Written by Veggie

30 Jan 2019

A few years ago my wife Deb and I moved into a small cul-de-sac in Essex. We are both originally from Manchester but work had moved and I’d had to move with it. We didn’t really know anyone and I was working long hours. It was very hard on Deb. We were in our mid twenties and Deb is at the time had brown hair with sun blond streaks, she slim with long legs, a small pert bum and bouncy 36c boobs. She is quite shy and all her friends were back up north, so when she told me she’d been chatting to one of the neighbors and popping over for coffee I was happy for her. It was only a couple of weeks later that I realized it was a man.

The neighbor, Frank lived across the road and Dec had got talking to him about his garden, which was very pretty. He’s offered her a coffee and as they’d chatted, they'd hit it off and so coffee at Franks had become a regular thing. Frank was in his mid to late-fifties, gray haired and lived alone as his wife had died some years earlier (so he told Deb). I don’t know why it bothered me but it did. My young pretty wife alone with an older man. Deb was a virgin when we’d met and I still a little naive about men. I’d spotted a couple of my friends hitting on her and she hadn’t even noticed. So the thought of her with this worldly wise man did get me thinking.

I asked her what they talked about, just trying to get a feel for what was going on. It sounded innocent enough. Just chatting about his garden, the local area, his past and lots of other small talk. Then summer came.

When I came home from work I’d asked if she’d seen Frank and Some days she’d say yes, sometimes no, but I noticed that on the days she’d been to Franks her clothes were just a bit more sexy. First it was tight jeans that showed off her bum, or crop tops that gave a hint of showing her bra. Nothing blatant but enough that I noticed. Then one day when I arrived home Deb was in the kitchen in a thin sun dress. The sun was behind her and streaming though our patio doors. It made the dress virtually transparent.

“Did you see Frank today?” I asked trying to sound “matter of fact”.

“Oh yeah we had a coffee and a chat and I helped him out in the garden.” she said as she fussed with the washing.

“I bet he loved that dress.” I said

She stood up and smoother her hands down her dress looking at it.

“Now you mention it he did say he liked it.” she replied. Then she continued,

“Look now don’t lose your temper if I tell you something.”

“What.” I demanded.

“Well Frank tried to kiss me today. Don’t worry I stopped him and reminded him that I was a married woman.” She said looking at the floor.

“He did what?” I said, incredulous.

“Look it was nothing and I put him in his place” she said.

Later that night as we lay in bed I pushed her for details. They’d been sat on the sofa side by side looking at a photo album. He’d rested his hand on her thigh and then a few seconds later he’d leaned in and kissed her. That was new at first He’d tried to kiss her. Now he had kissed her. Deb had had a couple of glasses of wine with dinner and it may have loosened her up a little so I decided to push a little. I was stroking her belly and allowing my hand to stray lower to her trimmed pubes as I asked,

“Did you respond when Frank kissed you?”

“Just for a moment...or two” she replied.

“Did you like it?” I continued

“It was different, I didn’t expect it but I suppose it was my own fault.” She said.

“Why’s that?” I pressed, as my hand found her pussy lips.

“Well that dress was pretty see though and I have been teasing him for a while now. And then when he had his hand on my thigh I should have moved it, but..well I enjoyed him touching me.” she said.

That was the first time I had my suspicions that she’d been dressing provocatively confirmed. Then she explained how she’d been bored and when she’d gone to Franks for coffee she noticed after a while that he’d been checking her out and it had made her feel good. So she dressed a little more sexy and he’d been even more attentive. She’d enjoyed the teasing and her affect on this older man.

“I’m sorry” She said, “Have I been bad?”

I thought about it as I stroked her sex and although I have to admit there was jealousy. There was also arousal. I don’t know why maybe it was the thought of her coming back to me after being with another man, maybe it was the thought of my shy wife exploring a side neither of us had known she had. I really don’t know but it was there. I was turned on and after I’d reassured her I fucked her like I hadn’t done in ages. Afterwards as we lay chatting I asked her.

“Will you miss teasing him?”

“I guess so, Its so boring whale your at work.” She replied.

“If I let you carry on with your ...little game how far would you like to go?” She thought for a moment than said,

“I don’t know. I mean I enjoyed kissing him and when his hand was on my thigh it did turn me on. You know that another man wanted to touch me.”

“If I let you do this you have to tell me everything. Nothing held back and its just a bit of fun. OK?”

“Ok. I do so love you. Your the best husband in the world.” She said kissing me hard.

Nothing happened for a couple of days until one night when I got home late from work. We finished dinner and then Deb handed me a glass of wine and taking one for herself, she said,

“Lets go to bed. I went to Franks today and I have something to tell you.”

I got into bed and waited for Deb to Join me. When she entered the room she was wearing a new summer dress that I hadn’t seen before. It was thin and buttoned up the front.

“I bought this to wear to Frank’s but I didn’t wear it like this.” She said.

“How did you wear it?” I asked.

She popped the top button and the top of a lacy pink bra appeared. Then she popped the two bottom buttons and her thighs appeared. Not as I’d thought in her usual tights but in stockings.

