Written by Tom

5 Feb 2015

After my widowed mother-in-law Sarah seduced me in her bedroom at ours that Saturday morning (see "Comforting My Mother-In-Law" published here on 29 Jan 15), we returned to my office/reading room and discussed what had happened. My opinion was it should remain a one off so as not to compromise and hurt my wife Alice, but Sarah wanted me to continue to provide her with the sex she was missing since her husband had died. By the time Alice returned from her morning errands Sarah had convinced me to agree.

That night I was more than usually attentive in bed to Alice, making love three times before getting up early Sunday morning. Bedding a new woman is highly erotic for a man and I silently attributed my performance with Alice to that.

Sunday was uneventful as we did the usual activities we did when Sarah visited us, however, that evening in bed with me Alice commented on how Sarah appeared to be much happier than normal that day, and asked me if I had noticed the same thing. When I agreed, she asked if I had any idea why. I told her 'no', but she smiled at me in a knowing way and said "When I was a teenager, I could tell when she and my dad had had sex at night because the next day she would walk around with a unique self-satisfied smile on her face. My mum had that same smile all day today. I think she may have gotten laid yesterday, but she hadn't been alone with anyone but you. So what happened between you two? It was you, wasn't it?"

When I admitted it, she told me she wasn't angry or hurt since she loved her mum and understood her need. She asked me to tell her what happened and insisted on hearing all the details. When I finished telling her, I asked if she was alright with it. Her response was to pull me half over onto her and deeply kiss me with unusual urgency. We kissed passionately and it was obvious that hearing about me bedding her mum had made Alice extremely horny.

We were soon caressing each other hungrily. I moved my face down to her beautiful firm breasts as I pushed her nightgown up to expose them to my mouth. I sucked her nipples while kneading her breasts. She was soon moaning with arousal and I felt her hand on my now erect cock, wanking me gently. She was ready for me. I quickly shed the vest and pants I sleep in and climbed between her open legs. She urgently guided my cock to her entrance, and said "Do me now. I'm so horny hearing about you two I need to come!"

We fucked vigorously, our bodies slamming into each other with lusty abandon. Her fingernails left marks on my bum where she gripped my cheeks trying to pull me further inside her, even though my cock was all the way up her. It didn't take long for either of us to climb the heights of passion and reach mutual climaxes, both of us loudly crying out our orgasms as we thrashed about the bed, hips slamming into each other. After we came down from our orgasms, we cuddled together, our arms and legs fully entwined as we caressed and kissed ourselves to sleep.

In the morning I awoke on my back to the wonderful sensation of Alice's mouth around my cock, sucking me gently to consciousness. I looked up at her and groggily said "I guess you're really OK with me bedding you mum." She replied "I couldn't believe how horny I got last night listening to you describe it. And I woke up horny a few minutes ago thinking about it again, so I need you in me!' Without waiting for a response, she swung one leg over me suspending herself above my groin as she inserted my cock into her still sopping wet pussy, and proceeded to ride me urgently. I could tell this session would be her show and I would just be along for the ride.

As she bucked her hips on my cock, I reached up and grasped her breasts with both hands, caressing them lovingly. She was riding me vertically, moving up and down on my cock and rolling her hips at the end of each down stroke. I tweaked her nipples roughly between my fingers, which heightened her arousal. She rode me like that for a few minutes, then, as her orgasm approached, she pushed her head back, and ground her hips against my pubic mound to maximize the pressure against her clit. Within seconds she achieved her climax, proclaiming it with loud gasps of pleasure, her whole body trembling in release.

Witnessing her mounted above me in the throes of orgasm fired my passion and now I needed to come. I waited for her to finish, then rolled her over onto her back and moved between her legs. She raised her knees and spread her legs wide for me. I thrust myself against her groin. She reached down and quickly put me in. I rapidly thrust into her and soon went straight into the short strokes, fucking her hard and deep. She wrapped her arms and legs around me, pulling me tightly into her as she urged me on with murmurs of "Come in me. Fill me up." I soon grunted out my climax and continued thrusting deeply as my cum spurted into her. She held me tightly until I was finished, then we kissed deeply as I soaked my cock in her sopping wet pussy.

As it was Monday morning, I needed to go to work, so we didn't have much time to bask in our usual post-coital cuddling. By the time I was dressed for work, Alice had gotten up and was downstairs in her dressing gown making breakfast. I joined her at table and Sarah soon came down in her dressing gown and sat opposite us. Whenever I glanced at her, I smiled as I remembered her naked and recalled the look and feel of her firm breasts with their dark nipples, imagining I could see them through her dressing gown. Both she and Alice had that 'cat that ate the canary' look on their faces that comes from sexual satisfaction. It was obvious an aura of sex was in the air.

