Written by James

14 Nov 2008

I've just had the most amazing experience whilst on the Underground in London.

It was rush hour and we were as usual packed in like sardines. I was tightly squeezed up against a lovely looking woman who would be around her 30's. As more people got on, it was getting more and more tight for room. I tried to make a bit of space as we all know it is a bit embarassing to be squashed up against someone. As we were pushed aginst each other I could feel that she was definately wearing suspenders and a guick glance down revealed that the stockings had seams.

At this point I did start to get a bit of an erection and tried vainly to suppress it. I was completely amazed to find that she actually started to rub herself against me and after a short time I did actually come with a couple of jerks.

When she got off, she didn't look at me, smile or do anything, she just left then train and walked off.

I got off at the next station and went outside to find the nearest toilets. I then went in and had the most incredible wank ever.

I'm not sure what the lady got out of it, if she came or not but it was the most amazing and totally unexpected thrill for me. It felt as though we'd had sort of fully dressed sex!