Written by BLK WINSTON

27 Aug 2008

the first lady i did on the slab was alady called mandy she was 19 she was a hrny little brunette she had a great body on her and wen she was all dressed up she was sex on legs jamal my cousin would say she ad the hots fo me but i was twice her age until one nite i just cudnt say no no more her flirts wer getn it bit to much in the end so one nite i just turned round and said if she fancied comein in cloakroom with me she smiled and said wot we waitin for we sneaked into the room after some kissin i laid her on her back on the table hitched up her shrt skirt i rubbed her up nice and fast and noticed after a short time she was real wet i carried on until was ready for me i thought wow im guna jizz straiht away as i adnt jizzd since i fkd my wife a few weeks previously by now my cock was getn wet too i could feel it twitchin like fuck in my pants she was howlin at me sayin fk me fk me i dropped my pants manhadled her legs ova my shoulders and slid in my cock nice and slow wow it felt good real good i screwed her nice and slow at first then i hurried as she howled louder and louder she was yellin i want ure come that jus made me fk her even hrder she was delirious then i could feel my nuts startin to tighten i was guna jizz she howled at me to shoot up her then i came my legs buckled as i jizzed as deep as i could inside her hell it felt good we quickly dressed and went back into the club as i was stil meant to be workin i brushed past jamal my cousin and he said i think u will get on great here and he smiled i could feel my cock and groin all wet from mandy i seen her afterwards also for some more fun