Written by CPC MAN

28 Nov 2008

Waiting for my cleaner to arrive, sitting here with a stiff cock wondering where we will go to next.

She has worked for me for years , 40ish good body and very flirtatious.

About 4 weeks ago I got the usual moans about costs, husband lost his job ( he was a lazy git any way) and that she was finding times tough - I was waiting for her to ask for a rise.

When she turned up the following week I asked if things were still tough - yes she said, so I jokingly said I would pay her an extra £10 if she cleaned in her underware, she laughed and left the room, coming back two minutes later - are you serious she asked - so i put the £10 on the table.

She thought for a while and then took her dress off, not the sexyist of underware but her breasts were filling her bra, she must be 38d and her g string left nothing to the imagination , so for the next two hours she was cleaning while I looked on - the joys of working at home.

The following week she arrived and straight away said is the £10 available again I said yes but it could be £20 if she went naked, she laughed, stripped to her underware which was a matching set and very sexy - i said she looked fantastic, about 10 minutes later she came back into the room stark naked and said I will take the £20, so like a lap dog i followed her around the house, watching her bend over , watching her pussey from behind , her beautiful tits swing as she hoovered.

She kept giggling and asking if this was getting me going. I laughed and said yes and that she should be proud of her body. As she left she said same again next week. i said who knows?

Well she arrived and the twenty was on the table so she stripped I said it could be thirty and she said , what do I have to do to earn that - I said I get a rock hard cock watching you naked so I want you to wank me off all over your tits.

She looked and me and said dirty bastard laughing I will get on with the cleaning, I kept following her stroking my cock through my jeans and telling her how fabulous she looked. She was embarrassed and kept telling me to behave she was married. So I asked if she had told her husband that you earn extra by cleaning naked - no she said - so I said he would never know if she wanked me off. - At this point I left her and went and made our usual coffee.

As we stood drinking it, she naked, me stroking my cock , she kept looking at my hand stroking my cock. With that she put her cup down knelt down, unzipped my jeans - yanked them and my boxers to the floor, my rock hard cock almost hitting her in the face. She grabbed my cock, and for a moment I thought she was going to put it in her mouth, but no she started to wank me , slowly at first, looking at my cock and then me.

I lent back loving it, her hands sliding up and down my cock , her other hand squeezing my balls, gradually she built up speed until I could feel my juices rising , she was lookng at me and knew I was close. She just got faster and then the dirty minx said \"go on then this is want you wanted, spunk on my tits - well that was it I shot my load on her tits, neck and some in her hair, Im not sure how many times I shot off but she carried on wanking me until I was well and truely drained.

I was knackered, she looked great covered in my spunk. - She stood said I hope you enjoyed that and said she was going for a shower before going home. I followed her and watched her shower my spunk from her breasts - she grinned as she left say thank you, she had enjoyed the moment.

She is due any minute and today I want a blow job, or a fuck my stiff cock will enjoy both.

Keep you advised.

PS I am 65 so no adonis, I get what i want and she gets some extra pocket money.