Written by jock69uk

19 Feb 2011

As she was about to pull me to her a car entered the stable yard ,instantly she ran across to the windows and visibly trembled as she realised it was her husbands car .Turning she instructed me to hide as she struggled into her cloths ,asIclimbed into the bales she stuffed my cloths down the shute ,and decended into the stables meeting her husband in the yard ,he seemed totaly unaware that she was dressed for hunting ,and yet hunting was finished until the autumn ,linking her arm he led her to his car and they drove off . As I recovered my cloths I realised she had locked me in ,to make it look real for her old man I was to spend the night here ,well she could get fucked .Using the phone in her office I rang Sally at home explaining my predicament she just laughed " OK I'll be around in five minutes and let you go,though you don't deserve it " the line went dead and I finished dressing waiting in Mrs G's office .I had just made a coffee when she arrived grinning like a cheshire cat ,"well young man when are you going to learn to keep that thing in your pants ,I can't keep coming to your rescue " .I felt duty bound to offer Sally a brew ,and when I returned she was sat in Mrs G's chair ,her feet on the desk .She certainly looked very different than the work Sally ,with the fleeces etc removed she was actually very trim ,long shapely legs (well the bits I could see ) and a very good body , my eyes finaly returned to her face "well hello " she said laughing "I thought I'd lost you then you checky sod ,don't you ever think of anything else ?" . I had to laugh "not really ,and by the way you've scrubbed up well ,where you going ?" draining her coffee she stood smoothing her dress "when I've dropped you home I'm joining Ian at the pub ,so shake a leg Randy lets be off " .Locking the gates I joined her in the car ,passing her her keys I thanked her for rescuing me ," no problem young man ,now you owe me and I'll have to decide what I want in return !!" With that she drove off humming along to her music ,absolutely aware I was ogling her thighs "do you like Randy ?" looking directly at me as I nodded yes ," well maybe tomorrow I'll wrap them around your back ,how would that be ??" I sat back,mouth open catching flies ,now aware her hand was in my lap feeling the growing hardness "yes I think tomorrow you can fuck me Randy " a quick sqeeze of the cock to re enforce her comments she stopped her car at my parents house ,leaning across she pecked my cheek ," don't forget we're working late again tomorrow " I was still open mouthed as she drove away.

As I was about to leave home the following morning my mother announced that my "friends car "was at the bottom of the drive ,Christ Sally was picking me up ,as I jumped in her car she was smiling ,"just wanted your mum to know you were in safe hands " .Without doubt she was thoroughly enjoying my embarrassment,"the old girls away this afternoon so start your loft work early afternoon ,I don't want you to tired !!" I thanked her for the lift and jumped out immediately we arrived at work ,sadly not quick enough to escape the notice of Mrs Gibson ,the expression on her face registering her displeasure .Fortunately I managed to keep away from them both for the full morning finaly seeing Mrs G leave around noon ,within five minutes Sally appeared ,"meet me in the loft in five " leaving before I could reply . As I climbed into the loft I saw she was already there ,absolutely naked only wearing a smile "get your cloths off and lie across these bales " I ripped my cloths from my body ,my cock was absolutely rampant and her eyes never left it .As I moved toward the bales she grasped the shaft her hand only just able to circle it ,"fucking hell it's huge " as I spread eagled myself across the bales she retained her hold ,introducing her other hand just above my balls ,which incidentally looked bigger than I had ever seen .As she slid her hands around I placed two finger into her slit which was absolutely wet through ,without any warning she straddled my legs and lowered herself onto the knob ,at last I was getting fucked ,as she loweredv herself further a gasp escaped her lips "your splitting me in two you fucker " .I lay perfectly still ,allowing her to decide how much she wanted ,and within five minutes I knew she wanted it all as finally she was sat astride my thighs her pussy against my balls ,Sally started to rock gently and I felt her juice spilling on my balls .Her rocking increased and eventually she lifted herself from my thighs starting to ride my cock which immediately had me bubbling . I told her I was going to come her only response was to go faster ,causing me to explode deep into her thrusting my hips as the first jets entered her pussy .As I finally lay spent and empty she slumped across my chest ,"fucking hell I thought you were trying to drown me " I could feel my spunk slowly leaking from her ,"shall I get a towell"I asked ,"no thanks we're not done yet ".

She started to move on my cock again and this time her thrusts were longer ,each thrust sqeezing spunk onto my belly ,as my cock hardened she was taking herself a full length ,and completely lost in her work "start to fuck me Randy ,lift your hips " needing no furher encouragement I started to lift into her she was in heaven immediately ,however within seconds she lifted from me ,kneeling on all fours by my side "come behind me and stick it back in ".As I moved into place behind her she reached between her legs and guided me back inside her ,"now fuck me hard Randy ,make me feel you " watching the shaft vanish into her I was amazed how easily she took it ,groaning but demanding more and more ,as I started to come again her hand found my sack and squeezed until I gave her the lot ,only releasing her grip as the spunking finished .Sliding from her I lay on my back completely knackered ,she stayed on her knees "fucking hell Randy ,I must have a pint in my belly" ....