Alice called me at work later that morning and told me to have only a light lunch since we three were going out that evening for dinner and dancing. I asked her how the morning went with her mother after I left. She said it was interesting and would tell me about it that evening. I wondered what was up.

We went out that evening to a very nice venue, had a wonderful dinner, and spent the remainder of the evening having drinks and dancing. Sarah is usually not much for dancing, but this evening she alternated with Alice dancing every other slow dance with me.

As the evening progressed and drinks were consumed, Sarah acted more like my date than my mother-in-law when we danced, pulling me tightly into her and dancing very suggestively. Alice noticed but made no objection. When Sarah and I finished our last dance of the evening and had returned to our table, Alice leaned over and whispered to me "Mum obviously is hot for you." She then ran her hand under the table over my semi-hard cock, gently squeezed it, and laughingly whispered in my ear "I better get you two home before she has you right here on the dance floor!"

After we got back to ours and Alice and I were in our bedroom undressing, I asked her "So what happened with you and your mum today? I can tell something is up from the way you two were acting this evening." We got into bed and she told me about her conversation with her mum after I left for work that morning,

"After you left and we sat drinking our coffee, I asked mum if she needed to have sex but was afraid to go out looking for it. When she told me 'yes', I offered your services to her. She looked askance at me for a few moments, then guessed you had told me about her seduction of you. I told her I had guessed something had happened and forced you to tell me. She and I talked very openly about her need, your availability, my understanding of the situation, and my approval for you to satisfy her need. So we agreed that you will visit my mum in her bedroom during her visits here on nights when she needs you to comfort her, but only for a couple of hours, after which you'll return to me."

Because of what had happened during her sister Jane's recent extended visit, I wasn't shocked at Alice agreeing to loan me to her mum. Alice then told me Sarah was waiting for me in her room, which is next to our bedroom. I gave Alice a deep kiss, got undressed, and went to Sarah's bedroom. Her door was open and she was lying stretched out on the bed in her almost transparent nightgown. She looked up at me standing naked in the doorway and gave me a broad smile. I went in and sat on the bed, then leaned down and embraced her, burrowing my hands under her shoulders as I brought my face down to her mouth and kissed her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and enthusiastically kissed me back, tonguing my mouth with abandon.

As our tongues explored each other's mouth, my cock rapidly rose to a full erection and, while still kissing, I put one hand on her knee. She responded to my touch by moving her legs apart, giving me access.. I ran my hand up the inside of her thigh under her short nightgown until my fingers made contact with the soft curls at the junction of her thighs. I slipped a finger into the 'V' at the top of her thighs and ran it along her slit, which was already wet in anticipation. I stroked her slit for awhile, then moved my hand up onto her pubic mound and ran my fingers through the soft curls there, slowly kneading her abdomen. Sarah started moaning and rolling her hips in response to the movements of my hand.

I soon sat up and helped Sarah pull off her nightgown. She laid back exposing her feminine charms to my view and said "I want you, but this time slowly. I want to savor our love making." Spreading her legs wide, she offered herself to me. I kneeled between them, lowered my face to her groin and deeply inhaled her wonderful and intoxicating feminine odor, then moved my mouth to the center of her womanhood. Opening her up with my thumbs, I slowly licked the full length of her groove from bottom to top, ending up with my tongue swirling around her hard nub. I lingered at her clit for a few moments, then moved my tongue up her slit again, then did the same thing again, and then did it repeatedly while inhaling her feminine odor.

Her moans of pleasure told me she was enjoying it very much. Her hips soon started to roll upward in time with my tongue stroking her slit. Her moans got louder and her hips started to buck and thrust her pussy against my mouth. Sensing she was close to climax, I concentrated on her clit and flicked it rapidly with the end of my tongue. She gasped loudly in response "Oh God! Do it like that! Do it like that! Don't stop!!" Her hips were jerking spasmodically and her whole body was writhing with passion. When she clamped her thighs tightly around my head, I wrapped my mouth around her clit and sucked hard. That pushed her over the top and she came with shrieks of 'Oh My God! Oh My God!' over and over again. I continued sucking her clit for as long as her hips jerked out her orgasm, then gently licked it as she slowly came down from her long drawn out climax.

She finally slumped back in completion and her thighs released my head as she let her legs fall apart. I sat up and gazed at her lying before me. She was flushed and looked stunned at her explosive climax. I let her lie there for a few minutes to regain her composure. Finally, she smiled up at me and said "That was awesome. I don't think I've ever come as hard as that from a man licking me. You can do that to me anytime you want!"

