14 Jan 2018

Well It was Friday Night and a friends Retirment party in town, When My cleaner had been here on Monday she told me her and Hubby were going to same party so i said to her maybe best if i didnt go then She said i was ok with her but i had to be careful no touching her in or saying any thing in front of him etc etc , So i decided to go got a lift with a friend he said he was going as well

We arrived about 8 it was getting busy I looked round and saw Cleaner and hubby were sat in the far corner with a few others she saw us and smiled in a way as to say Pleased to see you . She came over to the bar to get some drinks and said Hi She had her fuck me dress on a short dress very tight and looked amazing in it After a few drinks and the buffet had been taken care off i saw her Hubby was saying something to her then he got up and left ..

A couple of minutes later she came over to us stood at the bar and said he gone home he has the man flu I told him i wasnt going yet !! So i may need a lift home. I bought her a drink and said im sorry om not driving tonight she said bugger i was hoping you would take me home again and just smiled Then Tom said whats up so i told him he said that he would give her a lift home But I said its 15, 20 mins out of our way he said it ok he didnt mind

Then she asked if Tom and me fancied a dance so off we went i gave her sexy little arse a rub as we walked over to the dance floor she said be careful still a few people around that knew her and hubby we had a few dances then i nipped to the loo when I came back i saw her and Tom still Dancing he had his hands round her waist I watched as he slowly moved a hand down over her arse and then back up her back again they seamed to be getting on well Then tom came over to the bar and said wow she is fit what a great arse she has .

By now it was nearly mid night and party was getting wound down so we decided it was time to go She had a few drinks but wasn,t to pissed So I got her coat and we went out side Tom got car and came over to the door I asked if she wanted to sit in the front she said fuck no im sitting in back with you.

Will continue tonight got to go now sorry x