Written by jock69uk

23 Feb 2011

Sally finally got dressed and left me to finish my work in the loft ,what a lady, she had finaly broken my duck and more importantly proved that a big dick was infact going to be a massive bonus .Never again was I going to be self conscious ,in fact she had shown me that women loved having 10 inches of cock inside them ,and that all I should do was be more confident .I have to admit I was taking things steady during the afternoon awaiting Sally's return for some more lovely sex ,however the best laid plans are easily wrecked ,Mrs G came back on site and that screwed the cunning plan .Sally appeared very briefly ,"keep out of her fucking way ,she's in a foul mood the old bitch,if I were you I'd get in the top loft until home time then fuck off rapid " before I could reply Mrs Gibson's voice cut the atmosphere like a knife ,as Sally shot down from the loft .Deciding descretion seemed best I climbed up to the high loft and thought I would spend the next hour ensuring everything was shipshape in case she decided to check on me at some stage .Even from my lofty perch I could hear Mrs G causing havoc where ever she visited ,it appeared that what ever people had done or said it was wrong ,it was also clear she was in an absolutely foul mood .Smiling as I worked ,happy to be out of the war zone I flew into my work and within half an hour the bales were all in position ,neat and tidy nothing was out of place .As I was admiring my work her head appeared through the hatch ,"I wondered where the hell you were " her voice full of irritation ,then her eyes took in the loft and voice was now softer "well at least someone has been working ,help me up " lifting her hands toward me .As I helped her up into the loft I noticed she was in a dress ,I had never before seen her in anything other than trousers ,"you look nice " I mumbled "are you going out ?" the initial hard stare was instantly replaced with a smile " no, I have been out to lunch ,but thankyou for the complement " ,having walked around the loft she returned to the hatch "that really is excellent ,well done " I smiled and suggested that I should go down the ladder first to help her from below ,as I climbed down and turned to face her I could see straight up her dress .As my eyes scanned her lovely legs her hands found my shoulders "pay attention young man you don't want me on top of you do you ?" I took her weight on my arms as her leg searched for the ladder ,"guide me to the step " I took her leg gently and brought it slowly to the rung ,ensuring it was a firm stance before guiding the other into place .As she turned to now face the ladder I started to slowly descend ,ensuring even if she slipped she could not fall ,she really looked fit in her dress ,but her shoes were wholly unsuited to climbing ladders ,but eventually I got her safely to ground .Whilst she straightened her clothing I asked what she wanted to see next ,her eyes immediately found the bales Sally and I had fucked on earlier ,"that's an unusual way to stack straw " walking across the loft as she spoke "it almost looks like a bed or something " her eyes watching my face for any sign of embarrassment . I passed infront of her "I sometimes have my lunch up here if I'm busy " straddling the bales to show how it could be used to eat from ,a smile crossed her lips "I've just brought some sample blankets back ,go and get one from my office " . When I returned she was sat demurely on the bales ,her face clearly showed that she knew what the bales had been used for ,as I approached she reached for the blanket "help me with this ,I think it will be nice and comfortable for you !!" .When she spread the blanket she sat again ,patting the space beside her " come and join me I won't bite " her dress had ridden up her thighs ,and her knees were slightly parted as I walked toward her .As normal my cock was twitching ,and my excitement clearly visible through the fabric ,this time however I made no attempt to disguise it ,sitting beside her I let my hand rest on her leg .Instantly her hand sought my zip , opening it and my waistband ,as she sought my prick I slid my hand up her thigh my fingers finding her bush ,christ she was not wearing knickers ,she parted her legs allowing access to her gash .She allowed me to play for a minute ensuring she was moist and ready ,before removing my jods and laying me on the bales ,instantly straddling me and introducing my cock to her pussy ,unlike Sally she slid instantly down the full shaft ,grinding her firm arse into my balls ,"fucking hell that's good " she growled before starting to work my shaft for all she was worth ,within two minutes her breathing became fast and I could feel her pussy tighten on my cock as she came .As her climax built she stopped ,shuddering she spoke "fucking hell how good was that ?" without speaking I slid from her took position behind and slipped my dick back in .As soon as the full length was inside her I unzipped her dress "take it off " I instructed ,amazed to see her slip it over her shoulders and throw it to the floor ,all she wore was a black lace bra and suspender belt holding up her stockings .I was staggered by how good she looked ,her figure was just amazing ,very shapely and firm ,placcing my hands on her hips I started to gently fuck her using the full length of my prick to satisfy her .Just the slow thrusts started to make her pant ,"oh please make me come again ,go faster please " immediately I lifted the pace pulling her back to ensure I was going as deep into her as possible .Her climax started again ,rolling her head as pleasure swept through her body ,her pussy soaking with her juice ,slipping out of her I asked her to lay on her back and standing beside her slipped back inside ,holding her ankles to support her legs as I increased the pace she was absolutely gone . I was thrusting deep aware of the pleasure she was experiencing and loving her reaction,and the building sensation in my loins ,going deep again I leaned over her " I'm going to come " I gasped ,slamming into her again "don't shoot inside me" she groaned ,just in time I pulled away ,resting my length on her belly as the spunk started to pulse from me ,my hand ensuring every drop was expelled .She raised her head looking at the pool of cream spread over her body "god that was fantastic ,I have never been fucked like that ,can you get me a cloth ?". I watched as she cleaned us both up ,her face content, totally relaxed in her near nakedness "that was lovely ,I never imagined I would enjoy it so much ,thankyou " I just smiled I was so bloody proud of myself " now lets get dressed and I'll run you home " ,I locked the stables for her and joined her in the car,as I fastened my belt she kissed my cheek ,"I'll pick you up tomorrow at 8.30 ,I have a job I need you to do ".....