Written by manicmechanic31

8 Jun 2014

Well its taken a while to get round to writing this but.....

having spent a couple of hours with the neighbour opposite cleaning her car Jane had said she would come over with a bottle that evening to say thanks for waxing and cleaning her car, you may remember the leopard print underwear and her gift to me from a previous story.

Well at 7.30 that evening the doorbell rang and I rushed to see who was there (expecting Jane) there she stood, nice short loose fitting denim dress with thin shoulder straps and gold sandals, on her shoulders I could see the straps of her white bra, I invited her into the hall and she passed me a bottle of chilled rose, I leant forward to kiss her and as she did the same I caught a glimpse down the front of her dress and a nice glimpse of her white bra and her white knickers too..

We went into the kitchen and she had a good look around (we both have the same style of new build house) and she asked where I had got the extra units from, that got us talking about the house and how things were different from house to house.. we headed into the lounge with Jane taking the chair leaving he the settee, she kicked her feet up and tucked her legs into the settee and giving me another quick glimpse of white fabric between her thighs, we chatted more about the house and polished off the bottle of rose followed by another, as the evening went on Jane fidgited in the chair and then jumped up saying she wanted a nosey round my house (I had seen hers earlier that day) Off we went upstairs, Jane first, giving me a nice view up her short dress again, as she looked round the rooms she commented about how nice it looked and that the layout was almost identical to hers, when she walked into the main bedroom she grinned as she saw the king size leather bed, MMM I like this she said as she jumped on it, her dress flipped up giving me an eyeful of white silk thong, that made me feel hard and I turned and said well I like that view too looking her thong, 'oh you like that too? well look closer if you want' she said, I didn't need asking twice and I jumped on the bed to join her. within minutes her dress had slipped over her head exposing her white front fastening bra and her little white thong, my jeans and shirt were on the floor with her dress and we were kissing each other all over, I unhooked the front of her bra and released her breasts and touched her erect hard nipples, Jane twitched as I then kissed her nipples and she reached into my shorts feeling my hard cock, 'I want this' she said and promptly started to pull down my shorts, I slipped my fingers into her knickers and she twitched again as I said I want this too as I slipped my fingers over her smooth pussy into her moist pussy, within seconds she parted her thighs and pulled her thong aside, I got on top feeling my hard cock against her clit and then push deep into Jane, with all the moaning and kisses and thrusts it didn't take long before first Jane and then I came, filling her with cum. We laid from that cuddled together for 30 mins or so before Jane slipped her dress back on and said she was going home, so downstairs we went into the hall, Jane opened the front door to see that the weather had changed from a nice summer evening to torrential British rain, at this point I looked and said 'I know you only live opposite but your gonna get soaked' Jane looked back and said 'I'm already soaked between my legs and if you think I am heading over there in this your wrong I'm not getting any more wet unless you wanna cum again' to which she shut the door and kissed me again, all I could think was 'she is yours tonight lock the door and get her to stay'

That's exactly what I did and Jane did stay, we didn't get much sleep and when she left the next morning Jane was still very wet (without the rain)

Jane staying over is becoming more regular and I am so enjoying the fact I moved house and enjoying my neighbour too... long may it continue.......