Written by 1st time swinging Pt.1

22 Feb 2017

So we talked about it for months and when we went to amsterdam we thought we had to give it a go. We stayed in the center of Amsterdam so club paradise was the closest swingers club (10min taxi). My girlfriend who is in her late teens wore heels, a sexy short red leather skirt and a tight black top with boobs pushed up. I wore dressy shoes jeans and a shirt. When we got to the club we were both nervous of what was ahead. We went into the reception area and were greated by an elderly man i think his name was hendrik. We payed entry and he gave us towels and showed us were to get changed. Changing rooms are like what you would get in an old school or swimming pool. I got changed down to my white boxers and my girlfriend didnt change as she was nervous. She looked sexy as anything tho anyway it didnt matter. We walked in and there were about 3 boys mid twenties sitting at the bar and a woman and man late 20s sitting on a sofa. We grabbeda seat and a drink and another and another etc then the man and woman started having sex on one of the sofas. The barman who was really nice made us feel welcome and told us to go over to watch. (The other 3 guys were already watching at this stage). We went over already slightly drunk we sat down almost ground level on top of a stage beside the 3 guys who were watching. We both got horny real quick and the guy next to my gf i think his name was arry, he was argentinian, started talking to her he clearly fancied her a lot. My gf then started to kiss me passionately and i could see arry watching us. When we stopped we kept chatting to him while we were watching this man fuck the girl on the sofa. He was getting abit more confident with us and next think he was rubbing my girlfriends leg lightly more and more up and down. We then asked him straight up if he wanted a 3 some with us and to his delight he nodded and said yes. I then quickly got up and went to the toilet and came back and my gf said arry had kissed her.. We then went to a private room and my gf sat on the bed and we both stood with our cocks out while she sucked them going from one to the other. She then got on the bed doggy style i pulled up her sexy red leather skirt and started to fuck her meanwhile she had arry kneeling infront of her sucking his cock. This was an unbelievable feeling for me nailing her from behind while she choked on another boys cock. Next thing me and arry swtiched and whithin and 30 seconds arry had cummed. I made her jump up quick and take his cum in her mouth and swallow it. She moaned so good for those 30 seconds..

Next we went out to the bar and had a few more drinks, both drunk by this stage we talked about me getting woth the girl that was getting fucked at the start. She didnt seem to have a boyfriend. We reckon she was either a very horny woman and went to the club by herself or was paid by the club to be there. Anyhow me and this woman who was ok looking with an ok body went over to the sofa she lay me down and gave me a blowjob and sucked my balls and while i felt her tits. This lasted about 10 mins unforetunately i couldnt get hard it must have been the alcohol. During this 2 other boys came over and was feeling her ass and olaying with her pussy. I then got up to look for my gf i had earlier seen in one of the mirrors her walking off somewhere with a guy so i started to search the areas in the club. There were only maybe 20 people in the club at this stage. I couldnt find her anywhere so shouted her a few times. Finally she appeared out of a private room with a guy in his early 30s. We went back to the bar and she told me how he asked her to a room and she agreed. he threw her down on the bed and they started kissing and then she took off her thong while keeping on her skirt he asked to taste her pussy which she agreed. She said it was amazing and that she moaned so loud while playing with his hair and pushing his head into her pussy as he went back and forward to her clit. She then sucked his cocked and balls but unfortunately for him he couldnt get hard either and by that stage i was shouting her so they stopped. To be continued...