Written by Randy 'R'

29 Apr 2009

I work for my husbands company as a sales executive and last week I was summoned to meet the MD of a company whos large contract we had quoted for. I had been introduced to Mark prieviosly by Sally the girl that I was dealing with. She called me to say that Mark had wanted to discuss the deal further with me before committing.

I was determined to clinch the deal and decided to dress to impress; navy business suit, cream blouse and navy heals. Under which I wore a matching cream and lace bra,thong and suspender set with tan lace top stockings.

I arrived at the offices and was shown into Mark's large office by his secretary, he was sat behind his desk and got up to great me as I entered. I had forgoten from our brief meeting before just how good looking he was, about 6' slim and in his mid 30's; I am in my early 40's.

We got down to discussing the finer points of my quotation and I became concious that he was staring at my legs as we talked. Not wanting to miss an opportunity to clinch the deal I decided to make the most of his interest and crossed and uncrossed my legs a couple of times making my skirt ride up enough to show my stocking tops. I new I had his full attention as he adjusted himself in his seat to get a better view as I again slowly uncrossed my legs leaving them open enough for him to see up past my stocking tops.

He then stopped talking and buzzed his secretary to say he did not want to be interupted as he was just about to nail a deal. He then got up from his chair and came round beside me telling me he was very impressed with my sales technique and would I like to show him some more. I could see by the large bulge in his trousers that he was impressed. I sexily licked my lips and ran my hand over his large bulge whilst telling him I was determined to close the deal. I stood up and removed my jacket as he moved closer to me and began rubbing his hands up my thighs past my stocking tops.

Our tongues intertwinned as he began kissing me whilst his hand pulled my now wet thong to one side so he could access my shaven pussy, rubbing my clit before forcing two fingers up me. I hitched my skirt right up as he franticly finger fucked me and licked on my now exposed nipples. As he fucked me I released his cock from his trousers; he was big, a good 8" and thick. I began wanking him as he continued to fuck my pussy, now with three fingers. God he was good and soon brought me to my first orgasm, coming all over his hand and the carpet of his office.

We briefly parted as I removed my skirt, blouse, bra and thong and he his shirt and trousers; he didn't wear underwear. I then went down on my knees and took his big cock in my mouth, sucking and licking for Scotland. It was so big that I gagged as I deep throated him, bobbing up and down his big hard shaft.

Mark then pulled me up and turned me around, bending me over his desk before forcing his big cock up my pussy. He really stretched me as he pounded into me, I knew I was about to come again and begged him to fuck me harder. He obliged riding me really hard until I came again , all over his cock. He flipped me over again so I was on my back on his desk as he continued to shag me senseless. I was so turned on by the sight of his huge big cock pounding my pussy that I came again just as he groaned and emptied his load deep inside me.

Needless to say he signed the deal when we had tidied ourselves up and said he looked forward to dealing with me in the future.

When I got back to our offices my husband asked if I had nailed the deal. Yes I replied we got the contract.....if only he knew I had been nailed to get the deal!!