3 Sep 2017

Hi Again after my last story im sure you will know by now what a horny lady my cleaner is?

Well she text me Friday to say she would come and clean again i said ok see you later I was out side in the yard when she arrived i saw her and went over said hi etc gave her a kiss it was a warm morning she had a nice short skirt on and a loos fitting tea shirt I had a few more jobs to do then I would be in for a coffee. she said ok don,t be to long .

I was about to go in half hr later when a sales rep turned up to see me about some machinery I wanted to change so i invited him in to the Kitchen We sat down at the table and started to chat I could her Her up stairs Hoovering After a few mins she stopped and i could her her coming down she came and started to make us a coffee. I said This is Mark.

Mark and I were trying to come to a deal but we were about £500 apart she made coffee and the started to tidy Kitchen up we were chatting away but not getting any closer to doing a deal I could see her looking at Mark and me and she just smiled and carried on cleaning the work tops.

Then the phone rang so i went into next room to answer it i must have been gone about 5 mins when i returned i wasn,t Supprised but maybe a little shocked to see her sat on Marks lap with her T shirt and bra Puled up and letting Mark suck her tits His Left had was round her waist up under her short skirt and inside her little white knickers rubbing her arse She loves having her tits sucked ..

I said wht the hell?? she just said sit down and shut up It all ways turns her on been bossy and in charge so i did as i was told and watched as he sucked both tits in turn

After a bit she stood up and came over to me sat on the other chair put her arms round my neck and made sure she was bent right over with her arse stuck up right in front of Mark, She just said to me do You Think Mark wants to fuck me? Well he took that as the invite i think it was ment to be. He stood up behind her and slowly pulled her knicker s down then he did the same with his trousers He took hold of his cock and slid it inside her got hold of her hips and started to slowly fuck her I got my cock out and she started to suck my hard cock as she was getting filled.

By the look on Marks face he was abut to cum. He hadn,t spoke till he said can i cum inside you . She stopped sucking my cock and said yes i want it now fuck me hard so he did.

A few seconds late she called out at the same time her legs started to shake and she came as well .

After she got over her climax she just said I had best get on she picked her Wet knickers up off the floor and said to Mark you can have theas if you want them as she put them in his hand and went back up stairs. Mark got his stuff together and said i think we have a deal now dont you i agreed then he said every time you use your new machine you will think of today I said yes i will.

When I came back in after seeing Mark off she was up in my bed room I went up to see she she was laid on the bed with her legs open wide and her pussy dripping with Marks cum we have talked a lot about her getting fucked in as I watch then licking her clean well today was the day I got between her legs and started to lick her sweet pussy she soon came again in my mouth then she wanted me to fuck her which i did and filled her with cum again,

All in all an very good day she went off after that back to her Hubby mmm ,,

Mark text me to see if I need any thing else soon as well Ha ..