18 Apr 2018

This story goes back a few years, but illustrates how a large age gap needn't be a barrier to two people enjoying one another when they simply want the same thing - sex!

I met Georgina (not her real name) via another website. She was 27, had been married and left her husband, but gone back to live and care for him after he'd had a bad motorbike accident. I was 49, so 22 years older.

Now he was recovered she had left again, moved to a new flat and starting to enjoy being single again. She was particularly looking for an older man, not to be her sugar daddy, but just a nice guy who would look after her, especially sexually.

After chatting for some time - she lived in Scotland and me in the south so meeting up wasn't easy! - I had to be in the North on business, and we agreed to meet in the middle - Manchester. I suggested that we both book a room at the same hotel for the first night so she wouldn't be stranded if it turned out she didn't like me! If she did, then we'd only need one room for the second night.

When I arrived I spotted her yellow car in the car park which was a relief. I checked-in, dropped off my bag and went up to her room to meet for the first time. Fair to say we were both apprehensive, but got on extremely well. I kissed her on the both cheeks and gave her some spring flowers - yeah, I know, 'you old romantic'. We then kissed properly, and I think she thought I was going to go further, but it was still early, so suggested we go out to eat.

We walked into Dean Street, found a Bella Italia and had a nice meal chatting easily, but conscious of others close by on tables near us. Afterwards we stopped off at a pub, but somewhat typical of northern pubs, it was large and barn-like, with the bar stretching the length of one side, and all the tables around the sides taken, so we sat somewhat conspicuously in the middle. We had a glass of wine, but we were very self-conscious, and the conversation was running dry. Around 9.30, I suggested going back to the hotel, and as we walked back, I really wasn't sure how this would pan out - but I needn't have worried.

When we arrived, I asked if she'd like to come to my room, and she readily agreed. The room was cold so I turned up the radiator, and despite the chill, she took off her coat. She then said "Oh, I didn't show you my sparkly new halter-neck top which I bought specially," and with that she took off a woollen top to show my what was underneath. She was then bare armed and with a bare back, so I rubbed my hands on her arms to warm her. Suffice to say it didn't take long to un-clip her new top, and the bra underneath, exposing her beautiful young 34Bs which I just had to lick and savour.

She lay on the bed topless in just a pair of blue jeans. I was kneeling in front of her, unbuttoned and unzipped them, and slowly pulled them down trying to make sure her panties stayed in place. I took off my shirt slowly, and stripped down to my boxers, lay next to and put my arm around her. We kissed passionately, then, cupping her left breast and lightly licking the other, slowly slid my hand under the elastic of her panties, cupped her smooth mound and slowly exploring her femininity, gently pressing my forefinger into her cute young now gloriously wet pussy.

She moaned and squirmed quietly as I alternated between penetrating her and stroking her swollen clit, and she climaxed softly for the first time moments later.

Giving her a few minutes to catch her breath, I then adjusted my position, slipped off her panties and pushed her legs apart. She offered no resistance or hesitancy. I lowered my head and began licking her inner thighs and around her smooth mound, and very quickly her lips, salty from her first orgasm. My tongue was hard and strong as I pushed it into her, then soft and floppy as l lapped at her clit. She was clearly loving it all, and when adding my fingers to her enjoyment, she came again very quickly.

Again I let her recover, and we lay in each other's arms cuddling, our warm bodies and particularly our legs entwined. I caressed her lightly all over, not to arouse her but simply in admiration. My hand moved down and around her legs before travelling up her inner thighs once again and settling on her pussy. I didn't attempt to penetrate her, but merely lay my forefinger along the length of her slit and kept it there completely still. But she began to squirm and moan again, and while I pressed my finger more firmly against her still didn't push it inside. She began to orgasm and didn't stop! Wave after wave crashed over her as she just kept cumming and cumming - I'd never experienced a girl having multiple orgasms before or since, and this was one of the most erotic experiences of my life. She seemed completely out of it as if high on drugs, and after a while I became concerned so removed my finger, worried about what might be happening to her. She stopped cumming, looked at me, smiled and sighed, clearly satisfied.

I know I could have done almost anything to her at that stage, and why I didn't fuck her I have no idea. Perhaps I felt in someway protective or respectful, I don't know - I'm sure a psychologist could tell me. Instead, having removed my boxers, I lay on her left side, moved my body against hers until my cock was alongside and then rubbing her left tit. I rubbed it slowly and then increasingly firmly until I shot my load. I opened my eyes, and saw I'd very neatly filled the dimple just beneath her throat, a precise pond of white spunk. She lay completely still, I'm not sure whether from surprise or simply not wanting to spill it, so I quickly got some tissues and cleaned her up.

She was now very happy to spend the night with me, went off to her room and came back quickly with her wash things and got dressed into PJs. Sated, we turned in and slept soundly together. At 5.30 (!), she woke me up. "I want you inside me" she whispered. (Now that's a thing a chap of my age wants to hear from a much younger girl). Sleepily I slipped my hand under her PJ trousers and inside her warm pussy - true to form she climaxed quickly. She then took off her top and bottoms while I rolled on a condom, and without further ado, slid my erection deep into her, and while not in love, made love like lovers.

Two people just doing what two people do - our different ages completely irrelevant.