Written by Claire

27 Apr 2009

After my first post someone asked if I saw the Lads, again. Well, not straight away.

Carl went to the pub to find them, but not until the third time did he succeed in finding Simon and Nathan. And naturally they were a little shy this time. Carl pointed out that if they had spiked his drink they need not have. They admitted to keeping him topped up but say there was no spiking done. So Carl arranged a get together.

At 40 it is a great feeling to find younger men fancying you, and when your only a B cup, even better these days.

Carl made it clear we wanted to stay away from our own doorstep, I could lose my job if pictures etc got out, so we have to be a little bit sensible.

Nathan suggested a pub where we could meet, have a few drinks and then go on to his place for more fun.

So, several drinks were downed, I needed the Dutch courage even if I was keen, and Simon had got a mini bus taxi lined up to Nathans. Naturally I was the subject of much activity in the mini bus, and Harry and Simon soon knew I was bra less under the long t-shirt. Harry Double Dared me to walk from the taxi to the bedsit minus the jeans. When Carl added his voice to it I decided I would. No running allowed.

As it was my bum that started all this all the lads and Carl followed me to the door, having a good look, as did the driver as he pulled away.

A few more drinks were forthcoming, and a little smoochy dancing with me passed around for one and all to grope, and soon I was naked, lifted up onto the edge of a small table where Harry nudged at my pussy with the tip of his cock as he stood between my legs.

Several near penetrations soon had me trying to pull him in by his hips and then, without warning, he went all the way in, making me gasp. Seconds later I was on my back, feet on Harry's shoulders, and breasts being fondled as pictures were taken. Carl mentioned we would like copies this time, the previous ones, all bar two, had been deleted from the phones since they were taken a month before.

Harry soon brought me to climax and then, at Matt's suggestion, I was bent over the back of the same chair as the first time so the pictures could be recreated. This led to a lot of teasing as the lads, and Carl, all kept me frustrated by not quite entering me while pictures were done, rubbing back and forth over my lips and nudging the helmet just inside them.

Each cock was, eventually, given in it's entirety and with force, all six fucking me to orgasm again over the chair, and all of them coming inside me bareback, as before.

Rich had Carl hold my head up during one orgasm so he could get a picture of my face screwing up as I came, and I must say it does look good, even to me.

Later, on the bed, Rich and Nathan tried to DP me, but I don't do anal, and so without fuss, I was spit roast instead, Rich pulling out to shoot between my bum cheeks as he reckons that as it is my very best feature, it should be anointed, as he put it.

Rich and Matt left a little later. Harry wanting another fuck before he went, had me ride him reverse cowgirl while Carl, Simon and Nathan watched, urging me on with dirty talk and insults. Harry held on until I came and all but collapsed onto his legs, then shot up me again. As I recovered, he and Simon left.

Next morning I awoke sharply, feeling my pussy being manhandled. Nathan was rubbing in some Vaseline while Carl sat and ate toast. I was still gathering my brain when Nathan pushed my legs further apart and, crawling between them, pushed his cock into me for a "farewell fuck" as he put it. Being rather more sober than the night before, my mind set was different, this younger man was up to his hilt in my pussy, no resistance from me, in front of my husband, who was calmly eating toast while watching, it turned my tummy over and made me think of the fantasy we used to have where I was a prostitute in order to clear our debts. When I came under Nathans lithe and fit body, it was a big one. And I had another smaller one as Nathan shot inside me.

Carl fucked me at home three more times that day, after I had showered, and, Yes, we have met the lads three more times, and I now prefer only three or four drinks beforehand.

Sorry but we dare not show pictures or give out contact info, but I hope these little peaks into our sex life have entertained you.

Claire. XX