I smiled at her as I moved over her body and guided my cock to her entrance as she spread her legs for me. I slid up her in a single long stroke. Her inner muscles immediately clamped tightly around my cock and nipped at it as I moved in and out with long slow strokes. I needed her badly, but was determined to avoid getting to the finish too soon as I wanted to thoroughly enjoy the feel of this incredibly sensual woman lying beneath me. I couldn't believe a woman her age could be so incredibly sexy in bed, yet so demure out of it. It was like she became another person altogether when having sex with me.

After a few minutes of us mutually enjoying our slow fucking, I felt her hips start to thrust up harder into me, accompanied by low moans of passion as she tightened her hold on me. She soon began saying to me "Harder. Deeper. Faster." I complied and she responded by thrusting her hips harder against my groin, urging me on with "I want to come with you. Make me come with you." This inflamed me and I started pounding into her. As I quickly rushed toward my climax, I cried out "I'm gonna come! Come with me!" She yelled "Yes! Yes! I'm ready, do it now!!" At that moment the cum raced up my cock and exploded deep in her. I cried out "I'm coming! I'm coming!!" as I convulsed in climax.

As I violently came in her, I heard her scream out her own orgasm as her arms and legs gripped me like a vise. Her body quivered and jerked under me as she worked her way through a strong climax. Her pussy muscles nipped my cock, enhancing my pleasure. As our climaxes came to an end, I heard her say "Oh God, I can't believe how good this feels. I've needed this for such a long time."

I finally collapsed on her. She slowly unwrapped her arms and legs from around me. We laid there for some time recovering from our heights of passion, then rolled onto our sides facing each other and meshed our arms and legs, hugging and kissing in post-coital bliss. We soon fell asleep for a few minutes in each other's arms.

When we awoke a little while later, we were still entwined in each other. We lazily kissed and hugged, and I suggested another session. She smiled at me and said "I would love some more, but I don't think my body could stand it." When she saw the slightly disappointed look on my face, she added "Don't look that way. I'm here one more night and I'll definitely want you again tomorrow night! Besides, I'm sure Alice could hear us very clearly since you left the door open when you come in, so she's going to need some comforting of her own when you return to her!" She gave a little laugh and said it was time for me to go before Alice came in and dragged me away.

When I slide into our bed next to her, Alice chuckled and said as she embraced me "I guess you enjoyed yourself. I know my mum did from all her loud vocalizing! And from your own vocalizing, I assume she's pretty good in bed!" I pulled her tightly into me and replied "Yes to both. She's a fantastic lover but, before you get jealous, remember 'like mother, like daughter'!" She replied "Well, I'm wet and horny from lying here listening to you two go at it, so its my turn now."

She pushed me onto my back, leaned over, and sucked my cock back to a full erection. She then slid one leg over, lowered herself onto my cock, and quickly engulfed it fully in her pussy. She rapidly established her rhythm as I pushed my cock up each time her hips came down, getting into her as deeply as possible. She was already moaning "God, you feel good" as her passion rose. She increased speed and I reached up and kneaded her breasts with my hands and pinched her nipples with my fingers.

By now she was gasping loudly and very quickly went over the top into a strong climax, her whole body quivering as she came with urgent grunts of satisfaction, crying out "I'm coming! I'm coming!". Her body trembled above me for some time before she collapsed forward onto me. I hugged her tightly and, after she finally came down, she whispered "Thank you, I really needed that", and kissed me deeply.

After a few minutes resting on me, she said "I'm still horny. I need to come again." I rolled her over onto her back, moved between legs, and entered her, quickly moving up her all the way. I looked down on her as she pushed her head back with eyes closed and said "God, I love the way you fill me. Make me come again." I soon established a nice rhythm as we moved toward climax, fucking at a moderate pace like that for a few minutes. Then, as I gradually increased the speed of my thrusting, her low moans turned into louder groans, then still louder gasps as she moved rapidly toward her climax. When her orgasm hit her, she cried out "I'm there! I'm coming! Don't stop! I'm coming!"

I pounded my cock up into her with all my strength and my own climax approaching. I went into the short strokes, thrusting as hard as I could into her, my hips a blur of movement. Within seconds, my own climax hit me. I continued thrusting as I came in her, shouting out my own release. I continued stroking her with my cock as we both slowly came down from our orgasms. When finished, we collapsed together, hugging and kissing each other in mutual gratitude, then fell asleep in each other's arms.

We slept through until morning, when I felt Alice nudge me awake telling me I needed to get ready for work. Sarah joined us for breakfast, and we all glowed with sexual satisfaction as we sat around the table, enjoying our small talk. When I left for work, the two of them were deep in conversation.

When I returned home that afternoon, I found out Sarah had extended her visit by several days since, as Alice told me, Sarah needed more time to make up for her several year's of sexual abstinence. With Alice's permission, I joined Sarah in her bed each night for the rest of her visit.

When Sarah finally left for home the following Monday morning, she and Alice were already discussing her next visit.