Written by Mitch and Claire

3 May 2018

Following on from our last shenanigans with the two guys from the nightclub It still remained a high priority to See Claire being fucked by two black guys at the same time. Even though she’d never been with a black guy in her life, she was more than willing to fulfill this fantasy.

We decided we’d try a swingers club, which we’d read about, it was very nerve racking and we had a few drinks at a pub down the road before to give us a bit of dutch courage. Finally after a few white wines Claire said lets go. I knocked back my beer and followed her out.

She’d dressed in a short skirt and fitted black top that clung to her bare tits underneath, showing her nipples prominently standing out, and as I walked out the pub door, she flicked up the back of her skirt, showing me her little black g string.

We entered the club, in to a dimly lit hallway with a desk at the side. A man and woman stood there, and welcomed us. They asked us if was our first time there, to which we replied yes, then they began running through procedures and pricing, telling us that couples could go in free of charge. The guy then offered to show us round, we followed him through a door, straight into a room with naked guys standing around an oriental girl, wanking and cumming on her face “it’s bukkake tonight” he said, the smell of sex was intense. Claire looked at me shocked, Neither of us expected to see that straight away, she drew my attention to a black guy wanking, he then showed us various rooms which he said could be used privately, with selected invitees, he opened the door to one, for us to see three couples having sex on the foam matted floor, again Claire drew my attention to a black guy. Then he took us to a change room with showers, and said help yourself to any towels and robes, and left us to it.

We looked at each other, we’d sobered up pretty quickly, “what do you think” I said, “Whats there to think about? “ she said, and started undressing, I followed suit, she put a robe on, and I wrapped a towel around me.

We walked back into the main room, and sat at a table at the side watching, Nearly all the men were looking at Claire, waiting to see what she was going to do. They were proudly wanking in front of her, as if to be selected, the black guy had got her attention, they made eye contact, then she opened her legs, so her robe dropped either side showing her shaven pussy to him. He strolled over, and introduced himself as Darren, we returned introductions, as he stood there his massive cock sticking through his towel, he asked if she’d had black dick before, she shook her head, he invited her to touch his cock, she did so without hesitation, gripping the shaft and sliding her hand along it, “its so good, I want two” she laughed, “that can be arranged, follow me” he said, he walked towards on of the other rooms, opened the door, there was a black guy in there fucking an indian woman, whilst an indian guy was at her top end getting his cock sucked, “can we join you? “ Darren asked, they looked to the indian woman, she nodded, we followed Darren in.

Claire took off her robe, she had the attention of the other two guys, Darren led her to the floor next to them, “can I lick your pussy?” “go for it” she said, he knelt in front of her and licked down her tits and stomach before parting her legs and burying his tongue in her, she let out a gasp and threw her head back.

The Indian guy now moved around towards Claires face, she opened her mouth inviting him in, he grabbed her head and pushed his cock back and forth, my cock was raging, I looked at the indian woman, she beckoned me with her finger, I knelt aside her and pushed my cock in her open mouth.

It was my first encounter with another woman since i’d been with Claire, I brushed over her tits with my hands, as she gripped my cock. I watched Darrens head lift up as he began to position himself in front of Claire, he began pushing his thick black cock into her, I watched her tight pussy stretch around it, he gently rocked back and forth as it inched in further.

I couldn’t take any more, I was about to explode, I pulled out of the womans mouth and shot a load straight over her face and reaching Claire’s too.

The indian woman said ”good to get that one out the way, we’re all on our second or third time, I don’t mind if you do it in my mouth, or my pussy for that matter”.

I sat back watching, the indian guy began wanking over Claires face, a few drops dribbled out, she opened her mouth to catch them, as Darren bucked into her.

With her mouth now free the other black guy pulled out of the indian woman and made his way to Claire’s face, he slid his cock in her mouth and she began sucking the other woman’s pussy juice of him.

The indian woman turned to me “she likes women?, I’m Surinda, this is Hitesh my husband and thats Jerome”. I told her who we were, and that she hadn’t been with a woman before. Surinda stuck a finger in her pussy, then rubbed it around Claires nipple, Claire responded by stroking over Surindas dark brown nipples.

Claires pussy was squelching with wetness, we watched her guide Darrens cock towards her arse with her hand, He slowly pushed into her arse, and with the same steady movements gradually fed all of his cock in her, Surinda was fingering Claires wet pussy “ I think you’re ready to take them both” she said, Claire nodded, Darren pulled out, he laid out on the mat, Claire straddled him, and Jerome positioned himself behind her, he started pushing his cock into her arse, Claire was gasping, as he got all the way up to his balls, I watched in awe as it panned out in front of me, Hitesh then moved to the side of her and put his cock in her mouth. I was hard again, Surinda presented herself to me on her hands and knees, I got behind and slid into her sloppy pussy. Her brown hole gaped at me as I spread her cheeks, and thrust into her.

Within minutes I heard Claire orgasming, which seemed to be brought on by Darren cumming in her pussy, she collapsed down onto him to get her breath back. Jerome didn’t stop and with a few more thrusts he came in her arse.

As they all recovered I began slipping my fingers in and out of Surindas arse, she didn’t object, I flipped her round to a missionary position, and began easing my cock in her arse, Claire moved up and straddled Surindas face, with her arse facing towards me, Surinda began licking the cum from Claires pussy, I felt myself going again, and shot my load into Surindas arse.

I sat back again watching, Claire moved into a 69 position with Surinda as they ate each others pussies, Hitesh got back involved feeding his cock into Claires arse, and fucking the cum out of it, over Surindas face until he himself came in her arse.

Darren and Jerome left the room, and must have said something, because two more indian men and an older white guy came and asked if they could join in, Surinda looked at Claire, and both said yes.

The indian guys made a beeline for Claire, one started licking her used pussy, the other one who was quite old too had grabbed her by the hair and was kissing her, he slid his tongue round her mouth, he was really rough, but she was getting off on it, he spat on her face and smeared it in with his hand, she stuck out her tongue, he smeared his spit over her tongue, she sucked on his fingers, then held her mouth open, he spat in it again and again, she swallowed each time.

The pair man-handled her around so she was on all fours, the older one got behind and pushed his cock hard into her arse, the other thrust into her mouth

To be continued...