Written by XX

16 Sep 2008

Went to work as normal on friday and had a meeting with a new client. Showed him around as was norm and was finding I was instantly attracted and we laughed and flirted. I was getting horny and felt wet. I couldnt help thinking what he might be like in bed! I needed some paperwork signed and said we should go to a private office to discuss terms. As soon as the door closed something changed I lent forward and touched his chest and thought shit what have I done. But surprisingly his hands were on my arse hard squeezing it and pulling the cheeks apart. His face buried into mine and we were kissing. He pushed off my jacket and undid my bra pulling my top up. I pulled his shirt out of his trousers. His tongue pressing hard in my mouth. Then finding its way to suck on my nipples while I undid his belt and pulled down his trousers and pants. At this point his hands had unsipped my trousers and they wer on the floor his fingers pushing inside my very wet pussy.

I started to wank him and his hands were all over me. I dropped to my knees and starting to lick the length and suck his cock. He loved it tweeking hard on my nipples. He pushed me over my desk and entered me, bareback. God he was hard and he was pushing my knees up and fucking hard. He said he couldnt hold off cumming any longer and pulled out I instantly dropped to my knees and his hand pushed my head onto his cock, where he spunked heavily into my mouth. I swallowed mmmm. It tasted good and I licked his head clean. I stood up and he pushed his tongue in my mouth kissing and tasting his cum. We hurriedly got dressed. He signed the paperwork and he left. I have had an email since asking for another meet. He said he had been selfish and wanted me fuck my arse sometime soon..........Ill let you know how it goes if you like..