Written by Meandher9002

31 Dec 2014

She could feel the cold winter air envelope her exposed flesh, as she slipped out of the front seat of her car. He stood waiting for her, she could sense his anticipation of what was to come. The warmth of her long black coat gave some protection from the frozen air, her underwear still scattered across the car interior. As she followed him into the wood, she stumbled on broken branches, strewn across the frozen earth beneath her feet. In the light cast down by the waxing moon, she saw a fallen tree trunk up head, she grinned to herself. As she lay back on the trunk, she tried to dig the heel of her boot into the bark, in a effort to remain reclined. He entered her and looked down at her.

His hard deep thrusts made her moan,her back arched and she thrust herself onto him again and again. Conscious of the two cars parked close by in the transport layby, she tried to stifle another moan of pleasure. Looking at his face, excitement heightened as he stared back at her, thrusting fast and hard. It had been a very long time since any man had wanted her so desperately.

His hands gripped onto her thighs, she could feel the tops of her lace stockings moving on her inner thighs as he ground his cock into her. Her senses heightened as an erotic feeling of soft lace, freezing air and deep thrusts inside her all merged into one .

She considered how this scene would look to the inhabitants of the cars. Had they parked there hoping to glimpse lovemaking on this scale. Would she be discovered, this thought thrilled her to the core. She looked into his eyes, they were filled with passion and lust for her. She dug a spiked healed boot, once more into the tree bark, not wanting to loose this exquisite position she found herself in. His cock felt huge inside her, she was straining to get harder and deeper penetration. He did not disappoint. He came inside her with amazing speed, she could feel the warm surge inside her...

Car lights swung into view, too late for her to bring herself to orgasm in the moon light,draped over a tree trunk. How did she end up here in this wanton state of undress? She cared not, it was a memory she would carry forever. She wished she had a photograph of them thrusting into each other, and to capture the look of ecstasy on him face. But this memory would bring wonderful tingles to her pulsing vagina for years to come.

The car came closer, she followed him quickly stumbling over the uneven track, back to the car. She got into the drivers seat, started the engine, the cold seat belt against her exposed breasts, was unexpected. She slowly drove past the unmarked police car. Her body yearning for that orgasm she had been waiting for for the last two hours. His skills at bringing her to the verge of orgasm time and again, rubbing and stroking her clit as she drove were unpresidented in her experience.....