“Like this.” She said.

I actually gasped and begged her to tell me what had happened. She slipped off her clothes (except for the stockings) and joined me in bed.

She had gone to see Frank and let him know that there were no hard feelings over his clumsy kiss. He’d been relieved and she’d agreed to stay for a coffee. She told me how she’d sat opposite him and flashed her legs shamelessly. She’d made a point of bending low for her coffee so that he could see her cleavage. Finally after teasing him for an hour she made to leave. In the hall he’d finally not been able to hold back. He’d pushed her against the wall gripped her breast and forced a kiss on her.

“Stop!” she’d told him and then to his total shock she’d said,

“If you want to look you should just ask.”

With that she’d pushed him a step back and then undone all her buttons. Her dress had gaped open and he’d gazed at her almost naked body. All she was wearing under the dress was high heels stockings, tiny pink panties and a matching lacy, pink bra.

“Now” She’d said, “I love my husband so don’t get any romantic ideas. But if your a good boy we can have a little fun. Shall we sit back down?”

He’d agreed and she’d led him back to his sofa. She wouldn’t allow him to take off her bra or panties but she let him touch through the material. He took full advantage and kissed her for ages while feeling her tits through her bra and she even allowed a quick stroke between her thighs. Finally he pulled back, out of breath. He looked her up and down and asked if she would let him get his cock out. She told him he could but that he wasn’t going to fuck her. He stood and undid his trousers, he pushed them and his underwear down in one swift movement. His erect cock bobbed into view. Just the second one she’d ever seen.

“It wasn’t like yours.” She said.

“Why? What do you mean?” I asked,

“Well I thought all cock’s would look pretty much the same, but yours is straight and sort of pointy and his is bendy and has a thick bulbous head.” Then as an afterthought she said,

“Its much bigger than yours.”

Now I really was feeling jealous. My pretty wife had been virtually naked with another man and she’d been comparing my cock unfavorable with his. But at the same time it was the sexiest thing she’d ever done and I had to hear more. As she continued I got more and more aroused. My dick was like a solid rock. Also in the bast Deb had been pretty shy about words like “cock” she would have said “willy” or some such nonsense. Now after hanging out with Frank she used the word without a second thought.

She told me how fascinated she’d been looking at his erect cock. It had been all she could do not to touch it. Frank had sat at the side of her and used one hand to touch her and his other to masturbate as he kissed her. He’d not lasted long before his sperm had spattered her thigh and stocking top. He’d been so apologetic and rushed to clean her up. She’d told him not to worry and that she’d see him again soon.

“How did I do?” she said,

“That was so fucking horny.” I replied

“So you don’t mind if I go again?” she asked as she pulled on my dick. Well in truth part of me was horrified by what was happening but a bigger part just wanted more. Almost like a scab you know you shouldn’t pick, but you do it anyway.

“No” I said, you can go. Just remember our rules.”

Then I rolled on top of her and as I penetrated her I asked her to tell me again. The sex was so satisfying I was completely drained after I’d cum inside her and Deb had a shattering orgasm that left her shaking all over as she relived her afternoon fun.

Just over a week later, I was lay in bed when Deb came into the room. She was wearing a thin white t-shirt and her nipples were prominent, showing that she wasn’t wearing a bra, she also wore a short black skirt and calf boots. She looked a proper tart to be honest.

“Do you like my outfit?” she said,

“I love it.” I replied.

“Frank really liked it” she said as she started stripping it off. I asked her what had happened as she joined me in bed. She stroked my already stiff cock and said,

“You love this as much as me you perv.” I wasn’t going to lie. I did. I was becoming addicted to my wife’s new slutty side. I wanted more.

She’s gone over to Franks dress just as she’d shown me (god knows what the other neighbors thought). He’d very much approved of what she was wearing. They both knew what was going to happen but they still had coffee and chatted, both a little unsure about making the first move. Then Frank had asked if she was wearing a bra (even tough it was obvious she wasn’t).

“No” She’s said,

“Can I see?” he’d asked

“Only if I can see your cock again.” She’d said with a smile.

She’d sat on a chair in his lounge and removed her t-shirt, for the first time he’d had unrestricted access to her tits. He’d stripped off his trousers and underwear and she’s asked that he stand in front of her. As he’d reached down and felt her breasts, she’d taken his cock in her hand and slowly tossed him off as she spoke to him. She told me how much she was shaking and how wet she’d been. It was just the second cock she’d touched. She loved how thick the head looked, how shiny his knob end was.

“Do you like my cock?” he asked

“Oh yes.” she’d said “and do you like feeling my tits? Have you ever wanked thinking about them?”

“God yes, so many times.” he’d gasped,

“W..will you suck my cock?” he’d stammered. she’d looked up at him. Right into his eyes and said,

“Soon, very soon I will.” then he’d ejaculated over her tits and hand.

By now I was gently fucking her while she spoke,

“I don’t know why.” She said, “but I wanted to taste it so I liked a bit of his cum from the tip of his cock.” She’d never done that for me. Never let me cum in her mouth. To be honest she’d never really liked sucking cock. My speed increased and I fucked her harder as I asked breathlessly.

