4 Aug 2016

When the german guy took out his cock it was impressive i thought fuck ,,,,,but i had just sent all my spunk down his throat so i better do the same or at least try ,,he just stood there with his shorts down and hands on his waist ,so i went down and played with his cock with one hand and his balls with the other his balls were totally hairless , i started to lick his cock getting it as wet as i could then slowly started to suck his cock, i was looking up at him but his belly was to big for him to see me,,he started to fuck my mouth slowly of that i,m glad and he kept talking in german /swiss i didnt have a clue what he was saying he started to fuck my mouth faster and his balls were getting tighter and his cock further down my throat nearly choking me,, he stopped all of a sudden and shot the most cum ive ever seen into my mouth i couldn,t cope with all of it and most ran down my chin ,,,he stood me up and kissed me tasting his cum then pointed to his mate who was wanking him self in the corner he came over and started to kiss me tasting his mates cum and shot his spunk all over my cock ,,they both started laughing thanked me and left ,,there was me cum everywhere and a huge grin on my face ,,i cleaned up and left didn,t go back there till the last day of my holiday but i,ll leave that for another day,,,