even wetter. It was Carl who gave me his length first, all the way in and very comfortable as I used my muscles to grip him tight,making him laugh like a schoolboy told a new joke.

Bob was happy to face fuck me and I felt alive, as if I had just had a really good gym session. I screwed them both, bob coming in my mouth and eventually Carl filling me with what I needed. We sort of rolled over and remained on the floor coming down, then Bob went down on me and cleaned me up while Carl had his cock cleaned by me. We left the cinema with around half the film to go and retired to Bob's bedroom where we resumed. Me being filled again but this time by Bob and Carl enjoying feeling my bum and getting a thumb inside. I was considering whether to allow them my bum when Bob beat me to it and produced a tube of gel. I was pleased that I had taken the precaution of douching earlier in the day and I greed they could both fuck my arse if they wanted.

That statement was greeted with two men acting like they had won the lottery. I told them to go carefully and slowly and if I said stop, then they would. Carl accepted that being the guest, he was to take my arse first. Suitably positioned on my face, bum in the air, thighs apart and lubed to overkill, they began. Carl's cock went in nice and easy, being that tiny bit thinner made things nicer for me, and I pondered that having him first might make Bob's thicker cock a bit easier to take.

Ten minutes later we were lying once again in a heap and they were drained and I was full. My bum making some odd noises as air and juices eased back out of me again. I was tired as were the boys so we slept a while and somewhere round midnight we woke and had a further session. But I began to get sore so we slept after I sucked them both off. Next morning we managed a gentle fuck and at noon Jim came for me. Carl having already gone just after breakfast.

Bob told Jim it had been a memorable night and that I had a lot to tell him. Oh boy, that was a good night.