“Will you suck his cock next time?” In the past it had been me setting the rules, now I was asking her what the parameters were.

“Yes!” She gasped and I could hold back no longer. I filled her pussy with my seed and collapsed on top of her.

All the next week at work I couldn’t concentrate. Was today the day Frank had his cock in my wife’s mouth? Every night I’d get home to no news, but amazingly horny sex with Deb. I didn’t push and as the days went by I began to think she might have changed her mind. How wrong I was. It turned out Frank had been away for a week and Deb had actually gone round as soon as he was back. She explained this was we lay in bed on the night of her visit. She’d dressed in a black wrap around dress. Not a hint of what was under it. She’s asked about his holiday and made small talk as he’d sweated in his own kitchen, wondering what she was going to do. Finally he’d made some comment about her dress and asked if he could kiss her.

“You’ll crumple my dress.” she’d lied, “I’d better take it off” She’d undone the tie holding it and let it fall to the floor. She was wearing a red silky basque, hold ups and nothing else. He was looking right at her pussy. He gasped and she admitted that exposing her pussy to him ad got her extremely turned on. He’d suggested they go to the bedroom for privacy and she’s agreed. He’d sat her on the bed and asked her to spread her legs so he could look at her pussy. He knelt between her thighs and she allowed him to touch then stroke the lips of her pussy. Then he started licking first her lips then her clitoris.

“I wanted to slow him down. Stop him.” she said, “But it was so good. I let him lick me!” That was the fisrt time he made her cum as she gushed her juices over his tongue. He then stripped and after removing her basque they had lay on the bed kissing and fondling one another. She’s had his fat cock in her hand and was enjoying the feel of it against her skin. Then nervously she explained that at first she’s rubbed it against her thigh then she’d turned her body and opened her legs slightly so that Franks hard length was rubbing her pussy lips. Then she admitted that she’d opened her legs for him fully and put his cock inside her.

“You let him fuck you?” I asked, incredulous.

“Yes!” She breathed, “Are you cross?” I thought for a moment. Where had I thought this was heading. He was always going to end up screwing her. And I have to admit it still made me horny, if anything I loved and wanted Deb more.

“No I’m not cross” I said, “Tell me how he fucked you, what was it like?”

She explained that at first he’d been gentle. He’d lay on top of her gently pushing his thick cock into her tight pussy. She’d had another orgasm over his cock at this point. Then he’d turned her ove and fucked her doggy style and a baser man had come out. He told her what a great arse she had as he slapped it, told her what a great little fuck she was, what a slut she was. She’d loved his onslaught and after his cock gave her another shattering orgasm she asked him to stop as her pussy was getting soar. He did as he was asked and as a reward she lay him on the bed and took his cock in her mouth. She’d licked his balls and sucked on his fat cock until he’d grunted and became the first man ever to come in her mouth. She loved telling me about the warm salty taste of his sperm before allowing me to become the second man she’d ever swallowed.

Over the next few months that became a pattern. A couple of times a week she would visit Frank and then tell me about it as we fucked. She loved it when he talked dirty as he fucked her. New words entered her vocabulary and I stopped being as shocked when she said things like “He came in my cunt.” I lost count of the times she allowed this man, old enough to be her father, to fuck her. I was powerless to even think of stopping it. She regularly swallowed his spunk, she let him cum over her face, tits and even inside her pussy. Its almost like he trained her for me, as everything she did with him she then did with me. The most daring thing I did in retrospect was letting her stay the night at his house. She told him I was on a business trip and she was his slut for a full 24 hours.

It was then that she finally gave him her arsehole. He had asked her for ages and she’s finally given in and allowed him to fuck her in the arse. She hadn’t really liked it and he’s still the only man to have ever had his cock up her bum. I can’t tell you how I felt when she explained that she still had his spunk in her bum hole.

Then he fucked it all up.

She’d popped round as usual and Frank had a friend there, An older man who looked about 60. Deb had been expecting sex and was in a short skirt, no knickers and a tight t-shirt that showed of her lack of a bra. Suddenly in front of this stranger she felt very exposed. The men had clearly been discussing her. This had been her secret game and Frank had been discussing her with his mates. Frank clearly did think she was just a cheap slut to be used. Not the friend she’d thought

“Turn round Deb” he said to her. Without thinking she had. He lifted up her skirt and exposed her naked arse to his mate.

“Told you didn’t I” said Frank to his mate “Cracking arse. I fucked that tight little hole last week didn’t I Deb?”

She nodded not quite knowing what to do but getting angrier by the second, Then Frank continued,

“This is Stan, he’ll be joining is today. Your gonna love having two cock at once.” If he’d asked she might just have done it. Maybe. But to be so taken for granted, to be treated in such a cheap, thoughtless way was to much.

“Fuck you Frank” were the last words she ever spoke to him. Despite the flowers and apology cards.

We are back in the North now and our adventures have continued. Deb has too much of a taste for extra cock now. When I have time I’ll write and fill you in.

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